Ancient Treasures Day 9 Part 2

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Lake Austin shard

I found Merrick deep in conversation with Tolivar. I quietly moved closer to hear what was being said. ” Tolivar…You can’t do this, Tolivar!” Merrick shouted at him. The shouting drew a curious crowd. This made it ever easier to get closer. Tolivar Fence looked at the crowd in anger. “You know who protected the cities of Britannia, before Blackthorn magically returned? We did, Merrick. Now they have Vos in chains in Yew, to put on public Trial.” he paused, ” A public Trial for all the lives he saved, and the people he protected. They brand me an enemy of Britannia. Are you aware? Blackthorn himself, has Corian ‘working on it.’  Me, who protected it as well as I could absentia a King. No thanks, in the shadows, like a good spy. What about you Merrick, what have they done for you? ” he asked in anger.” Merrick shook his head, ” It isn’t about me, Tolivar. None of this is, it isn’t even about Britannia. All you want is what you stumbled across. What I denied you.”

“Maybe at first, Merrick. Until they branded me a traitor, ‘crimes’ that saved Britannian citizens. All these, good citizens around me. They made it about this, they made it about us. I even helped them get rid of the Traversis. I will not lie down like a good little dog. just disappear.” Tolivar replied turning red in anger.

“You were always good at not being noticed. No one even knew you became the Spymaster, when the original died. After what happened to him… when he went to see his daughter… you’d think we would learn better. All you have to do is call off the attacks, and walk away Tolivar. They won’t ever find you.” Merrick said trying to calm Tolivar.

” Ever the loyal little lad, Merrick. If only I had left you on that pirate ship. You interfered before, but not this time friend. You’ll all be far too busy defending your cities to look for little ol’ me. Even now while you sit here listening to me prattle. I’ll make sure of it. If only they knew, what we did for Britannia, Merrick. But they’ll find out what we can do to it.” Tolivar Fence began laughing ” Perhaps, you should go stop Minoc from burning to the ground.” Still laughing Tolivar disappeared.

Merrick disturbed by what Tolivar said, looked at me. ” What? Minoc, burning? Quick gather the Royal Guards. Quickly.” I didn’t need encouragement. I was already hurrying  to Britian even using magic which I didn’t trust.

orcs in minco


When we arrived back at Minco, we found the outer buildings burning. The city guard was losing to a band of Orcs lead by the orc chiefs Varfu and Lurzuk the Strong.  Seeing us Merrick shouted, “Clear them out, don’t let them into the city!”  After a long battle with many deaths on both sides, we captured the few orcs left. Searching the bodies of the chiefs Merrick found another crude Orchish map. I wondered if these orcs were part of the band we had run into before.  Merrick studied the map, trying to decipher what it said. “It seems to show the orcs are stationed near the…SE End of Covetous along a dirt path.  Hurry we must stop them!”  Without looking to see if we followed, he stepped through a gate.  Arriving, we surprised the orcs.  Catching from behind, we made short the battle.

moutain battle

 I went to talk to Merrick expecting him to be happy or at least relieved. Instead he was muttering in sadness,  “Is it my fault? I thought he had changed…This is my fault, I should have warned Dahlia.  Instead of trying to…He placed his hand on his forehead. ” Tolivar isn’t entirely wrong, Vos will likely be executed, unless someone can persuade judge otherwise. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, a little.  I don’t suppose if they decide to put me in Yew prison as well, you would throw me a spare key? he asked me hopefully. Before answering, I thought carefully. “I will not help you escape, but I will speak to Captain Corian and Dahlia.”  That seemed to reassure him. ” Good, because I’m about to go face some pretty nasty music. ‘m going to turn myself into Corian, and perhaps work it out, if not. Well, if I get a chance, perhaps I’ll tell you what started this. I’m off to face the music, or so it goes. I told Tolivar, you either stay invisible as a Spymaster, or end up dead, Ahem, if I don’t get a second chance. The archery contests… you had to know how terrible an idea, that was.” Merrick stopped grinning. ” Yet you still came. Cheers. Tell Dahlia, I’m turning myself in. If Corian throws me in a cell, tell her she can see me there. Before I change my mind… you should go see Dahlia in Britain Hall” *Kal Ort Por* and he was gone.

