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Publish 86, September 2014 saw the replacement of this menu with one more resembling a book. See below.



Runebooks are very simple to use in EC.
Double left clicking a runebook in your backpack or single left clicking a runebook in a hotbar will open the above gump.
Clicking on the desired location will highlight it (above Heartwood is selected), placing it’s name and coordinates in the lower part of the gump. You may then select the form of travel, i.e. Recall (charge) if the book has recall scrolls loaded to charge it, Recall (spell) using the mage spell, Gate using the mage spell or Sacred Journey using the Chivalry Spell.
To place a marked rune in a book the book must be closed. (close by clicking the ‘X’ button or right clicking in the Runebook title bar at the top)
To remove a rune from the book select  ‘drop rune’
To Set the title of the book click on  ‘rename book’ and type the name of the book in the text box provided.
To Set a default location (ie a location that when targeting the book with a spell will automatically take you to that location) highlight the location you want and click  ‘set default’


SA, at present, does not allow you to use runebooks with a default set in it’s macro system (i.e. to select recall (gate/sacred journey)/ target book and automatically recall to the default location by assigning it a key or putting it in a hotbar). The best you can do is to set a macro or drag the spell icon (mage or chiv) from a spellbook to a hotbar and set either to target ‘cursor’ and assigning a hotkey if desired.

Runebooks may be dragged to a hotbar for easy access and do not need to be kept in the main backpack. If storing them in a separate bag in your main backpack, you must ‘open’ that bag on log in to ‘refresh’ the books in the hotbar or they may not work when clicked.

If using ‘grid view’ backpacks, the most effective way to manage runebooks is to place each in a hotbar for ‘one click’ access and then put the runebooks at the ‘bottom’ of your grid backpack. When you die, your runebooks remain in the bottom of your backpack and do not jumble up with your other items. It is handy to do this with all ‘blessed’ and insured items you carry regularly.

You may now set the ‘default locations’ in your runebooks and load them into a hotbar. Casting a recall spell and targeting the book with your cursor in the hotbar will  recall you to the default location. To open the book just left click on it once as before.

Last modified: October 2, 2014

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