[EM EVENT] Yew Community Day ~ Sunday 11/18 ~ 2pm EST

November 16, 2012 By: Dayton Category: Catskills News

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by Barnaby

King Blackthorn has ordered gold and supplies be sent to Yew in  order that that town may hold a feast. The purpose of this feast is not  only to feed the hungry, however, as he hopes the gold will be used to  “spruce the town up” and make it attractive to potential residents  (especially those skilled in a craft).


The King himself will be making an appearance from roughly 2pm until  3pm, during which time all citizens (especially those who reside in Yew)  are invited to share the ideas for improving the town as well as all  the realm. Once this is finished, a small mini-event shall be held until  about 4pm, to be immediately followed by an archery competition that  will count towards the rankings in the Catskills Archery League (The season is drawing to a close! This is the next to last event to  earn points before the top archers are invited to a Championship  tournament!).


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