Publish 87 Live on All Shards

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GameOriginally Posted by Bonnie Armstrong to | 2014 Oct 20 19:10 -0400 GMT 

Greetings Everyone,

We will be publishing all shards starting tomorrow morning, all shards will receive Publish 87 during your normal maintenance cycles, European shards will get this tomorrow afternoon during their normal maintenance cycles.  Since we have been so late this year with Halloween and Anniversary rewards we have turned them back on.  The 17th Anniversary Gifts will be turned back on and can be claimed until November 18, at 11:59 pm.  Halloween Trick or Treating will be available until server up on November 19, 2014.  Treasures of Doom will continue until server up on December 1, 2014.  Enjoy everyone!!!

Halloween – Treasures of Doom

  • Visit the Research Camp located outside of the Dungeon Doom in Malas to learn about an archeological investigation. You can also resurrect at the camp.
    • Slaying monsters inside Dungeon Doom gives a chance for an Artifact of Doom to drop in the players backpack. Luck and creature difficulty will positively influence the chance at receiving an artifact of doom, being hidden will decrease the chance at receiving an artifact of doom.
  • Artifacts of Doom can be turned into the NPC at the research camp in exchange for,
    • [Your Character’s Name]’s Lantern of Light
    • Tincture of Silver – can be applied to weapons, spellbooks, and certain instruments to give a slayer bonus against creatures within Doom, while becoming vulnerable to undead.
    • Antique Documents Kit – crafting ingredient required for the crating of “Prophetic Manuscripts”
    • Reward Title Deeds – Usable deed that will grant the users various titles
      • The Atoned
      • Defender of the Living
      • Preserver of the Faith
    • Crook of Humility – A Shepherd’s Crook
      • Veterinary +10
      • Wolf Slayer
      • Spell Channeling
      • Intelligence + 10
      • Damage Increase -20%
    • Scepter of Pride – Scepter
      • Demon Slayer
      • Undead Slayer
      • Hit Stamina Leech 70%
      • Hit Life Leech 70%
      • Hit Mana Leech 70%
      • Swing Speed Increase 30%
    • Cloak of Light – Cloak
      • Hit Point Regeneration 2
      • Night Sight
      • Hit Chance Increase 5%
    • Boots of Escaping
      • Dexterity Bonus 4
      • Stamina Regeneration 1
    • Sterling Silver Ring
      • Meditation +20
      • Hit Point Regeneration 3
      • Mana Regeneration 5
      • Damage Increase 75%
      • Additional +20 skill bonus applied by double clicking the ring and selecting from the available skills
  • Prophetic Manuscripts
    • Craftable via the Inscription menu under “Other”
    • Requires ancient parchments (10), wood pulp (10), antique documents kit (1), and beeswax (5).
    • Failure will only consume ancient parchments, wood pulp, and beeswax.
    • There are 5 different prophetic manuscript texts, randomly assigned when successfully crafted.
  • Treasures of Doom will be available for a limited time during the Halloween season, and recur with various tweaks in successive years.

Halloween – Trick or Treating

  • Three new monster skulls have been added to Trick or Treating! Trick or Treating will be available during the remainder of the month of October.

Enhanced Client Bug Fixes

  • Switching to legacy containers no longer makes the contents invisible
  • Fixed odd visible lines above the targeting window
  • Vendor Search Gump now functions properly
  • Container auto loot no longer breaks after you use it for awhile
  • Disabled icons no longer prevent users from using spells/skills/actions on hotbar
  • Advanced health bars are no longer locked by default
  • Bug report window once again closes when submitting issues
  • Advanced health bar properly changes hue based on health bar state
  • Borders can once again be placed on hotbar items
  • Buff/Debuff Icons now properly scale with bar
  • Buff/Debuff icons no longer display over all UI elements
  • Maneuvering the atlas around the world no longer will crash client
  • Fixed long pause when opening containers
  • Paperdoll window, target window, buff bars, and status bar can no longer go outside of the game window
  • Default UI Scale is now set to 1 from 0.85
  • Enable auto run is set on by default
  • Main menu action is now on the hotbar for newly created user profiles