Ancient Treasures Day 9 – Part 1

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Lake Austin Shard

I found Dahlia at the Royal Spies headquarters. Distracted, she keep looking around as it waiting for someone. As she greeted me, a royal courier arrived. Looking around, the courier hesitated as if thinking it would be best to come back later. However Dahlia motioned for her to come forward. “Mistress, I have word. It is about that… ” she said as she handed Dahlia a sealed letter. “Mistress,”  the courier said bowed low then turned and quickly left the room.  Looking over Dahlia’s shoulder, I tried to see who’s seal was on the letter. But Dahlia moved away, as she read the letter. ” Hmm… So it does exist…”, Dahlia said to her self.  Still trying to see what was on the letter, I asked ” Is it news of the treasure my lady?”  Shaking her head, Dahlia replied “No, something else. I should send word to Corian later.” Turning back to me, she asked for my notes about Sherry the mouse.” Rereading the last line, she looked up, Sherry has been found?” “Yes, my lady. She has been found hiding the the kitchen at Blackthorn Castle. ” Folding and unfolding the courier’s message, she seemed to come to a decision. “I want you to go check on Sherry and see that she is okay. I need to go inform Corian about this development.”



I found Sherry the Mouse nervously hiding under a table. Getting down on my knees I asked her if she was okay. “Y-yes, now.” she answered.  I wondered what could have scared her so. “Did you see something Sherry?” I asked. She began shivering. I carefully I picked her up. “Twas terrible, the way they came into the Vaults. Tis a secret, but they are gone and others have forgotten. Yes, a lot of strange things, I canst say what they all are.” Sherry replied lost in thought.  Concerned about what might have been taken, I asked “Do you know what was taken?” Sherry the Mouse had stopped shivering, ” Uh-huh! Therein, things that Nystul, and Clainin, and others left.” Frowning I thought to myself. Items from court wizards are best left lost in the Vaults. ” Did they take anything else?”  “Yes,” She replied. “Lots of other things, tall things, odd things.” When I asked Sherry if she could describe the items, she looked away, as if not sure she should. I had to find out if she knew who broke in. “Sherry, Can you tell us who broke in? ” Sherry the Mouse started up towards my sleeve. “Twas a ‘tall man, with several Juka, and other humans. They passed through the walls.” Sherry cowered in my sleeve, ” They slipped through the stone like ghost.” Surprised I asked,” They came through the walls like ghost? Are you sure.” ” Oh yes!” Sherry said peeking out . ” They slipped through stone, right through. Like ghost, and one saw me and tried to grab my tail! ” Sherry squeaked with indignity. I could see that Sherry was tired and still on edge. Carefully I put her down. Quickly she ran into a mouse hole. Looking up I saw that Dahlia had joined me. She was also distrubed by what Sherry had told me. “We should probably let her rest, she should be safe enough in Blackthorn’s Castle. I am curious, to what exactly she knows about the contents of those Vaults. Sherry was  hesistant to speak of them . If the court wizards stored things in there, who knows what other dangerous items are there.”  We began to discuss what Sherry had told us. Dahlia was worried that someone could walk through walls. I suggested that maybe a wizard or perhaps a secret passage.  She changed the subject as we started toward Britain Hall.  ”

I have word Merrick was spotted, Finneas is keeping tabs on him. We should head to the Britain Sewers entrance and speak with Finneas.”  Yuck,  I thought to myself. It would be too much to expect that he had bathed since I last talked to him. But when we found him, he stank as much as ever.  Dahila didn’t seem to notice, she was focused on finding Merrick.  Aksing Finneas about Merrick, he became upset. “That one is a wily one. Taught me most of what I know. Sure I can find him, that isn’t the question. It is ugly business, I want no thanks for it. Now be on your way. ” No matter how Dahlia pressed for more information, Finneas ignored her. Walking away, I again questioned the wisdom of trusting him. Looking at me, Dahlia explained ” I don’t blame Finneas for being upset. But we can trust him. Tolivar did take him away from his life as a peasant.  Finneas… is odd. He seems relatively happy just tracking people, so we’ve allowed him to do it. But he’s also viciously “Britannian.” If he thinks Tolivar is up to something bad, he won’t protect him. Especially if it is bad for Britannia. You should head to Trinsic, West Trinsic Bank. See if you can find Merrick and slow him down. I would go, but I’m afraid that would spook him. Please find him.”


September Calendar – Updated EM and Player Events

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lake austin shard


Here is a calendar of both the EM events and player events.  Please remember that Augustus’s Event times may change due to real life.  If you or your guild is holding an event and would like it to be added, either send me a pm or tell me in game.

Sept. 12:  Friday Hunt, suggestions include Stygian Dragon, Doom, or other champs/peerless

Sept. 13:  Event: Town Council Meeting – Location: Castle Blackthorn Council Chamber -Time: 8pm CST (9:00pm EST)
Description: Meet King Blackthorn in Castle Blackthorn, to discuss matters of importance. Governors and all interested citizens welcome to attend and bring matters before the King.

Sept 19:  , Friday Hunt – to be decided- All suggestions are welcome.

