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By Miss Echo of, Reproduced with Permission.
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menu When opening the main menu from the hotbar you are presented with a number of options.  * Log Out: logs your character out.* Exit Game: logs your character out and closes the client.

* User Settings: allows you to modify your settings such as graphics, input, sounds, options, legacy & filters.  These options are discussed in more detail in ‘User Settings’from the main index.

* Macros: allows you to create, edit and assign keys to macros, using the action functions, equipped items, skills and virtues within macros. The macro function is explained in more detail in the Macro section from the main Index

* Actions: using the action functions in hotbars and macros. The Action functions are explained in more detail in the Action‘ section from the main Index.

* Help: Opens the in game ‘help’ function to request assistance from a game master.

* Bug Report: the in game bug reporting feature.

Publish 86 in September 2014 added the option

* Agent Settings: allows you to employ various agents to help reduce repetative mouse movement activities. The Agent Settings are explained n more detail in the ‘Agent Settings‘ section from the main index

Last modified: October 1, 2014

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