Client User Guide – Enhanced

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Enhanced Client User Guide
By Miss Echo of, Reproduced with permission.


This User Guide is to assist those new to Stygian Abyss (SA) to navigate the menu system and learn the functions in the client. When first opening the client, the  SA Menu Selection bar is displayed on the bottom left of screen.  What these icons mean, how to set up other parts of your desktop, some simple ‘game play’ features and other client information are explained by selecting them on the menu above. If you are totally NEW to Ultima Online, you should use the KR New Player Guide (linked below) to learn the ‘basics’ on character set up before using this guide.

Replaced in Publish 86, September 2014 with a more customizable bar



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Last modified: September 27, 2014

2 Comments to “Client User Guide – Enhanced”

  1. Stylian says:

    I just upgraded to Stygian Abyss from Mondain’s Legacy. However this new menue bar shows up nowhere in the game.
    What can I do?


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