Sept. 20:  due to power outage moved to Sept. 26

Sept 25:  Read the exciting conclusion and join us for UO’s 17 Anniversary.  It will be alive, in-game event on TC1 September 25th 2014 at 7pm ET! Meet Richard “Lord British” Garriot and Starr “King Blackthorn” Long at Castle Blackthorn to celebrate Ultima Online’s 17th Anniversary!  For those unable to attend, it will be shown on  youtube .  Hope to see you there.

Sept. 26:  * moved from 9-20  Event: Shadows – Location: Gate inside Luna Bank (follow the note on the other side) – Time: 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST)
Description: Agaris has been tasked with something that needs to be kept quiet, a gate will be left in Luna Bank. From there you will find a note that will lead you to where he is

Sept. 27:  What Merrick knows. – Location: Somewhere in the Lost Lands (Gate from Luna Bank) -Time: 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST)
Description: Remember what Whitebeard said about spies. Find out what from Merrick what he knows about the Ancient Treasure, and then learn from him what he did not reveal to the Captain Corian and King Blackthorn.

Meet Lord Jahajx Jov, Governor of Trinsic

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Lake Austin Shardpic for report

I was walking with Governor Jahajx Jov on the city walls. When we stopped to enjoy the view, I had opportunity to interview him. “Governor, your city is no doubt one of the shining gems in Britannia. What makes Trinsic unique?”

Smiling at me, Governor Jov looked around the city pointing out the city walls and large dock area. ” Trinsic is the only truly fortified city. We can withstand attacks that would leave other cities in ruin. We also boast arguably the finest deep water port facilities in the realm.

What makes Trinisic special to you?”

He smiled as he remembered events from the past. “In my younger years I was an active member of the West Trinsic Trade organization, a group of complimentary vendors. We worked together to promote each other’s businesses. I was the organization’s scribe and magery supplies specialist. I was also part of the city guard that ousted Juo’Nar during the undead invasion of Trinsic.”

“Now that the Traversis threat has been removed, what is you vision for your city?”

“Thanks to the help of the Royal spies and guard, we were able to drive out the Traversis.” He paused in thought, “Now is a time for rebuilding. My vision is to change Trinisic into prosperous center of trade and with a vibrant community. Since, I took office, we have entered have a trade deal with the guild of arcane arts. This deal has allowed our mages to increase the damage of their spells by 5%. While that doesn’t seem high, it made a difference in our battle against the Traviesty.  Also I am currently  talking with the other Governors. I hope to develop trade routes with them.” He explained.

Smiling at the Governor, “May I ask some questions that are more personal?”

“But of course,” he replied. “What would you like to know?”

Looking at my notes  I asked, “What city were you born in?”

” 16 years ago, I was born on the eastern docks of Vesper and I grew up hunting in the surrounding forests. A part of me will always call Vesper home. ” he fondly said.

“I know you are very busy as Governor.  Before being elected Governor, what other jobs did you hold?” I asked.

He laughed, ” I have worn many hats over the years. Guild Master, IDOC hunter, Resource Vendor, Real Estate Mogul, Bar Tender, Spawner and Teacher of new players just to name a few. You would also be hard pressed to find a skill that I have not mastered at least once. I am still very involved in teaching new players and heading my guild.” He continued, “I am the founding member of the Canadian Brew Crew (EH?). We started in the lands of Atlantic many years ago and moved to lake Austin shortly after its lands opened. I’ve been the guild master since we formed; so roughly 15 years. ”

I looked at him in amazement. “With all of your commitments, do you find time to relax?”
Nodding at me, he replied, “As odd as it sounds, I quite enjoy a quiet hunt in some out of the way place with friends; which I suppose lately would consist of excursions into the abyss. Nothing is as fun than exploring and hunting with a friend.”

Just then one of the builders called to him. “Alas I only have time for one more question. I need to return to the overseeing of the repairs.”

“My last question is, ” What would you say to the citizens of Britannia?”

“I would say to them, Get out and be more active in your home city! We have an excellent council of Governor’s this term and there are trade deals a plenty for citizens to utilize. It would also be great to see everyone out to join the Friday night hunts. The proceeds of these hunts are sent to one of the cities to assist in the funding of trade deals. I will make announcements regarding the activities in Trinsic on a weekly basis during before our Royal Spy meetings. If anyone has any need to get in touch with me I can typically be found in the lands most evenings. ”

“Wonderful advice,” I said bowing, “Thank you so much for this chance to talk to you. Be safe in your travels.” I watched as he left, then once again looked around at the beauty that is the city of Trinsic.


