Ancient Treasures-Oracle 7-21

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garden 7-31

I was playing my harp in Clainin’s Memoral garden. Hoping the peacefulness would help me compose a ballad of the recent events. But so little was know of the Royal Vault break in ,what was taken and who the thief might be. A noise distracted me. Looking up a messenger had been waiting to hand me a note. It was Dahlia requested a meeting. Sighing I put away my harp and went to the Royal Spies hall. A happier Dahlia greeted me. Before I could greet her, she told me that the Royal Spies could continue our efforts to find out more of what Merrick was up to and the ancient treasure.

start of 7-21 oracle

She further shared  that after receiving word from his captain, Red Roberts delivered the message to Captain Corian. The Captain had requested that a parlay be held at Buc’s Den in a week and half. “So we have time to prepare then,”  I replied.  “I had some of the Royal Spies tracked Red Roberts, and watch the meeting he had with several others. During the meeting, another pirate’s name was mentioned,  Ain Kivar.” She paused and looking puzzled, ” Their behavior was odd after his name was mentioned. They seemed to be nervous. There is something not right about the man. Tamias, I want you to track down this man and see what you can learn “Do you have any leads ?” I asked. She thought for just a second. “Start with Finneas, he might have heard something.

finneas the sewer rat

I headed out to see Finneas. Remembering my last meeting with him, I didn’t  hurry.Finneas was at the same spot by the Britian Sewers. If any thing he smelled even worse. I decided this was going to be a short meeting . With out a greeting I began questioning him, “What do you know of a the pirate Ain Kivar? ” Looking around he replied,” I heard  a man matching the description was seen in Trinsic lately. He was fencing jewels. Thought  it is strange that a Blood Flagon would have the jewels since his captain has asked for a parlay.”     Jewels?  my first thought was of the Royal Vault robbery. Could it be that the parlay was a trick. Did Ain Kivar act without his captain knowing. I had to learn more. “What else do you know Finneas?” With a hand extended, he looked at me. How dare he ask for payment . Angrily I reminded him, that for Dahlia’s support he would be in a Yew Cell.  Quickly he continued, “A witness stated that the jewels reportedly looked familiar.  Like the ones once given to Queen Dawn.  Speak to Sherry the Mouse, she can tell you if Queen Dawn’s jewels are missing.  ” “What was the name of the witness?” Thinking for a second, he said” Tammy a jeweler in Trinsic . Now go away ! I have nothing more to tell. ”



I left to speak to Tammy. She was speaking to a customer. Waiting, I looked at the displays to see if  any were Queen Dawn’s. Finally Tammy was finished. Coming over, she asked , ” Are you here about the stolen jewels. I can only tell you what I told the last man.”   “The last man? Tell me more.” I said.   ” He was a strange fellow, I didn’t catch his name. Anyhow he said the man with him, was Ain Kivar.  Ain had the stolen jewels. I knew since I recognized the jewels. A wealthy merchant, I cannot remember his name presented them to Queen Dawn.”   I asked her how she knew the jewels were the same as the ones given to Queen Dawn. “It was  hard to forget them,  remarkable jewels. ” she explained.  I hated to ask the next question.  “Did you buy the gems?” Standing taller, she glared at me. ” I did not, I knew they  were stolen.”    “Can you tell me what he looked like and where he went?” I asked.   She described him as having grey hair and wearing a white doublet and grey pants. That matched what Finneas had told me.  “He stormed out of here muttering he needed a drink.”  she added.  Knowing  the  Trinsic taverns, I went to the largest one. There I found an old friend,  Antonio the Minstrel.  Sitting down, I bought each of us ale.



I asked him if had seen any one or any thing strange. Replying, he told  “I saw a distraught  man with grey hair and pants, a white doublet come in and sit  down with a small group of men. They were an ill looking bunch. I thought it was strange, he began whispering that it was too hard to sell a few family heirlooms. Carefully watching, I saw him drop a jewel, then quickly pick it up. Looking to see if any one noticed, he and the men got up to leave.  Leaving, he dropped a piece of paper.  Seeing no one had noticed, I picked it up.”   Thinking that this might be important, I asked him what it was.  “Well it seemed to be a map of some sort. I believe of an island. Perhaps Buc’s Den, it is east of here. “What else did you see on the map?” I asked.  Wrinkling his head in thought, he continued. “Well, there were crude drawings of ships on it, but it was strange. It appeared to be some kind of battle plan.  The ships weren’t  attacking each other, instead  lines were drawn towards the island. The ships seemed to be attacking the city.” Knowing that the Governor of Trinsic, expressing concern,  had reported seeing pirates hanging out in Buc’s Den and had men watching them.  I had to know more. “Did you notice anything about the ships?” He told me that each ship had a different flag, Perhaps pirate flags.

Hum, two different groups of pirates. Could Whitebeard and the Captain of the Blood Flagons be working together? If so why. I asked to see the map, but Antonio replyed  that the man came back for it.  “He asked if I had read it. There was something about him that made me say of course not. Relieved , he told me that his letter it was very private, from his wife and that she can be somewhat embarassing. He then left without saying anything more. Looking at him, I could see that he was still distrubed about the encounter. When I asked why he hadn’t told one of the royal guard. He admitted that he was worried the man could be back. Buying Antiona another drink, I quickly left. I had to take this information to Dahlia and Captain Corian before the attack began.