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Global Chat

Global Chat is accessed by using the Chat Icon from the Menu bar.

When clicking on the Icon a gump opens allowing you to specify which chat channel you would like to enter or leave.

Clicking on any of the four main channels, as show above, will allow you to see ‘chat’ in your journal happening in the channel of your choice.

Clicking on ‘Join/Leave’ will put you in and out of channels.  If you are not in a channel the word ‘none’ will display in the lower part of the gump which specifies what channel you are in.  The channel selection is saved between logins.

Clicking on ‘create’ allows you to create your own channel, a gump will appear when you select this option to name the channel.  The channel name will then appear in the channel list.  There is no way at present to ‘limit’ who may then enter this channel as there are no security settings enabled.  When you ‘leave’ your channel the channel you created will remain until the last person in the channel leaves.  After that the channel will disappear completely.

If you do not want to see the ‘chat’ continuously on your screen, create a new tab specifically for ‘global’ chat and filter using the *custom* setting in the chat filters. For more detail on chat filtering see the section on Tab Specific Chat Commands in the chat journal section of this guide.

You may only speak in one type of chat channel at a time.  If you are in ‘party chat’ and wish to talk in ‘global chat’ then you need to ‘select’ the chat type by typing /c <spacebar>.  Moving between chat types is explained in detail in the Chat Journal section, however as a quick reference typing the following will move you between chat types:

/s <spacebar>  Normal Speech
/p <spacebar>  Party Speech
/g <spacebar>  Guild Speech
/a <spacebar>  Alliance Speech
/c <spacebar>  Global Chat

Last modified: October 17, 2011

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