(Player Event) The Treats Of Halloween – Oct 27th, 9:00 EST

October 25, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News


It gives me great pleasure to announce…

The Treats of Halloween!
Due to take place immediately after the Kings Meeting this Sunday 27th,
which is scheduled to finish around 9pm EST.
As soon as the meeting closes, gates will be available from the bridge to King Blackthorn’s castle and will whisk adventurers away to the first of our three challenges…
A Mazzing Madness!
Makeila and the folks from [UWF] have constructed a torturous labyrinth for our enjoyment on this evening. Can you be the first to work your way through this maddening construction of horrifying hallways and devilish doors? You will only have a single hour to succeed, and in all honesty, we do not think anyone will be savvy enough to find the end of this baffling monstrosity.
Prizes (Sponsored by Skara Brae)
1st : A rare Mesanna Jack-o-lantern (black with yellow flame).
2nd : Three developer heads on spikes.
3rd : Three carvable pumpkins with kits.
+ Prizes for all who make it through within the hour time limit.
As one the very few to have seen this maze in advance, I can say with absolute certainty-
You do not want to miss this!
Once the initial hour at the maze is up, gates will transport the party on to…
The Jack Of Lanterns
As a special treat for our guests we have booked a visit from The Jack of Lanterns! A fabled and wealthy creature, The Jack only appears during the Halloween season. He will sail into Trinsic harbor, his boat loaded down with treasures won from many a rich and witless merchant. After securing his ship, he will issue a challenge to drunkards and dignitaries alike. Play him at his favorite game “Lanterns”. Wager if you please, or not if you don’t, it makes no difference to The Jack. He will play you for the fool you are, just the same.
Prizes (Sponsored by Trinsic and you!)
The prize pool will grow with every wager lost to The Jack, who will also lay down his own treasures each match. Should a worthy challenger best The Jack, as if anyone could, they may claim the fortune amassed upon his tables.
With random invasions terrorizing our cities, the Trinsic City Guard will be setting up a temporary safe zone to protect our guests enjoying this game on the docks. And while The Jack entertains, and if the streets are clear, everyone is invited to roam the city and participate in…
The Annual ARPC
Trick or Treat
The Atlantic Role Playing Community has selected Trinsic as the host for its annual Trick or Treat event. Throughout the western half of the city several buildings will be decorated in Halloween style, and manned by people carrying heavy sacks filled to the top with both treats, and tricks. Have a stroll around our beautiful sandstone streets, visit our many establishments, and fill your packs with all things naughty and nice!
Only Lady Luck can say.

Event guide books will be available at all locations, so be sure to grab yourself a copy early in the night.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

– Soar

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