Bug Fixes

  • All players who are currently flagged as Vice vs Virtue participants will have a one time reprieve and the flag will be removed.
  • Non Vice vs Virtue players that find themselves in a VvV battle city will have a new option on the warning gump to teleport them to the nearest moongate.
  • VvV participation flag for non-VvV players will now be removed after 8 hours, or the participant is killed by a VvV player, whichever comes first.
  • The “Unwieldy” (Items with higher than normal weights) will no longer have a chance to spawn in MIB chests.
  • The loot in MIB chests will now have a higher base budget for creating magic items.
  • Some situations where traps and locks were being applied to containers inside of City & Justice regions will no longer happen.
  • Trade Quest crates will now be able to hold up to 550 stones and have 75% weight reduction.
  • Silver points are no longer awarded to VvV players when occupying a city.
  • VvV Cannon Turret cost has been reduced from 5000 to 3000 silver points.
  • VvV Trap cost has been reduced from 500 to 250 silver points.
  • VvV Mana Spike cost has been reduced from 2500 to 1000 points.
  • VvV Mana Spike effect duration has been increased from 20 to 60 seconds.
  • Trader Quest participants will no longer be able to sacred journey to a ship rune.
  • Trade orders should no longer have a chance to include items with duplicate names
  • Items inside a trade order crate will no longer be purchased by shop keepers.
  • Spellweaving summons no longer cause a player to flag as a criminal when they are attacked by a VvV player
  • Ship cargo containers will no longer be locked or trapped.
  • Certain items that had missing default names will no longer be improperly placed inside of a trade crate when using “Fill from Backpack.”
  • The “Unwieldy” property will no longer spawn on items that can be stolen from various containers.
  • Claiming an Alter and Returning a Sigil in VvV matches have been equalized.
  • The cooldown between gaining VvV match and silver points from kills has been reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.
  •  VvV Players who are hidden will not count towards occupying a city.


The Plight of Trinsic – The Good and the Bad

October 29, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Lord Galathan received an urgent word from Governor Lord Lew that there was a situation with a paladin in Trinsic. He was apparently sick and refusing treatment, and becoming biligerant. Since Lord Lew sounded urgent, he quickly saddled his horse and rode hastily into the area to assess the situation. When he arrived he found the paladin in a very sickly state, refusing treatment from the resident Dr. Hawk.
Zombie 3
All of a sudden he jumped out of a window and proceeded to run about town. As he ran he grabbed any townsfolk he could, biting and scratching them.
zombie 6
At first the guards wanted to help him but as the chase ensued it was clear he needed to be stopped at all costs. When he was finally cornered he tried biting and scratching at the guards and then suddenly dropped dead to the ground.
zombie 8
As the guards tried to get a grip on what just happened the body suddenly rose back up in a vile form and started attacking everyone.
It was a tough fight. He struggled trying to bring down this super human being they were calling a “zombie”. He watched as his friends and fellow guards struggled on with the fight but they all knew they had to stop this. After defeating the foe, they set out on a patrol of Trinsic. It was a horror, they ran into these “zombies” everywhere…
After they defeated several it seemed to quiet down. Trinsic was host to some festivities this evening and the governor was concerned about everyone’s safety. Then there were the Minax warriors too that were also attacking towns. Galathan and the Wardens of Trinsic remained on patrol, up until the Conseil du Roi. Galathan hurried to make the muster to escort the governor because by now it had gotten out about a possible “plague” in Trinsic. While it was heated at the meeting and accusations flew all around, Governor Lew assured everyone the Wardens had everything under control and the festivies would proceed. King Blackthorn promised assistance for Trinsic, and it looked like everything was calming down, but right before the festivies of the evening were to start the Minax forces invaded…
It almost seemed hopeless but the festivies went on even throughout the fight…
There was even a very nice game of chance with someone named Jack…
While it certainly seemed like all was well, it soon fell apart fast. Right after the evening finished up and the guards were making there last patrols more of the “zombies” started appearing all over town. Panic soon set in, but there was a bright spot of hope when the relief station and supplies from King Blackthorn was set up by the Trinsic docks…
relief station
and soon healers appeared all over town to assist in quelling what was now being called a “plague” by some…
As the citizens now hit panic some fleed to other towns but some were not as welcomed as well as others…
Seems some are so fearful of this “plague” that they have resorted to murdering people for simply being from Trinsic. While Trinsic appears to be suffering from some unknown events it seems that fear has gotten the better of Britiannian’s citizens and has caused this problem to get out of hand. As for now I would caution all travelers to refrain from entering Trinsic until such time as Dr. Hawk has cleared it for visitors.