Ancient Treasures-Oracle 7-21

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garden 7-31

I was playing my harp in Clainin’s Memoral garden. Hoping the peacefulness would help me compose a ballad of the recent events. But so little was know of the Royal Vault break in ,what was taken and who the thief might be. A noise distracted me. Looking up a messenger had been waiting to hand me a note. It was Dahlia requested a meeting. Sighing I put away my harp and went to the Royal Spies hall. A happier Dahlia greeted me. Before I could greet her, she told me that the Royal Spies could continue our efforts to find out more of what Merrick was up to and the ancient treasure.

start of 7-21 oracle

She further shared  that after receiving word from his captain, Red Roberts delivered the message to Captain Corian. The Captain had requested that a parlay be held at Buc’s Den in a week and half. “So we have time to prepare then,”  I replied.  “I had some of the Royal Spies tracked Red Roberts, and watch the meeting he had with several others. During the meeting, another pirate’s name was mentioned,  Ain Kivar.” She paused and looking puzzled, ” Their behavior was odd after his name was mentioned. They seemed to be nervous. There is something not right about the man. Tamias, I want you to track down this man and see what you can learn “Do you have any leads ?” I asked. She thought for just a second. “Start with Finneas, he might have heard something.

finneas the sewer rat

I headed out to see Finneas. Remembering my last meeting with him, I didn’t  hurry.Finneas was at the same spot by the Britian Sewers. If any thing he smelled even worse. I decided this was going to be a short meeting . With out a greeting I began questioning him, “What do you know of a the pirate Ain Kivar? ” Looking around he replied,” I heard  a man matching the description was seen in Trinsic lately. He was fencing jewels. Thought  it is strange that a Blood Flagon would have the jewels since his captain has asked for a parlay.”     Jewels?  my first thought was of the Royal Vault robbery. Could it be that the parlay was a trick. Did Ain Kivar act without his captain knowing. I had to learn more. “What else do you know Finneas?” With a hand extended, he looked at me. How dare he ask for payment . Angrily I reminded him, that for Dahlia’s support he would be in a Yew Cell.  Quickly he continued, “A witness stated that the jewels reportedly looked familiar.  Like the ones once given to Queen Dawn.  Speak to Sherry the Mouse, she can tell you if Queen Dawn’s jewels are missing.  ” “What was the name of the witness?” Thinking for a second, he said” Tammy a jeweler in Trinsic . Now go away ! I have nothing more to tell. ”



I left to speak to Tammy. She was speaking to a customer. Waiting, I looked at the displays to see if  any were Queen Dawn’s. Finally Tammy was finished. Coming over, she asked , ” Are you here about the stolen jewels. I can only tell you what I told the last man.”   “The last man? Tell me more.” I said.   ” He was a strange fellow, I didn’t catch his name. Anyhow he said the man with him, was Ain Kivar.  Ain had the stolen jewels. I knew since I recognized the jewels. A wealthy merchant, I cannot remember his name presented them to Queen Dawn.”   I asked her how she knew the jewels were the same as the ones given to Queen Dawn. “It was  hard to forget them,  remarkable jewels. ” she explained.  I hated to ask the next question.  “Did you buy the gems?” Standing taller, she glared at me. ” I did not, I knew they  were stolen.”    “Can you tell me what he looked like and where he went?” I asked.   She described him as having grey hair and wearing a white doublet and grey pants. That matched what Finneas had told me.  “He stormed out of here muttering he needed a drink.”  she added.  Knowing  the  Trinsic taverns, I went to the largest one. There I found an old friend,  Antonio the Minstrel.  Sitting down, I bought each of us ale.



I asked him if had seen any one or any thing strange. Replying, he told  “I saw a distraught  man with grey hair and pants, a white doublet come in and sit  down with a small group of men. They were an ill looking bunch. I thought it was strange, he began whispering that it was too hard to sell a few family heirlooms. Carefully watching, I saw him drop a jewel, then quickly pick it up. Looking to see if any one noticed, he and the men got up to leave.  Leaving, he dropped a piece of paper.  Seeing no one had noticed, I picked it up.”   Thinking that this might be important, I asked him what it was.  “Well it seemed to be a map of some sort. I believe of an island. Perhaps Buc’s Den, it is east of here. “What else did you see on the map?” I asked.  Wrinkling his head in thought, he continued. “Well, there were crude drawings of ships on it, but it was strange. It appeared to be some kind of battle plan.  The ships weren’t  attacking each other, instead  lines were drawn towards the island. The ships seemed to be attacking the city.” Knowing that the Governor of Trinsic, expressing concern,  had reported seeing pirates hanging out in Buc’s Den and had men watching them.  I had to know more. “Did you notice anything about the ships?” He told me that each ship had a different flag, Perhaps pirate flags.

Hum, two different groups of pirates. Could Whitebeard and the Captain of the Blood Flagons be working together? If so why. I asked to see the map, but Antonio replyed  that the man came back for it.  “He asked if I had read it. There was something about him that made me say of course not. Relieved , he told me that his letter it was very private, from his wife and that she can be somewhat embarassing. He then left without saying anything more. Looking at him, I could see that he was still distrubed about the encounter. When I asked why he hadn’t told one of the royal guard. He admitted that he was worried the man could be back. Buying Antiona another drink, I quickly left. I had to take this information to Dahlia and Captain Corian before the attack began.

