January EM Event Schedule

January 09, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Chesapeake News, Ethereal Void Imperium

January EM Event Schedule
Posted By: EM Dramnar

*from somewhere in the distant distance you hear a whisper resembling a schedule of sorts..*

Sun 12th – 6:00pm – Sosarian Solstice Faire (fun n games for all!).
Sun 19th – 6:00pm – HoC.
Tue 21st – 7:00pm – Council Meeting (a lovely wee chinwag for those governor-folks).
Fri 24th – ?:??pm – RBG (we dunno yet.. give us a few days to think up summin!).
Fri 31st – 7:00pm – Ding dong the witch is.. (rabbit pie anyone?).



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