New Governors Appointed

May 16, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

Impatiently King Blackthorn looked again at the long list of Cities without Governors.  For too long the cities of Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Yesper and Yew had been without leadership.  Considering the  advise of  Governors Nails Warstein of Britian and Garion of Jhelom , he decided a meeting of the council was in order.

current Goveners


As the King’s bard, I was sent to fair Luna.  “Hear ye, Hear ye, by order of the King, all citizens who desire a governorship are to appear at  Saturday’s  Council meeting.  The news was greeted with cheers.  For to long the cities have been without leadership.  Four members of the crowd, were pushed forward.  These are our new governors the crowd shouted.  The four looked about, nervously, humbled by the cheers and support of the crowd.   Is this your wish, I asked citizens;  Grea, Rasersar Wej, Sad Panda and Veronica Mars. ” Aye” the four said together.  Then by request of the king, present your petitions at the council meeting.  All who have recommendations are also to appear.

Quickly I hurried to tell the King the good news.  Laughing, he said, “I knew with a  bit of prodding worthy candidates  would be nominated.

At last Saturday arrived. King Blackthorn welcomed the four candidates.  “Is it your wish to become governors of our fair cities?”     “Yes your Highness.”



“Before I hear your petitions, I need to know which cities are without leadership.”  He turned to Rowan, his scribe, to ask for the information.

open cities

Each of the candidate’s gave reason why they should be a governor.  One after another they swore fealty to  their chosen city, to serve both the people  and the King.  Upon listening to each, the King consulted with the current governors.  Turning back to the candidates, “I have made my decision.  I accept your request to become governors of your cities.”   Before the council a gate appeared.  One after another the council and candidates entered.

We arrived at the fair city of Moonglow first.  There the city’s mages welcomed and accepted  Rasesar Wej  as their  Governor.




From there the gate took us to Skara Brae. Having previously served as governor, Rowan was warmly welcomed back by the rangers.


At the city of Trinsic, whose citizens had recently suffered many battles,  Veronica Mars was warmly welcomed.  At last order would be restored.


             The city of islands, Vesper, was the next stop.  Sad Panda sighed with pleasure to be home again surrounded by the peaceful waters.


Last to the abbey of Yew.  The quiet monks  nodded knowingly  as they accepted Grea to be their governor.  She assured them that both humans and elves would be treated fairly.


That evening by the fire, I played a song  about fair cities and the deeds of their citizens and governors.  The King seemed to be drifting off into sleep.  Speaking quietly as if to his self, at last the land has a chance for peace.  But what of our two cities still left.  Will Minoc and New Magincia also find a governor among their citizens.   Suddenly he frowned, why did he have a feeling of dread? Governors are human, with failings.  What will the future hold?

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