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An Exodus Encounter Sponsored by the City of Jhelom

January 01, 2015 By: Dreadlord Lestat Category: Chesapeake News

January 01, 2015


Hand of Death Guild Hall

Governor Scabby of Jhelom  and Deputy Governor Ozog started off 2015 with a bang! The City of Jhelom sponsored an Exodus run, with the help of the Paxlair Community, provided keys for all who attended. There was a large turn out and approximately 20 brave adventures journeyed into the real of The Exodus clockwork and defeated him swiftly and decisively.

Attack on the Exodus Clockwork


Exodus 1 600 x 476


Continuing the attack!


Exodus 2 600 x 425

Exodus Slain!


Exodus 3 600 x 401

Governor Elects Convene As Tempers Flare In Castle Blackthorn!

December 23, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


     The end of the current election period has brought to Britannia the newly courted Governors of the lands held under the rule of the crown. His majesty hosted the council in thier chambers this past week to convene on the status of the cities as well as any upcoming plans in the works. Those in attendance were incumbents Lady Phoenix of Trinsc, Lord Vic II of Minoc, Lord Tehan of Yew, Lord Gareth of New Magencia and Lady Lauren of Moonglow. Newly elected offcials joining the council were Lady Tina of Skara Brae, Lord Murdock of Britain,  and Scabby of Jhelom. Vesper’s Lady Ivy was not present.


ScreenHunter_25 Dec. 22 21.03


    The King would call upon each as cities discussed thier plans for various improvements and goals set forth for the upcoming months. Notable remarks were made as several cities still await construction of offices for elected officials.  Pleas for additional manpower for desired projects were duely noted by his majesty.  Peace reigns across the lands as no reports of violence were said to have taken place in recent weeks.  It didn’t take long as civility would soon be tested as Governor Phoenix ended her report with complaints of excrement ruining her boots from the nights pet parade earlier in the city limits exclaiming the Governor of Britian would soon recieve the invoice for thier replacement. The events host Niva the Savage in attendance, angrily exited the session while screaming she would Not stand for such insult! That was only the appetizer for the nights fireworks to come.


ScreenHunter_42 Dec. 22 21.25


    Pitmuck Islands leader Ozog Giantfart, whom we were informed has been appointed the city of Jhelom’s “Deputy Mayor” began to lose control of his tongue ranting in his indigenious dialect towards the King and in henderance to the nights proceedings. After being warned on several occasions the King would quickly reach his patiences limit with the Goblin.  Guards were called as the King lashed out to the Goblin threatening him and his people as Giantfart was drug from the halls of Castle Blackthorn.  Barely regaining his demeanor from this the King would soon turn his attention to Vic II from Minoc as he requested to relenquish his remaining time to a citizen of his represented lands. This citizen affiliated with a group known as “Minoc First” would be granted the floor to which she would stand in silence. Angering the King,  he reminded those who would seek succession or faulter in the will of the Crown would be suffer the consequences as he saw fit wether it was Minoc, Pitmuck Island or any land other than Nu’jelm and Buccaneers Den, the only lands not under the rule of the crown.  With that the King ended the nights ongoings.

    No word as of yet out of Pitmuck to the expulsion of it’s leader. What is this “Minoc First” group about?  More to know on these interesting happenings among the lands.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Holiday Treachery Thwarted!

December 23, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


   With Christmas upon us,  we are all resting easy as jolly old Santa recieved the aid of availble adventurers to save the Christmas magic this week.  The call from the King himself rang out as word spread that a treacherous duo of elves had stolen the holiday magic in the hopes to dash  Santas annual run.


ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 21 19.01


 ScreenHunter_04 Dec. 21 19.03


ScreenHunter_08 Dec. 21 19.05



     The brazen elf DimDum appeared in the throne room and proclaimed we had all been bad and no gifts would reach our trees this year! His majesty quickly ordered us to ride at all costs to reclaim the magic baubles. A long and winding maze was soon to follow, only by solving the riddles were adventurers able to track the slippery pair to the ice isles of the north pole. There atop the peaks and cliffs a plateau was located with a protected pile of gifts lay as our goal. Huge orcish snow beasts began to descend from thier perch with thier sights set on us…..


