[Player Event] Moonglow Gardens

October 29, 2013 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

It was a time of trouble throughout the Kingdom. Pirates near Jhelom, Plague in Trinsic, and a Governor in Britain worse than any plague… and random raiders invading every town. And yet, even through it all, Moonglow quietly prospers.

Governor Tazar surveyed the town with an eye towards enhancing the visual appeal. The Gardens by the bank were well tended, but the plaza in the center of town was a monotonous plain green. Perhaps a plan to convert the teleport plaza into a colorful garden? The more the potential was reviewed the better it sounded. Yes – a bright colorful center to the city ready to greet visitors to the Lycaeum and the Telescope and the Zoo.

A call went out for the best Gardeners and Landscape Architects to assist with the plan. After many interviews, Thomas Evergreen, an Assistant of the Mage Relvinian, was hired.

Governor Tazar quickly described his vision to Sir Evergreen of an Amazing Garden filled with tall plants and bright colors to relieve the monotony and then presented Thomas with space to do a scale test of his plans.

Days turned into weeks and weeks onto months and yet Thomas never returned to present his plan. With growing concern, Governor Tazar finally began a search for Sir Evergreen.

The test area for the garden was locked up tight…

The various gardeners and growers reported that Thomas had not been seen for weeks.

The Evergreen house stood unused with no evidence of its owner…

Finally, a small Diary was found in the Evergreen house and brought to Governor Tazar. The last few entries quickly added to the concern.

“The Garden progresses well, though why Governor Tazar want’s “A Maze Garden” in the center of town is beyond me. The spells of sowing and growing that I learned from my Master Relvinian have come in handy to design another maze. While not on the scale of my Master’s southwest of Britain, I have learned of a way to compress the maze into various levels. This will certainly confound the travelers trying to make use of the Teleporters in the center of town.”

“The maze looks almost completely grown from the outside, but I am not sure if the spells have worked properly to lay out the proper passages within. I simply can not tell from the outside”

“Governor Tazar will be quite upset if the test is not complete soon. I must present him with a finished plan that he can see soon.”

“I just can’t tell if the design is right or not. There is no other way but for me to venture inside and check every passage within. I must hurry to report back to Governor Tazar. Checking every passage could take some time so must be sure to carry food and supplies for a few days”.

Returning to the test site, Tazar forced open the entry to see a daunting wall of foliage and twisting passages leading seemingly in all directions. Locating Thomas Evergreen within would take a team effort.

Returning to the Moonglow Governors Office, Governor Tazar drew up the following proclamation.

“Moonglow hereby requests the assistance of all able bodied adventurers to aid in the recovery of Thomas Evergreen who appears to be lost in a maze. Please meet at the Lycaeum at 7pm eastern on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013. Prizes will be awarded to the first three to reach Thomas Evergreen.

1st place: A Soulstone Token
2nd place: A Vollem in a Crystal and a Race Change Token
3rd place: A Soulstone Fragment Token and a Race Change Token”

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