Miscellaneous Desktop Features

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Miscellaneous Desktop Features
By Miss Echo of Spellweave.com, Reproduced with Permission.
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This page is for ‘one’ off items about the EC desktop abilities that don’t fit into any specific category in game play.

Closing Gumps – EC UI gumps for menus, npcs, vendors, chests and containers can be done by clicking the ‘x’ in the corner of the gump or by <right click> anywhere in the title bar (or at the top of the container graphic when legacy art is used). When the gump is a ‘legacy’ solid grey gump then right clicking anywhere will close it.

Taking Screenshots– to take a screen shot while in game, click <print screen>, it will place a screenshot in your My Documents/EA Games/Ultima Online Stygian Abyss folder.  This has been added to the key bindings in User Settings/Input so may be reallocated a hotkey should you not wish to use the default <print screen> key.

Clear Target – pressing the escape <ESC> key will clear the target bar off your screen and remove the targeting ring from around people, npcs, pets and monsters when in MMO targeting.

Toggle Interface – To toggle the interface on and off use <left shift>+A, (<left alt> <left shift>+A Legacy Mode). To change this hotkey go to User Settings/Input, click on Toggle interface and select the new hotkey you want or press <esc> to clear the hotkey.

Circle of Transparency – To toggle the Circle on and off use <left ctrl>+C. This may be changed in User Settings/Input (as above).

Zooming Functions – These are located under Main Menu/User Settings/Input.

KR Defaults: Zoom In: Num Pad: +, Zoom Out: Num Pad: –
Legacy Defaults: Zoom In: Left Alt + Num Pad: + , Zoom Out: Left Alt + Num Pad: –
Reset Zoom: * , (Left Alt * Legacy reset)
If no number pad, try holding the ‘Fn’ Key to obtain the + and – (generally laptops with no number pads and trackballs)

Last modified: October 17, 2011

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