ScreenHunter_11 Dec. 21 19.06


ScreenHunter_16 Dec. 21 19.21


ScreenHunter_18 Dec. 21 19.22


ScreenHunter_19 Dec. 21 19.24


ScreenHunter_21 Dec. 21 19.25


    Thunderous battle ensued as flashes of might and magic lit the night sky as the elves plans began to unravel. The snow creatures were soon fallen as the pair DimDum and DumDim were bested by the combined efforts of the nights heroes.  The Christmas holiday saved,  combatants garned a commemorative sash to mark the nights victory and rumors of magic jewels recovered in the snow are abound. Well done Chesapeake.

Chesapeake Community Tree Lighting, Dinner & Giveaway 12/24/14 @8:30pm ET

December 23, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Chesapeake News, Ethereal Void Imperium

Chesapeake Community

Tree Lighting, Dinner & Giveaway


(Tree from 2012)

Governor Gareth of New Magincia
Ozog of Pitmuck
Lady Angelica of Luna

Wednesday, December 24th at 8:30pm ET

New Magincia, Trammel

This year the Community Holiday/Christmas Tree event will consist of a few mini events. The night will start off with the Community Tree Lighting by Ozog, followed by a delicious dinner prepared by Lady Angelica of Luna And will end with a little mini event giveaway called “Win Gareth’s Gold” Hope to see you there!

Governors Election Near Complete!

December 14, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

   The current election cycle for the Governship of the major cities of the realm draws near its conclusion as today is the final day to cast your votes. The week long event takes place at each cities respective stone located near it’s main vault. Votes will be tallied at sun up tommorrow and winners declared. Citizens need be respected in thier cities in order to vote. Donation of materials is seemingly the popular method of garnering such title.

  The Paxlair Statehood continues to flourish in past and present elections and stand to win the seats of every city with most incumbents running unopposed and those that are opposed are done so by another statehood representative. The lone exception is the city of New Magencia where incumbent Lord Gareth remains firmly in the lead.  Sovereignty indeed still has a place in Sosaria.  The most current up to date exit polls as of noon est show the following standings in all the major elections:


Britain :                  Tinky Footz (Pitmuck) 53.8%

                                         Murdoc Redbone (DWxC) 46.1%

Jhelom:                    Scabby (PItmuck) 100%

Minoc:                       Victor II (NCC) 100%

Moonglow:             Lauren (DWxC) 100%

New Magencia:  Gareth (EVI) 72.2%

                                          Squirt (Pitmuck) 27.7%

Skara Brae:           Tina (L&L)  73.6%

                                          Gunga Din (Pax SotA) 26.3%

Trinsic:                     Phoenix (DWxC) 100%

Vesper:                      Ivy (NCC) 100%

Yew:                             Tehan (DWxC) 100%


   With the closing of the election period Governors will preside over thier respective cities for the coming months. With time running short and pride on the line these elections will surely go down to the wire. Reports come as eyewitnesses claim votes are purchased and corruption thrives as citizens of far away lands are aplenty skewing the voting process tipping the scales in the favor of those whose vote they have pledged.  The game of thrones is indeed underway here on Chesapeake!





December 12, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Chesapeake News


By: Whiterabbit of Pitmuck



  • Murdock – Running for Britain
  • Victor II – Governor of Minoc
  • Squrit – Currently the Envoy of New Magincia, running for Governor
  • Gunga Din – Running for Skara Brae
  • Scabby – Governor of Jhelom
  • Tina – Running for Skara Brae
  • Tinky Feets – Running for Britain
  • Ivy – Governor of Vesper
  • Lauren – Governor of Moonglow

The platforms were as follows:

Murdock stated that he would bring true representation to the King and harsh punishment to the rogues who enter the city.

Victor II who is an incumbent will continue to protect the northeast coast, building docks, and helping Gypsies. (Help get a Player owned Movable Gypsy Wagon by posting here! Sorry for the shameless plug but it needs to be added into the game!)

Squrit stated he is the Envoy and that the the longstanding governor is never around so all should vote for Squrit.