Ancient Tresures, Oracle Event (7-25)

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After having several good glasses of wine at the Shattered Skull in Skara Brae, I began my long walk back to Britian.  Crossing the ferry, I was surprised to see a pirate on the dock.  Looking around I didn’t see either guards or rangers.  He approached me and asked if I had the King’s ear.  I explained that I was the King’s bard and could relay any message he had.  His captain wanted a parlay with the King.  Surprised I asked when and where Captain Whitebeard wanted to hold the parlay.   Laughing the pirate Red Roberts told me Whitebeard wasn’t his captain.  His captain was the leader of the Blood Flagons.  Since they had attacked several of our cities, the captain wanted a parlay so he wouldn’t end up in the Yew Prison.  I told him I would indeed pass the message to the king and hurried on my way.

pirate 2

Arriving at the castle, the King granted me an audience.  I could tell at once that he was worried about something.   I explained what Pirate Red Roberts had told me.  The King thought for a moment the waved off the information.  “I have more important concerns that that.  I’ve received disturbing information concerning Dahlia.  Captain Corian is concerned about her loyalty.  I need you to go speak to her in  Trinsic. ”      Recalling to Trinsic, I found Dahlia in front of the Keg and Anchor. She seemed very distracted.  Maybe the king was right to be concerned.  I told her of the Blood Flagon captain wanting a parlay.  “I haven’t time to speak to you right now.  I need to find Merrick,  he is being irrational and foolish.”  Suddenly she became aware of what I had told her.  He wants a parlay.  Hum, I need you to find out more about him.  Go to my  spy in Britain. His name is Finneas the Street Rat. You can find him at the sewers.  See what he knows of this captain and if he has been following him. Now I must get back to my search. With that she recalled way.


I quickly recalled to Britain and found Finneas the Street Rat.  Boy did he stink. I made sure not to get to close.  I began to ask him about the Blood Flagon captain.  Finneas looked slyly around before he answered.  After giving him Red Robert’s name, he told me that he had followed the captain to the Nu’jelm garden, the one behind the Sultan’s palace. ” I heard him muttering about a gem. Oh yes, he was muttering about a gem., something Shimmering.  He seemed to desperately want it.”  When I asked for more information, Finneas grew angry, “I look for people not lost property.  Off with you before I am seen with you.”

finneas the sewer rat

When it was clear that he would not give me anymore information, I went to the garden and began to search it.  It wasn’t long before I found a  skull cap and a pair of sandals.  Then I saw it the Shimmering Star of  Eschia.  Knowing that the real gem had been locked up by Merrick, I looked at it carefully.  I found the Vesper jeweler’s mark,  Sensing I was nearing the end of the trail, I recalled to the jewelry shop.

gem in garden

Entering the shop, I quickly found Webb.  He seemed very nervous and frequently looked around.  He told me that a man had hired him to make several gems.   “I had to make the gems.  He knew I had large gambling debts.  He promised to pay me enough to pay them off.  I didn’t want to go to prison, so I took his offer.  He had me make several gems. There was a blue stone, several clear white ones, and a green one. I have delivered all but two of them.  What should I do? he asked wringing his hands.  I told him to hold on to them and that some one would be contacting him.

webb the jeweler

I hurried back to speak to Captain Corain.   Disturbed about the news, he assured me that Webb would be watched carefully. When Webb delivered the last two gems he would be followed.  Reassured by the news I wandered off to my favorite pub to compose my report for the king.

Meet Lord Markus, Governor of New Magincia

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governor of new maginica

I found Governor Markus in Skara Brae just as he was donating $2,000,000 to help the other city treasuries.    Though he was busy, I was able to interview him.


“Thank for allowing me to interview, as I know you are very busy with your duties.”

“I am always willing to help a citizen of Britianna, ” he replied.”

“My first question is, what city are you governor of and what makes it unique?

“I am the governor of New Magincia.  What makes my city unique is the presence of a vendor bazar.

“My next question is related to the last ones.  “What makes New Magincia special to you?”

“Since I am a merchant, the fact that New Magincia is a city of commerce, it makes it a perfect fit.  I own a well stocked pet vendor.  I enjoy providing needed pets to the citizens of Britannia.” he told me with pride.

“What is you vision for New Magincia?”

He thought for a minute. “My vision is to make New Magincia thrive again with vendors and trade.  There is a great opportunity here since we rebuilt the city.”

“Has your city entered into a trade agreement with any of the trades or cities?”

