Skara Brae Halloween Festival – Oct 26th 2013

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Saturday 26th October
From 9:00pm EST to Midnight!

Brought to you through cooperation between the Cities of…
Skara Brae & Trinsic!

All citizens of the realm are invited to join us for a night of spookiness, cookiness, and laughter!

The party will kick off at the Community Center at 9:00pm sharp and continue on through to midnight and beyond.

Gates will be available from 8:45 at Haven, West Britain Bank, and Luna.
Attractions of the night include…

Four Main Events!
Five Fun Booths!
A Fulltime Bar & Bistro!


  • A : The Community Center.
  • B : The Raffle Booth.
  • C : The Shattered Skull Tavern. (Puzzle Booth)
  • D : The Mages’ Menagerie (Fortunes Told)
  • E : Trick Or Treat!
  • F : Jack Of Lanterns Challenge.

Event Program
Festival Opening & Welcoming Speech.Time : 9:00
Place : Skara Brae Community Center

Join us as Governor Sage sets the night in motion at the Community Center. It’s the perfect place to get yourself orientated. Be sure to pick up an event program so you won’t miss the multitude of attractions around the city!

The Scarecrow Design Competition.Time : 9:30 – 9:50 (Set up period). 10:45 (Results)
Place : Scarecrow Manor & The Community Center (Gates between the two will be provided)
Requirements : Your own materials. Design must include a scarecrow, either deeded or hand-built.

Flex your interior deco muscles with this artictic challenge. All competitors will be given 20 miniutes and a 3×3 space in which they can build their orgianlly designed display. The scene can include anything you like but must be halloween themed and include a scarecrow. You can use a deeded scarecrow or design one by hand with any materials you wish. Entries will be judged by a panel of guest judges. Winners will be announced along with the results of Costume & Story Competition in the Community Center at around 10:45. Pre-registration is a good idea as new entries may not be accepted on the night if positions are full. Reply here to put your name down.

Prizes : T.B.A.

Costume Competition.Time : 10:00 – 11:00
Place : Community Center
Requirements : A self-designed costume.

Do you have a flair for putting together creepy outfits? Come strut your stuff and enter the Costume Competition! For a chance at winning one of the fantastic prizes all you need to do is take the stage in your original costume and tell our panel of guest judges a little bit about it. Again, pre-registration is the way to go as time is limited. Reply here with your name to register.

Prizes : T.B.A.

A Mazing Madness!Time : 11:00 – 11:59:59
Place : The Community Center
Requirements : Your feet. Your brain (optional).

Makeila and the folks from [UWF] have constructed a torturous labrynth for our enjoyment on this evening. Can you be the first to work your way through this maddening construction of horrifying hallways and devilish doors? You will not even have a full hour to succeed, and in all honesty, we don’t think anyone will be savy enough to find the end of this baffling beastie.

Prizes : T.B.A.

Midnight Rompus!Time : Midnight.
Place : The Community Center
Requirements : A combat ready character. (PvM)

With Soar working on this event, did you really expect to make it home without a fight? We close the night by sending our guests on a combat challenge usually reserved for a select few. No more shall be disclosed… *fade to creepy music*

Entertainment Booths*All booths are open throughout the entire event*

The Bar & BistroPlace : The Shattered Skull Tavern.

Need a moment to rest, or have a question about the festival? This is the place to go. All night long the Bar & Bistro will be serving food and drinks to honored guests. Sit for a while, have a drink, try a few brain-bending puzzles, or just chat with other faire goers. There is always an open seat and friendly smile waiting for you at the Tavern.

The Halloween RafflePlace : In front of the Community Center.

At some time during the evening, we recommend when you first arrive, head on over to the raffle booth and grab yourself a complimentary ticket. There are lots of prizes to be had, and drawings will be happening every hour! Tune into to the event chat channel for number announcements and winners. All tickets are valid for all draws.

Jack Of LanternsPlace : Skara Brae Docks

As a special treat for our guests we have booked a visit from The Jack Of Lanterns! A fabled and wealthy creature, Jack only appears during the Halloween season. He sails into port with his boat loaded down with treasures won from many a rich and witless merchant. Then he challenges the town citizens and dignitaries to a round of his favorite game “Lanterns”. Wagger if you please, or not if you don’t. It makes no difference to Jack. He’ll play you for the fool you are, just the same.

The Fortune TellerPlace : Mages’ Menagerie

Come and have your fortune read by by an expert in the unseen arts. Will your future be filled with love, fame, and riches? Will you be cast to the streets without a coin to your shamed and broken name? Or perhaps you would just like to know if you’ll even make it through the night? All will be revealed…

The Puzzling BoothPlace : The Shattered Skull Tavern

Get your puzzler over to this one if you are into challenges of the mind. Should you have the intellect and speed to solve the horrifically tricky puzzles before anyone else, you win the prize! A new puzzle will be handed out every 30 mintues, for a total of five conundrums spread over the entire evening. Medical attention will be on hand for those who cannot handle the pressure.

Trick Or Treat?Place : Front of Falconer’s Inn

Which will be it be? There is only one way to find out. Visit this booth located close to the docks and yell “Trick or treat!” to one of the stall keepers. Everyone comes away with something, but if it shall be naughty or nice, only Lady Luck can decide.

See You There!!

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