Ancient Tresures, Oracle Event (7-25)

August 22, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

After having several good glasses of wine at the Shattered Skull in Skara Brae, I began my long walk back to Britian.  Crossing the ferry, I was surprised to see a pirate on the dock.  Looking around I didn’t see either guards or rangers.  He approached me and asked if I had the King’s ear.  I explained that I was the King’s bard and could relay any message he had.  His captain wanted a parlay with the King.  Surprised I asked when and where Captain Whitebeard wanted to hold the parlay.   Laughing the pirate Red Roberts told me Whitebeard wasn’t his captain.  His captain was the leader of the Blood Flagons.  Since they had attacked several of our cities, the captain wanted a parlay so he wouldn’t end up in the Yew Prison.  I told him I would indeed pass the message to the king and hurried on my way.

pirate 2

Arriving at the castle, the King granted me an audience.  I could tell at once that he was worried about something.   I explained what Pirate Red Roberts had told me.  The King thought for a moment the waved off the information.  “I have more important concerns that that.  I’ve received disturbing information concerning Dahlia.  Captain Corian is concerned about her loyalty.  I need you to go speak to her in  Trinsic. ”      Recalling to Trinsic, I found Dahlia in front of the Keg and Anchor. She seemed very distracted.  Maybe the king was right to be concerned.  I told her of the Blood Flagon captain wanting a parlay.  “I haven’t time to speak to you right now.  I need to find Merrick,  he is being irrational and foolish.”  Suddenly she became aware of what I had told her.  He wants a parlay.  Hum, I need you to find out more about him.  Go to my  spy in Britain. His name is Finneas the Street Rat. You can find him at the sewers.  See what he knows of this captain and if he has been following him. Now I must get back to my search. With that she recalled way.


I quickly recalled to Britain and found Finneas the Street Rat.  Boy did he stink. I made sure not to get to close.  I began to ask him about the Blood Flagon captain.  Finneas looked slyly around before he answered.  After giving him Red Robert’s name, he told me that he had followed the captain to the Nu’jelm garden, the one behind the Sultan’s palace. ” I heard him muttering about a gem. Oh yes, he was muttering about a gem., something Shimmering.  He seemed to desperately want it.”  When I asked for more information, Finneas grew angry, “I look for people not lost property.  Off with you before I am seen with you.”

finneas the sewer rat

When it was clear that he would not give me anymore information, I went to the garden and began to search it.  It wasn’t long before I found a  skull cap and a pair of sandals.  Then I saw it the Shimmering Star of  Eschia.  Knowing that the real gem had been locked up by Merrick, I looked at it carefully.  I found the Vesper jeweler’s mark,  Sensing I was nearing the end of the trail, I recalled to the jewelry shop.

gem in garden

Entering the shop, I quickly found Webb.  He seemed very nervous and frequently looked around.  He told me that a man had hired him to make several gems.   “I had to make the gems.  He knew I had large gambling debts.  He promised to pay me enough to pay them off.  I didn’t want to go to prison, so I took his offer.  He had me make several gems. There was a blue stone, several clear white ones, and a green one. I have delivered all but two of them.  What should I do? he asked wringing his hands.  I told him to hold on to them and that some one would be contacting him.

webb the jeweler

I hurried back to speak to Captain Corain.   Disturbed about the news, he assured me that Webb would be watched carefully. When Webb delivered the last two gems he would be followed.  Reassured by the news I wandered off to my favorite pub to compose my report for the king.

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