Meet Lord Markus, Governor of New Magincia

August 20, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

governor of new maginica

I found Governor Markus in Skara Brae just as he was donating $2,000,000 to help the other city treasuries.    Though he was busy, I was able to interview him.


“Thank for allowing me to interview, as I know you are very busy with your duties.”

“I am always willing to help a citizen of Britianna, ” he replied.”

“My first question is, what city are you governor of and what makes it unique?

“I am the governor of New Magincia.  What makes my city unique is the presence of a vendor bazar.

“My next question is related to the last ones.  “What makes New Magincia special to you?”

“Since I am a merchant, the fact that New Magincia is a city of commerce, it makes it a perfect fit.  I own a well stocked pet vendor.  I enjoy providing needed pets to the citizens of Britannia.” he told me with pride.

“What is you vision for New Magincia?”

He thought for a minute. “My vision is to make New Magincia thrive again with vendors and trade.  There is a great opportunity here since we rebuilt the city.”

“Has your city entered into a trade agreement with any of the trades or cities?”

“Yes, at this time we have the Merchant guild.  We have not made a trade agreement with a city yet.”

“Now for some more personal questions. I promise none of them will be embarrassing.” I said with a wink.

“As I trust you, I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.  But I will hold you to your promise.”

“How long have you been a citizen of Britianna and what city was the first one you lived in?”

” I am one of the older settlers as I  arrived in these land 16 years ago.  I think my first home was in Skara Brae.  Being so old it is hard to remember that far back.” he said with a smile.

“You are not old.”  Smiling back  I asked, “What was you job before becoming Governor?”

“I have had many different jobs.  Since I am a vendor, I tame the animals I have for sell.  I also gather resources for the crafters in my family.  But my favorite job has been helping the new and returning settlers to our lands.”

“Wow, you do work hard.  When you do have time to relax, what do you like to do?”

“I love doing a variety of things. One day you might find me hunting or looking for treasure.  Another day I might be crafting or building skills.  Right now I am becoming a stronger tamer. I am also in the guild TF though another member of the family is thinking of joining another guild.”

“One last question, is there any thing you wish to tell this citizens of Britannia?”

“I live in these lands because I enjoy having so many things to do.  If you get bored of one activity, there are more that you can do.  Community is important. Here you can find support to develop and grow.  You can build a guild with friends and towns or cities with them.  Anyways, I took the  office of Governor to try to help and give back to the community.  To give assistance to new and returning citizens and to communicate with other concerned people who would like to see our lands grow. To develop opportunities to attract more people to migrate to our lands. ” He explained. “Now I must return to my duties.

“Governor Markus, thank you so much for your time to share with the citizens of New  Magincia and Britannia.” I said as I bowed. “Be safe in your travels.

Returning my bow, Governor Markus recalled away.










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