[EM Event] Archery League Competition ~ 1/20 ~ 8pm EST

January 18, 2013 By: Dayton Category: Catskills News

by Barnaby


As promised, there is one last event in the regular season of the  Catskills Archery League. It isn’t too late to compete and possibly earn  entry in to the Championship that will be held next month.


Registration will begin at 8pm at the EM Hall in Britain. Please note  that this is for Archers only – as usual bows will be provided for your  use. The format for this final event will be a little different than we  have used in the past.


Also, the start of a small event arc will begin late this month and run  through early March – I will be announcing the dates of the first events  after the competition, as well as some other information for upcoming  happenings on Catskill (this information will of course be posted here  as well).


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[EM Event] Archery League Competition ~ 1/5 ~ 8pm EST

January 05, 2013 By: Dayton Category: Catskills News

The following was posted on Stratics Catskills EM Forum  and on EM Barnaby’s Website

by Barnaby

Calling all archers!

The first season of the Catskills Archery League is drawing to a close this month with two events before the big Championship Tournament. Meet EM Barnaby at the EM Hall in Britain at 8pm EST on January 5th. Once everyone has arrived and registered, a moongate will be opened to the location of the competition.

For full rankings, visit THIS PAGE. Points for each event are awarded based on how you finish, and how many people participate. There will be 14 spots in this year’s Championship, with the winners of each regular season event gaining automatic entry. The rest of the spots will be filled based upon the final season rankings. This means that even if you have not participated in one of the previous five events, a good showing in the remaining two could get you into the Championship! For those of you sitting high in the standings, don’t sit these last two events out – finishing in the top spots will give you an advantage during the Championship.

Hope to see you on Saturday!


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[EM EVENT] Yew Community Day ~ Sunday 11/18 ~ 2pm EST

November 16, 2012 By: Dayton Category: Catskills News

The following was posted on Stratics Catskills EM Forum  and on EM Barnaby and EM Leonidas’ Website

by Barnaby

King Blackthorn has ordered gold and supplies be sent to Yew in  order that that town may hold a feast. The purpose of this feast is not  only to feed the hungry, however, as he hopes the gold will be used to  “spruce the town up” and make it attractive to potential residents  (especially those skilled in a craft).


The King himself will be making an appearance from roughly 2pm until  3pm, during which time all citizens (especially those who reside in Yew)  are invited to share the ideas for improving the town as well as all  the realm. Once this is finished, a small mini-event shall be held until  about 4pm, to be immediately followed by an archery competition that  will count towards the rankings in the Catskills Archery League (The season is drawing to a close! This is the next to last event to  earn points before the top archers are invited to a Championship  tournament!).


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Spookfest 2012: UO Winners Announced!

November 07, 2012 By: Taylor Category: Community News

Stratics is happy to announce the winners of Stratics’ First Annual Spookfest contest. First prize was awarded to Mentiras for the video entry below.

Storm claimed second prize with the video below.

Finally, Flutter was awarded third prize with the screenshot below.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you for participating!

Stratics Presents: First Annual Spookfest

October 24, 2012 By: petra Category: Community News

spookfest medium Stratics Presents: First Annual Spookfest

TGN Stratics is please to host its First Annual Spookfest! All of your favorite titles are preparing to celebrate the season with a myriad of spiteful tricks and sugary treats. To encourage you to take part in these festivities–from haunted cities and ghostly encounters, to frightening costumes and ghoulish quests–Stratics is hosting a contest for video and screenshot submissions. Winners will be eligible to receive a variety of cool gaming swag!

There are two ways to participate in the contest.

  1. Videos – submit a 2-3 minute video of yourself engaging the Halloween festivities in participating titles.
  2. Screenshots – submit screenshots with captions that memorialize some of your favorite Hallowen events in participating titles.

Entries will be submitted to private forums on Stratics Forums, where they will be judged by a conglomerate of game developers, community staff, and Stratics staff. Questions may be asked here: Stratics Central Forums. Participating titles, in alphabetical order, include:

  1. Battlefield Heroes
  2. Dark Age of Camelot
  3. League of Legends
  4. RIFT
  5. The Secret World
  6. Ultima Online
  7. Warhammer Online

Prizes listed in each title-specific contest entry thread

Entries will be accepted from 25 October at 4PM EST through 1 November at 4PM EST


submit Stratics Presents: First Annual Spookfest

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