Chesapeake Election Posters!

November 30, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Chesapeake News

Chesapeake Election Posters!
November 30th 2014


Murdock Redbone for Governor of Britain

Greetings fellow citizens, I am happy to announce my upcoming candidacy for Governor of Britain.

As of late the citizens of the City of Britain have not been represented properly in the government;
and trade deals that the citizens could benefit from have been lacking from the current

I pledge to represent this great city faithfully and without waver. All matters from commerce
to security will be brought before the king in a timely manner. Also the trade deals
will be kept current and useful to the cities people.

As the recent Deputy of Yew I have not only led excursions to rid that city of nefarious persons,
but throughout the realm as well. As Governor of Britain, I will surely be working to rid this great city
of any such scum.

And with your help, I will bring excitement and glory back the capital City of Britain once again.

Thank you for your time and your vote in the upcoming elections.
Murdock Redbone


Voot fer Tinky fer Britin Gubnur



Tina for Governor of Skara Brae – Welcome change!!

What has your current Governor done for you Skara? Marcelus is off running amuck whilst Pirates ravage local business and our waters are fouled by their poorly maintained and decaying ships. I will clean up our harbor, increase trade, impose regulations on the Evil Pirate scourge and make our city one that rivals mighty Britain. The city will flourish under my leadership . Vote for change, vote for Tina..

More to Come…..


Gunga Din for Governor of Skara Brae

Yes my friends, The Prodigal Son Returns ! I call out to all the citizens of Skara Brae to support me in my bid to be the next Governor of Skara Brae.

I promise to rid Skara Brae of The Evil Wizard Mangar the Dark !

No other City will rival our Trade and Commerce !!

Ale, Wine and Spirits will be sold at lower prices !!

I will transport in exotic women from far off lands !!

More to come…..


I still love YEW !! – Tehan for Governor, in Yew

Citizens of Yew, Friends,

I hereby officially announce my candidacy for the Governor office of Yew, for another mandate.

Even though much has been accomplished in my last term, many more challenges await us in the near future. There are more orks to slaughter, more booze to drink, more stuff to explode, and for that I need your support.

Vote Tehan, because I LOVE YEW !!



Lord Gareth For Governor of New Magincia

Lord Gareth For Governor of New Magincia
The Future Is Bright Ahead!

A Vote for Generosity!

A Vote for Appreciation of Goblins!

A Vote for Representation Equal for all Citizens!

A Vote for Equality!

A Vote for Trustworthy Leadership!

A Vote for Helpfulness!






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