Gunga Din stated ZZZZZZZZ because he was very tired (something going on IRL)

Scabby who is an incumbent stated in very eloquent goblinese that his platform was the coal warmers that he was standing on. He will keep Jhelom safe from pirates and bad hummies by peein on everyone. He also stated that he was Scabby and he approved his message so all should vote for Scabby. Scabby ended his opening speech with a resounding fart and the room erupted in cheers!

Tina stated that she wishes to represent the fine people of Skara Brae and bring in change. She will fight for it’s people and be there to protect and serve.

Tinky Feets stated that Tinky would keep the trade deals going for the new players and bond the Goblins with the King. Tinky even had some nice campaign posters walking around:


so all should vote for Tinky Feets!

Ivy who is the incumbent stated that she would increase the city defenses against pirate attacks and protect the animals in and around Vesper. She will also increase trade in the city.

Lauren stated that she would protect Moonglow and all the land from evil while continuing to keep the trade deals open and citizens safe.

Next came the question and answer stage
Brian DeSpell asked how the candidates planned on funding the trade deals.

Murdock who was unprepared and lost his notes so Victor stepped in.

Victor stated that he would not give a dime but he will be running trade deal events to help fund the coffers. He stated that citizens would also be given a chance to donate and even run champ spawn events to help out.

Mudock who found his notes recovered and brought his A game. Murdock stated that he would promote the city and then sell titles to fund the city. He would also talk to the King about getting better trade deals for Britain since it was the capital city. Tinky Feets fell asleep during this reply.

Squrit stated that he would fund the city by donations from the many vendors and trade deals so all should vote for Squrit.
Gunga Din was still sleeping (still dealing with something IRL)

Scabby stated that he would fund trade deals by peeing on trade ministers in other cities that way Jhelom would have the best trade deals in Britannia because they would be clean and not wet. Scabby stated that he approved his message and then let out another thunderous fart which brought tears to the eyes of all, so all should vote for Scabby!
Tina then gave a fabulous and long account of her upbringing and stated that she would bring in funds by hard work and loyalty to the people to include cleaning up the harbors.

Tinky Feets stated that there would be tavern crawls, excursions, and events to help fund Britain so all should vote for Tinky Feets!
Ivy stated that she held city meetings but was met with little interest. Trade deals were expensive but if there was interest then she would keep them going.

Ozog who was the moderator reminded participants that they can throw mud so Scabby threw dirt at everyone and shouted “YAY fer trowin dert!”

The rest of the event was very long winded by Murdock, Ivy and Lauren and I fell asleep. :(

Edit: I tried to keep this as true as possible but apparently Scabby hacked in and changed some things around!

Dreadlord Lestat

an Scabby!

Chesapeake Election Posters!

November 30, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Chesapeake News

Chesapeake Election Posters!
November 30th 2014


Murdock Redbone for Governor of Britain

Greetings fellow citizens, I am happy to announce my upcoming candidacy for Governor of Britain.

As of late the citizens of the City of Britain have not been represented properly in the government;
and trade deals that the citizens could benefit from have been lacking from the current

I pledge to represent this great city faithfully and without waver. All matters from commerce
to security will be brought before the king in a timely manner. Also the trade deals
will be kept current and useful to the cities people.

As the recent Deputy of Yew I have not only led excursions to rid that city of nefarious persons,
but throughout the realm as well. As Governor of Britain, I will surely be working to rid this great city
of any such scum.

And with your help, I will bring excitement and glory back the capital City of Britain once again.

Thank you for your time and your vote in the upcoming elections.
Murdock Redbone


Voot fer Tinky fer Britin Gubnur



Tina for Governor of Skara Brae – Welcome change!!

What has your current Governor done for you Skara? Marcelus is off running amuck whilst Pirates ravage local business and our waters are fouled by their poorly maintained and decaying ships. I will clean up our harbor, increase trade, impose regulations on the Evil Pirate scourge and make our city one that rivals mighty Britain. The city will flourish under my leadership . Vote for change, vote for Tina..

More to Come…..


Gunga Din for Governor of Skara Brae

Yes my friends, The Prodigal Son Returns ! I call out to all the citizens of Skara Brae to support me in my bid to be the next Governor of Skara Brae.