“Yes, at this time we have the Merchant guild.  We have not made a trade agreement with a city yet.”

“Now for some more personal questions. I promise none of them will be embarrassing.” I said with a wink.

“As I trust you, I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.  But I will hold you to your promise.”

“How long have you been a citizen of Britianna and what city was the first one you lived in?”

” I am one of the older settlers as I  arrived in these land 16 years ago.  I think my first home was in Skara Brae.  Being so old it is hard to remember that far back.” he said with a smile.

“You are not old.”  Smiling back  I asked, “What was you job before becoming Governor?”

“I have had many different jobs.  Since I am a vendor, I tame the animals I have for sell.  I also gather resources for the crafters in my family.  But my favorite job has been helping the new and returning settlers to our lands.”

“Wow, you do work hard.  When you do have time to relax, what do you like to do?”

“I love doing a variety of things. One day you might find me hunting or looking for treasure.  Another day I might be crafting or building skills.  Right now I am becoming a stronger tamer. I am also in the guild TF though another member of the family is thinking of joining another guild.”

“One last question, is there any thing you wish to tell this citizens of Britannia?”

“I live in these lands because I enjoy having so many things to do.  If you get bored of one activity, there are more that you can do.  Community is important. Here you can find support to develop and grow.  You can build a guild with friends and towns or cities with them.  Anyways, I took the  office of Governor to try to help and give back to the community.  To give assistance to new and returning citizens and to communicate with other concerned people who would like to see our lands grow. To develop opportunities to attract more people to migrate to our lands. ” He explained. “Now I must return to my duties.

“Governor Markus, thank you so much for your time to share with the citizens of New  Magincia and Britannia.” I said as I bowed. “Be safe in your travels.

Returning my bow, Governor Markus recalled away.










Ancient Treasures Day 8 Part 3

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We followed Dahlia through the gate and back into the hedge enclosure. Yanice the Odd was no longer there, instead we meet by Shanna the Quiet.
“Um, Hello there?” greeted Dahlia.
Shanna the Quiet simple said ” A dream, or a nightmare.  Which one will you choose to defeat?”
Without hesitations, Manitcore shouted. “Nightmare!”
Putting it to a vote, Dahlia asked,” Which one do we choose?”
The vote cast, discussions finished, “Okay, nightmare then.” Dahlia told Shanna. “After all does it matter?”

night mare

“Look, there is the nightmare, we will defeat it! Dahlia shouted and leapt in to battle.                                                                                                  “KILL THE NIGHTMARE!” yelled A Sad Panda.
Shanna the Quiet quietly said, “Then go on ahead and try.”
Everything around me dissolved into darkness as A Dream’s burning eyes filled your vision
A Nightmare  tautened, “Come, sweet death… embrace these mine enemies. Behold my power, weaklings.”
The battle was long and hard.  Many of died trying to protect Dahlia.  Our mages braved death themselves to resurrect us.  At last the Nightmares were defeated.
Puzzled, Dahlia said, “We defeated the nightmare, but nothing happened. Will you show us this way?
“Awake from your slumber and see the true terror.  The monsters not in the safety of your dreams when you can easily awake from. Be careful, careful you do not wake from the dream you do not know you stumble in.” warned Shanna the Quiet opening yet another gate.
“The dream, we do not know we are in? How can that be? asked Dahlia.
“Perhaps we were drugged passing through the doors?” suggested Thalia.
“Let’ see…” and Dahlia stepped through the gate.  We followed close behind. The gate lead us to a graveyard filled with deadly flowers.
Looking carefully at them Dahlia pondered. “Aren’t they the one we found outside of Occllo?” But as we were examining  them, we were yet again attacked.

battle of flowers

When the battle was over, “Come,” Dahlia said as she opened a gate back to the meeting hall.
If she is not missing, We still haven’t found Evidias,” said Lady Thalia.
“Unless she is off with Merrick somewhere.  If not… we will have to wait.”  Dahlia nodded at Thalia. “Stay here while I go check with Marouk.”
Suddenly a Mysterious Woman appeared.*lifts her ghostly head*
Richard Cranium was the first to notice her, “hiya,” he greeted her.
Lifting her head, the Mysterious Woman gave a warning , “Beware… Beware Ixum… he watches you now.”
“Ut oh,” Richard Cranium moved way from her.
Thalia asked, “Ixum?”
Mysterious Woman: Oh mighty Ixum… they know not why they come to you.” was her only reply as she faded away leaving a strange statue behind.
Mysterious Woman: Mighty… Ixum…. *fades*
“Just my luck, Marouk says she had not returned yet. At this rate I’ll have to send the spies after her too.” Dahlia muttered. “Merrick what are you doing?”
Richard Cranium asked her, “Did you see the ghostly lady? She left an evil looking statue behind.