(Player Event) The Treats Of Halloween – Oct 27th, 9:00 EST

October 25, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News


It gives me great pleasure to announce…

The Treats of Halloween!
Due to take place immediately after the Kings Meeting this Sunday 27th,
which is scheduled to finish around 9pm EST.
As soon as the meeting closes, gates will be available from the bridge to King Blackthorn’s castle and will whisk adventurers away to the first of our three challenges…
A Mazzing Madness!
Makeila and the folks from [UWF] have constructed a torturous labyrinth for our enjoyment on this evening. Can you be the first to work your way through this maddening construction of horrifying hallways and devilish doors? You will only have a single hour to succeed, and in all honesty, we do not think anyone will be savvy enough to find the end of this baffling monstrosity.
Prizes (Sponsored by Skara Brae)
1st : A rare Mesanna Jack-o-lantern (black with yellow flame).
2nd : Three developer heads on spikes.
3rd : Three carvable pumpkins with kits.
+ Prizes for all who make it through within the hour time limit.
As one the very few to have seen this maze in advance, I can say with absolute certainty-
You do not want to miss this!
Once the initial hour at the maze is up, gates will transport the party on to…
The Jack Of Lanterns
As a special treat for our guests we have booked a visit from The Jack of Lanterns! A fabled and wealthy creature, The Jack only appears during the Halloween season. He will sail into Trinsic harbor, his boat loaded down with treasures won from many a rich and witless merchant. After securing his ship, he will issue a challenge to drunkards and dignitaries alike. Play him at his favorite game “Lanterns”. Wager if you please, or not if you don’t, it makes no difference to The Jack. He will play you for the fool you are, just the same.
Prizes (Sponsored by Trinsic and you!)
The prize pool will grow with every wager lost to The Jack, who will also lay down his own treasures each match. Should a worthy challenger best The Jack, as if anyone could, they may claim the fortune amassed upon his tables.
With random invasions terrorizing our cities, the Trinsic City Guard will be setting up a temporary safe zone to protect our guests enjoying this game on the docks. And while The Jack entertains, and if the streets are clear, everyone is invited to roam the city and participate in…
The Annual ARPC
Trick or Treat
The Atlantic Role Playing Community has selected Trinsic as the host for its annual Trick or Treat event. Throughout the western half of the city several buildings will be decorated in Halloween style, and manned by people carrying heavy sacks filled to the top with both treats, and tricks. Have a stroll around our beautiful sandstone streets, visit our many establishments, and fill your packs with all things naughty and nice!
Only Lady Luck can say.

Event guide books will be available at all locations, so be sure to grab yourself a copy early in the night.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

– Soar

Skara Brae Halloween Festival – Oct 26th 2013

October 10, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Saturday 26th October
From 9:00pm EST to Midnight!

Brought to you through cooperation between the Cities of…
Skara Brae & Trinsic!

All citizens of the realm are invited to join us for a night of spookiness, cookiness, and laughter!

The party will kick off at the Community Center at 9:00pm sharp and continue on through to midnight and beyond.

Gates will be available from 8:45 at Haven, West Britain Bank, and Luna.
Attractions of the night include…

Four Main Events!
Five Fun Booths!
A Fulltime Bar & Bistro!


  • A : The Community Center.
  • B : The Raffle Booth.
  • C : The Shattered Skull Tavern. (Puzzle Booth)
  • D : The Mages’ Menagerie (Fortunes Told)
  • E : Trick Or Treat!
  • F : Jack Of Lanterns Challenge.

Event Program
Festival Opening & Welcoming Speech.Time : 9:00
Place : Skara Brae Community Center

Join us as Governor Sage sets the night in motion at the Community Center. It’s the perfect place to get yourself orientated. Be sure to pick up an event program so you won’t miss the multitude of attractions around the city!

The Scarecrow Design Competition.Time : 9:30 – 9:50 (Set up period). 10:45 (Results)
Place : Scarecrow Manor & The Community Center (Gates between the two will be provided)
Requirements : Your own materials. Design must include a scarecrow, either deeded or hand-built.

Flex your interior deco muscles with this artictic challenge. All competitors will be given 20 miniutes and a 3×3 space in which they can build their orgianlly designed display. The scene can include anything you like but must be halloween themed and include a scarecrow. You can use a deeded scarecrow or design one by hand with any materials you wish. Entries will be judged by a panel of guest judges. Winners will be announced along with the results of Costume & Story Competition in the Community Center at around 10:45. Pre-registration is a good idea as new entries may not be accepted on the night if positions are full. Reply here to put your name down.

Prizes : T.B.A.

Costume Competition.Time : 10:00 – 11:00
Place : Community Center
Requirements : A self-designed costume.

Do you have a flair for putting together creepy outfits? Come strut your stuff and enter the Costume Competition! For a chance at winning one of the fantastic prizes all you need to do is take the stage in your original costume and tell our panel of guest judges a little bit about it. Again, pre-registration is the way to go as time is limited. Reply here with your name to register.

Prizes : T.B.A.

A Mazing Madness!Time : 11:00 – 11:59:59
Place : The Community Center
Requirements : Your feet. Your brain (optional).

Makeila and the folks from [UWF] have constructed a torturous labrynth for our enjoyment on this evening. Can you be the first to work your way through this maddening construction of horrifying hallways and devilish doors? You will not even have a full hour to succeed, and in all honesty, we don’t think anyone will be savy enough to find the end of this baffling beastie.

Prizes : T.B.A.

Midnight Rompus!Time : Midnight.
Place : The Community Center
Requirements : A combat ready character. (PvM)

With Soar working on this event, did you really expect to make it home without a fight? We close the night by sending our guests on a combat challenge usually reserved for a select few. No more shall be disclosed… *fade to creepy music*

Entertainment Booths*All booths are open throughout the entire event*

The Bar & BistroPlace : The Shattered Skull Tavern.

