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Creating a Party
By Miss Echo of, Reproduced with Permission.
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You may create a party in a few different ways:

Type /add and target the person you wish to add with the cursor that appears. (does not matter what type of ‘chat mode’ you are in at the time, ie guild or alliance or normal speak mode). ”Easiest by Far!”

Hold the <shift> key and <right click> on the person to obtain the menu (left click in legacy targeting), select ‘add party member’

Left click on the person to put them in the ‘current target bar’ and then right click on the bar to obtain the menu.

Drag the persons bar off them, right click on it to obtain the menu.

Joining a Party

Type /accept to join a party.

Disbanding or Leaving a Party

Is the same as for creating above only type /quit or use the various shift/right click combos and select the appropriate menu option.

Party Bars

Party bars are created as each player joins the party.  These may be dragged wherever you like on the screen.

Each party member bar has a red and green dot to heal or cure them by clicking in the button (assuming you have a spell that does this)

Party Tracking

The radar/world maps will show a small ‘x’ where your party members are located in relation to yourself.

Talking in a Party

Type /p <spacebar><enter> to put yourself into party chat mode. You will remain in this chat mode until such time as you type /s <spacebar><enter> to go back to normal speech.


Last modified: October 17, 2011

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