“Statue?” asked Dahlia.
“While you were gone a strange lady came.” explained Richard Cranium. “she left that statue.
“We received  a warning. said Lady Thalia pointing to the statue.
“She stated we are being watched by Ixum.” Richard Cranium added.
Richard Cranium: and stated we are being watched, warned
“Where did it come from?” Dahlia asked Thalia and Richard Cranium.
“A ghostly lady dropped it there” they both replied.
” It’s… creepy…” Dahlia shivered. Trying to pick it up it pulled itself back down with its growing weight. “Hum”  Dahlia tried pushing it. It simply settled back in place. “Would someone take it away, its like it is looking at me.”
“I tried, but I am not strong enough.” Richard Cranium said.
Dahlia touches it again and hears a crow crowing.  “Did anyone else hear it crow?”  All of us except Richard Cranium shook our heads no.
Ewwwwwwwwww.” Tupac-Shakur said.
” Okay… when statues start crowing…” Dahlia quickly moved away from it. ” Let’s just talk over here.
“Lady Thalia, “These notes you handed me earlier. did you search Vesper for who Merrick was trying to meet?”
“No Dahlia, I just focused on the two locations of coordinates.” he replied.
“Hmm, you might want to try again. I didn’t think Merrick would go to Adama.  Merrick might know where Evidias is.”
“Thalia, did you give me the coordinates, in Trinsic, you said? Are they in the notes?”
“Yes,” Thalia replied, “One is the Trinsic Meeting Hall. The other are ruins near Trinsic.”
“Thank you for picking up on this, Thalia.” nodded Dahlia, “I’ll have a spy watch the Meeting Hall  for now.”
“I must leave you now, it is time for  Corian and I to have a talk.” Dahlia said as she walked into a gate.

Ancient Treasures Day 8 part 2

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stones unlocked

Stepping through the gate, we arrived in a room.  In the middle stood a platform with squares and rock.  Dahlia studied the platform for a while. “Perhaps some, sort of puzzle? Maybe the rocks go on the squares.” She began to move the rocks, “Heavy things.” Then as she placed one of the rocks she heard a click. “Hum, nothing has happened, are we…missing something?”
“Yanice the Odd, said the other side. ” reminded Richard Cranium.
“Both sides… other side? but what does it mean the other side?
“Fel, Felucca? said Restless, Thalia and Sabeth as one.
“Felucca, well…I guess that’s another side. ” said Dahlia thoughtfully.
“Ya, Fel side of here, like a mirror? suggested Manitcore.
“Well… I guess that’s another side?” Dahlia said casing a gate, Here we go.” When we arrived through the gate, we found another platform matching the one we had just left.  The same except for one detail.

the other side with symbols

“Symbols in place of the squares, so… they look like pairs, well most of them but what does that mean.
“So…what does that mean?” asked Scared One.
Manticore was the first to notice that each symbol also had a word.  He began to put them in order ,”Dark Moon Blotted Out the Sun Light From One to One.”


Thinking about what Manticore said, Dahlia opened a gate. “Why are you waiting? Back to Trammel!” Dahlia shouted excitedly.  Once we were back,  Dahlia began to put the rocks on the squares using the order of  Manticore’s  sentence.

back to tram
When the last stone was placed a gate opened.  But to where?  We began to discuss where the gate might lead.
” We are to return where?” Dahlia pressing her hand to her head.
“Back to Fel?” asked Richard Cranium
While Restless suggested, “back to the door?
No,” disagreed Dahlia, ” “It said, “Return, return, backward”
After thinking for a bit, Richard Cranium said, ” Back to the cave?”  Manticore agreed.
“Backwards? Why not couldn’t hurt.” Dahlia laughed and stepped through the gate.
Looking at each other, I said with a grimace, “Where have we heard that before?”  Nodding we prepared, warriors drawing their weapons, Mages reading spells, and dragons put on guard.

Ancient Treasures Day 8 Part 1

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When Dahlia called a meeting of the Royal Spies, the King requested that I attend.  Arriving early, I noticed  few had arrived.  But the hall quickly filled up until there was standing room only.  People were quietly discussing the treasure hunt, the recent pirate attacks and Merrick’s role.   When Dahlia arrived the room became silent as we stopped our discussions.   Looking around, she began to frown, “Has anyone seen Evidias, did she step out?”
” I haven’t seen her,” replied Richard Cranium.
Lady Thalia said, ” She seems to be following clues from Merrick”
“Her investigation is still going on,” added Meanie Monster.
“Following clues from Merrick, what are you talking about?” Dahlia asked in a puzzlement.  Lady Thalia handed her the book of clues that she had found.
As Dahlia readed the report frown lines began to form.
” When I talked to Adama,” said Lady Thalia, “he  said Evidias read some notes from Merrick and rushed out.”
Slightly irked, Dahlia closed the book, ” He has been busy then. When I asked her earlier, she lied to me saying that she hadn’t.  Did she at least finish this?”