Need a moment to rest, or have a question about the festival? This is the place to go. All night long the Bar & Bistro will be serving food and drinks to honored guests. Sit for a while, have a drink, try a few brain-bending puzzles, or just chat with other faire goers. There is always an open seat and friendly smile waiting for you at the Tavern.

The Halloween RafflePlace : In front of the Community Center.

At some time during the evening, we recommend when you first arrive, head on over to the raffle booth and grab yourself a complimentary ticket. There are lots of prizes to be had, and drawings will be happening every hour! Tune into to the event chat channel for number announcements and winners. All tickets are valid for all draws.

Jack Of LanternsPlace : Skara Brae Docks

As a special treat for our guests we have booked a visit from The Jack Of Lanterns! A fabled and wealthy creature, Jack only appears during the Halloween season. He sails into port with his boat loaded down with treasures won from many a rich and witless merchant. Then he challenges the town citizens and dignitaries to a round of his favorite game “Lanterns”. Wagger if you please, or not if you don’t. It makes no difference to Jack. He’ll play you for the fool you are, just the same.

The Fortune TellerPlace : Mages’ Menagerie

Come and have your fortune read by by an expert in the unseen arts. Will your future be filled with love, fame, and riches? Will you be cast to the streets without a coin to your shamed and broken name? Or perhaps you would just like to know if you’ll even make it through the night? All will be revealed…

The Puzzling BoothPlace : The Shattered Skull Tavern

Get your puzzler over to this one if you are into challenges of the mind. Should you have the intellect and speed to solve the horrifically tricky puzzles before anyone else, you win the prize! A new puzzle will be handed out every 30 mintues, for a total of five conundrums spread over the entire evening. Medical attention will be on hand for those who cannot handle the pressure.

Trick Or Treat?Place : Front of Falconer’s Inn

Which will be it be? There is only one way to find out. Visit this booth located close to the docks and yell “Trick or treat!” to one of the stall keepers. Everyone comes away with something, but if it shall be naughty or nice, only Lady Luck can decide.

See You There!!

From The Sparrow’s Nest – October 4, 2013

October 04, 2013 By: Flair Category: The Sparrow's Nest

     HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! All the halloween events are running on UO the month of October. Also it seems Atlantic has heated up over the first governors meeting. It has been an intersting week for sure…

Some heated Atlantic events surrounding the governors meeting and elections…

On Siege…

On Drachenfels…

On Napa…

On Great Lakes…

And finally Lake Superior…

That’s all for this week. Safe journeys and happy hunting!

Stratics Presents: First Annual Spookfest

October 24, 2012 By: petra Category: Community News

spookfest medium Stratics Presents: First Annual Spookfest

TGN Stratics is please to host its First Annual Spookfest! All of your favorite titles are preparing to celebrate the season with a myriad of spiteful tricks and sugary treats. To encourage you to take part in these festivities–from haunted cities and ghostly encounters, to frightening costumes and ghoulish quests–Stratics is hosting a contest for video and screenshot submissions. Winners will be eligible to receive a variety of cool gaming swag!

There are two ways to participate in the contest.

  1. Videos – submit a 2-3 minute video of yourself engaging the Halloween festivities in participating titles.
  2. Screenshots – submit screenshots with captions that memorialize some of your favorite Hallowen events in participating titles.

Entries will be submitted to private forums on Stratics Forums, where they will be judged by a conglomerate of game developers, community staff, and Stratics staff. Questions may be asked here: Stratics Central Forums. Participating titles, in alphabetical order, include:

  1. Battlefield Heroes
  2. Dark Age of Camelot
  3. League of Legends
  4. RIFT
  5. The Secret World
  6. Ultima Online
  7. Warhammer Online

Prizes listed in each title-specific contest entry thread

Entries will be accepted from 25 October at 4PM EST through 1 November at 4PM EST


submit Stratics Presents: First Annual Spookfest

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[RP News] The Haunted House Deco Contest

September 23, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

The Kingdom of Dawn is sponsoring a Halloween House Decoration Contest this year. The prize is going to be a Europa Gold Harpsichord Deed. This contest is only for houses on the Baja Shard. The winner will be announced at the October Fest that EM Crysania is planning (date unknown at this time but she said last week of October).

You may put up a small display, decorate the whole house or any range in between. Felucca and Trammel houses are both welcome to enter; however, the judges must be able to see the display for it to be judged.

A container with a book with the name of your house, your character name and an email address or ICQ number where you can be reached and a rune to the house will need to be dropped off in the mailbox at the Dawn Malas Outpost by October 20, 2012 (tentative date). It is the second house west of Umbra West Gate on the north side of the road.

Grand Duchess
Kingdom of Dawn