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By Miss Echo of Spellweave.com, Reproduced with Permission.
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To loot in EC double click on the corpse and right click on the item you wish to loot. It will go straight into your backpack. You may also drag and drop as normal. You may also press <ctrl><shift> to bring up corpse bars and double click on those to open a corpse, handy if there are a lot of bodies or you have difficulty in clicking on the corpse.

To skin leather it is handy to have a dagger in your hotbar, (another blade or better yet a butcher’s war cleaver). Drag any to your hotbar, right click on the blade and set target to ‘cursor’. This will then give you a cursor to use on the corpse. If you use a dagger (or other blade) keep scissors in your hotbar as well to cut the hides, also set these to cursor. The butcher’s war cleaver does both actions in one and if you are not overweight will automatically load the leather into your pack once you click the corpse. You may also assign a hotkey to these functions by right clicking on the blade in your hotbar and selecting assign hotkey. If you do not wish to have the item in a hotbar you can create a macro and assign it a key in the macros created box, see ‘Macros & Actions’ for more info on macro creation.

To place an item in your pack without actually opening your pack or dragging to your character: Click the item, holding it on the cursor. Hit the key bound to “Backpack” in Main Menu/User Settings/Input (the default is ‘I’ if you have not changed the binding or <left alt I> if in legacy mode.)

Item Stacking

How the UI stacks items, either drag and select quantity, or hold <shift> drag and select quantity is set in the Main Menu/User Settings/Options.  You may toggle between the two depending on what you are doing, so for example if you are moving whole stacks it is better to have ‘hold shift’ selected so that dragging a stack will not give you the quantity box, but if wanting to ‘select’ a few items rather than the whole stack leave it unchecked.

Item Storage

The same way to release, lock and secure containers is used in all clients, i.e. “I wish to release this”, “I wish to lock this down”, “I wish to secure this”. Action buttons for these and other frequently used sayings can be found in the ‘actions’ menu ‘communication’ list. A gump opens up to select security access rights on ‘secure’. To change security access rights on locked down items, hold <shift> and right click the item to bring up the gump.

* For additional information on inventory management see Backpacks

Last modified: October 1, 2014

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