Governor Murdock Redbone Hosts Britain’s 50/50 Event!

January 11, 2015 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


        This week the city of Britain and it’s Governor Murdock Redbone held a fund raising venture with a twist as patrons gathered to aid the city in its trade endevours. The mission was simple, complete as many trade requests as possible in thiry minutes time.


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        As if shot from a cannon, citizens were off traveling to the city docks to meet with the trade minister. Gathering mission after mission, Thier hard work was rewarded as a grand total of 48 trade requests were met as the Governor praised everyone involved for thier efforts!


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         After a brief speech we were wisked via moongate to the east side of town to the local tavern as many ales were had by all as the Governor lamented on the great turnout and effort everyone had put forth. Once done, the Governor rewarded his citizens with a game of chance as those who participated rolled the dice to see who would garner the nights prizes. The top roller was Lord Nanoc of Dragons Watch with a 19 followed closely by Lady Dark Rayne and Lord OC. IN the end all the spoils were gratuitously donated to the city coffers! Thank You Governor Redbone for a grand event!

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