Looking at each other, no one replied.  In frustration Dahlia kicked the table and grabbed the crook of of it. ” Wo… ah… what… woah…” Where did these items come from.  Is this crook the key we have been looking for? I sent Evidias to finding a way to finish a key for the door outside of Occllo.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   “The wheel  was use to make the keys.” reminded Zippy Bubblelips


” Perhaps so, can you use it on the orb?” asked Richard Cranium:
“Come we need to go to the door in  Occllo to test it.”  and she started for the door.  “Wait… wait a minute,  I haven’t been outside of Occllo in a few days.  I’m not sure how safe it is. Before we get going we need to be prepared. Others are after what’s behind the door.””
“I’m sure its not,” Restless said as he called for his dragon to follow and guard him.
Quickly we followed Dahlia though the gate she had cast. ” We must have gotten here first.”  as she  looked around.  Suddenly Bloody Flagon pirates attacked.  ” I spoke to soon,” she shouted and the battle began.

1st attack

Out numbering the pirates the battle was quickly over.  ” Perhaps they didn’t have a way in, and wanted to take ours?” Dahlia said as she approached the door.  “So do I just…?” and she waved the staff around the door.  When nothing happened, she tried tapping the door with the crook. Again nothing happened.  “Does anyone have any, experience unlocking magical doors?”
Sabrina Banana replied pointing at Meanie,  ” Meanie does.”
Everyone looked hopefully at him.  “I’m sorry while I have opened magic chests.  I haven’t had experience with doors.” he said shaking his head.

door won't open

People began shouting out suggestions.  “Kick it,” suggested Jinx.  *
Dahlia kicked the wooden door with no luck. “You said, Evidias got off to somewhere, or something of Merrick’s?  Did you find out what it was?”
“Yes.  we found several of Merrick’s notes in Trinsic, but the trail ended at two sets of coordinates.” replied Lady Thalia.
“What did the Weld, or Marouk have to say about it?” she asked Lady Thalia. knowing she has a special relationship with the Weld.
Shaking her head, Lady Thalia replied, ” I did not see her at Mongbat village. I did not ask Marouk”
“Bah, Coordinates, don’t have time to track down coordinates. Dahlia said with disgust.
“There has to be something more to open the door.” Dahlia poured Dreamshade into the lamp.  It is time to try… things.” with that she dipped the crook into the lamp. “Alright… this might not be safe…”
Remembering what had happened before with Dreamshade,  “My lady are you sure you want to do that?” I asked backing up.
“Well…oaky then” Dahlia said with a determined look and proceeded to prod door with the Dreamshade enchanted staff.
Slowly the door opened. Smiling Dahila said, ” That seemed to work,”  leading us through the door.   To our surprise we ended up in a cavern that had several passages.  “It seems so empty, why so empty.  I guess we need to spread out. ” Dahlia said as she started down one of the passages.   We began to search the passages and found our selves back where we had begun.  “Is this a maze or some kind of joke?’ Dahlia said angrily as she lead us back  down the passages and into a gate that suddenly appeared.   Walking through the gate we found ourselves surrounded by an enclosed hedge area.  In the corner stood a strange person, Yanice the Odd.   Dahlia approached, “Hello, yes you.” she said as
Yanice the Odd, slowly seemed to notice her, and answered with a riddle, “It winds around, and disappears beneath when tread upon.”
Thinking about the passages we just went through Dahlia said, ” A road?”
Yanice the Odd looked at the Dahlia, “How can you answer an unfinished riddle?”
“Excuse me, go on?” Dahlia blushed.
Yanice the Odd continued, ” It melts into the air at dawn, refilling under the crackling sky, teeming sky.  If you trip, it will carry you away, and if you do not struggle it will take your breath.”
All of us began to think and discuss possible answers.  When Manticore  said “Water?”
Richard Cranium nodded his head in agreement, “Water.”
Dahlia nodded to Manticore and Richard Cranium,” Water… a river?” she asked Yanice the Odd.
Yanice the Odd answered with a wise smile, “They say swim, we say struggling; struggling is all life is.  Against time, or a current.”
Puzzled by the answer, Dahlia asked, “Is there more to the riddle?”
“No,  just advice.” Yanice the Odd replied.
“Which is?”
“If you can see both sides of a situation, perhaps you can solve anything, even this.” But if you are too naive and blind, then you will be lost for all of time.”
“Thank you,” said Sylvar.
“Yes, thank you, but again, what do you ask of us?  asked Dahlia.
“Proceed through the gate to the other side, and remember what I said. Yanice the Odd replied disappearing .