I promise to rid Skara Brae of The Evil Wizard Mangar the Dark !

No other City will rival our Trade and Commerce !!

Ale, Wine and Spirits will be sold at lower prices !!

I will transport in exotic women from far off lands !!

More to come…..


I still love YEW !! – Tehan for Governor, in Yew

Citizens of Yew, Friends,

I hereby officially announce my candidacy for the Governor office of Yew, for another mandate.

Even though much has been accomplished in my last term, many more challenges await us in the near future. There are more orks to slaughter, more booze to drink, more stuff to explode, and for that I need your support.

Vote Tehan, because I LOVE YEW !!



Lord Gareth For Governor of New Magincia

Lord Gareth For Governor of New Magincia
The Future Is Bright Ahead!

A Vote for Generosity!

A Vote for Appreciation of Goblins!

A Vote for Representation Equal for all Citizens!

A Vote for Equality!

A Vote for Trustworthy Leadership!

A Vote for Helpfulness!






Results of the Tribal Berry Challenge!

August 27, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Chesapeake News

Results of the Tribal Berry Challenge!

By: old gypsy and Icky



Icky is happy to announce the winners of the Tribal Berry Challenge!

1st Place: Sparrow
2nd Place: Falbala
3rd Place: Murdock Redbone
4th Place: Tehan
5th Place: Darkwave
6th Place: Charles of Saxon

Unfortunately only two of the winners – Sparrow and Murdock Redbone – were able to be at the Emporium this evening. Not to worry, though. Icky plans to hand out the rest of the prizes on Tuesday evening. See you then!

P.S. With all those wonderful berries, Icky will be able to keep the brew flowing for quite a while for Alliance members who drop by. :)

From Icky, a big GIRKLE to all! :grouphug:

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The Search for the Lucky Ducks!

May 01, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


   EM Drosselmeyer gathered any and all who would venture out to the Chesapeake Fairgrounds last eve to play a most interesting game of hide and seek. It seemed as if the majestic golden bird along side the robed one had lost it’s offspring in various locations about the realm.


ScreenHunter_10 Apr. 30 21.02


ScreenHunter_13 Apr. 30 21.42


   Those who took challenge sped off to seek out and note the location of any and all ducklings they could find in the lands. 45 minutes were aloud as the top three seekers would place and have thier respective feat rewarded by having the newly disovered blaze birds guard thier homes. The mad dash was on! Travelers were everywhere and then some spanning the globe in search of the missing offspring. Those smart enough to follow the instructions were given hints to the pattern of whereabouts in the events chat channel. Two good hints were given that they were not in Felucca, and that they seemed to gravitate to important areas within a location.


ScreenHunter_15 Apr. 30 21.49


   The bell for times end would soon ring as the ensemble raced to return to the fairgrounds lake to register thier finds. In the end, Ivy took first place with 15, Ashlynn second with 9, and a Beautiful Maiden for whose name I can not remember from the KFC guild took home 3rd. My polaroid slayer spellbook did not capture your namesake! The challenge was not over however! There was an announcement of 25 total ducklings to be found and The robed one promised the mother duck as a household guardian to the first to send via email all 25 locations! Better Get Searching!



ScreenHunter_16 Apr. 30 21.51



Governor Bloodhand Leads Venture To Corgul!

May 01, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

    The Governor of Vesper, the often deviously thought after Holly Bloodhand recuited officers and cutthroats alike last eve to embark on a journey to face the famed Titan of the Island Corgul….


ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 30 19.25


   Embarking from the Jhelom docks the pirate captain sailed swiftly to the coordinates where Corgul was last spotted. The mix and match lot of mercenaries and fame seekers hit the island with a barage of sword, spell, and savagery as it’s occupants were slain without quarter.


ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 30 19.25

 ScreenHunter_05 Apr. 30 19.32


   Leaving only the islands master remaining, the group laid into thier foe and while he held his own he was no match for the might of the Governor’s crew. He soon fell as the order to board was soon sounded.


ScreenHunter_07 Apr. 30 19.41


     The Governor then sailed the troop back to Jhelom granting them only the slightest well done before casting them all ashore off the decks!