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By Miss Echo of, Reproduced with Permission.

The EC skill gump is very easy and user friendly. It is accessed by selecting <Skills> on the Menu bar of your game screen. Skills are split into categories as you see above in the row of tabs at the top of the skills gump.

You may also create a ‘custom’ tab for your characters skills so they appear on the one tab. To do this you right click on the skill icon in the category tabs and select ‘add to custom tab’. This allows you a one look glimpse at the skills on your character.

The blue/green icons are those which can be dragged into a hotbar to perform an action or added to a macro when creating macros, eg hiding, taming, evaluate intelligence etc. They may also be accessed directly from the skills gump by clicking on the icon itself.

All skills can be raised, lowered or locked at a certain level by using the arrow toggle.

By clicking ‘Show Modified and/or Real’ You can view your skills modified (the total of skill points obtained including modifiers from items and/or spell modifiers) or unmodified (your real skill). It also shows your total skill points used in the bottom right of the main gump.

By clicking ‘Show Caps’ you may view what your current cap is (The maximum you can raise that skill to), so it reports as eg Tactics 66.2/110% (current skill level/cap).


By clicking ‘Show/Hide Tracker’ the small skill panel (above) will appear and can be placed anywhere on your screen by dragging the small green ‘S’ in the top right corner to where you like.  The tracker will display your skill either as ‘real’ or ‘modified’ depending on what you have selected and will raise and lower skills as they change. This is ideal when training as it allows you to monitor your skills as you go.  Publish 86 brought the addition to this menu of the total skill points used at the bottom.


To obtain information about the skill press the ”’?”’ next to the icon. A gump opens for the skill as shown below in the ‘Animal Taming’ example. The URL to obtain further information is given at the bottom of the gump.

Last modified: September 30, 2014

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