The Plight of Trinsic – The Good and the Bad

October 29, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Lord Galathan received an urgent word from Governor Lord Lew that there was a situation with a paladin in Trinsic. He was apparently sick and refusing treatment, and becoming biligerant. Since Lord Lew sounded urgent, he quickly saddled his horse and rode hastily into the area to assess the situation. When he arrived he found the paladin in a very sickly state, refusing treatment from the resident Dr. Hawk.
Zombie 3
All of a sudden he jumped out of a window and proceeded to run about town. As he ran he grabbed any townsfolk he could, biting and scratching them.
zombie 6
At first the guards wanted to help him but as the chase ensued it was clear he needed to be stopped at all costs. When he was finally cornered he tried biting and scratching at the guards and then suddenly dropped dead to the ground.
zombie 8
As the guards tried to get a grip on what just happened the body suddenly rose back up in a vile form and started attacking everyone.
It was a tough fight. He struggled trying to bring down this super human being they were calling a “zombie”. He watched as his friends and fellow guards struggled on with the fight but they all knew they had to stop this. After defeating the foe, they set out on a patrol of Trinsic. It was a horror, they ran into these “zombies” everywhere…
After they defeated several it seemed to quiet down. Trinsic was host to some festivities this evening and the governor was concerned about everyone’s safety. Then there were the Minax warriors too that were also attacking towns. Galathan and the Wardens of Trinsic remained on patrol, up until the Conseil du Roi. Galathan hurried to make the muster to escort the governor because by now it had gotten out about a possible “plague” in Trinsic. While it was heated at the meeting and accusations flew all around, Governor Lew assured everyone the Wardens had everything under control and the festivies would proceed. King Blackthorn promised assistance for Trinsic, and it looked like everything was calming down, but right before the festivies of the evening were to start the Minax forces invaded…
It almost seemed hopeless but the festivies went on even throughout the fight…
There was even a very nice game of chance with someone named Jack…
While it certainly seemed like all was well, it soon fell apart fast. Right after the evening finished up and the guards were making there last patrols more of the “zombies” started appearing all over town. Panic soon set in, but there was a bright spot of hope when the relief station and supplies from King Blackthorn was set up by the Trinsic docks…
relief station
and soon healers appeared all over town to assist in quelling what was now being called a “plague” by some…
As the citizens now hit panic some fleed to other towns but some were not as welcomed as well as others…
Seems some are so fearful of this “plague” that they have resorted to murdering people for simply being from Trinsic. While Trinsic appears to be suffering from some unknown events it seems that fear has gotten the better of Britiannian’s citizens and has caused this problem to get out of hand. As for now I would caution all travelers to refrain from entering Trinsic until such time as Dr. Hawk has cleared it for visitors.

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