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The Virtue menu in EC is very user friendly. It is accessed by clicking on Virtues on the Menu bar of your main screen. Mousing over the various virtue icons will show your current level.  Yellow indicates ‘no’ level gained in that virtue, as you gain levels the icons will change color, as shown, the ‘sword’ is blue, and when moused over tells you you are at ‘follower’ level.

By clicking ‘status’ you open a further menu where you may view your current path in any virtue, clicking the gem for ‘Valor’ opens the Valor details and shows that the character is 4/10ths of the way towards Knight level. To learn about the virtue, clicking the lower gem in this gump takes you to a webpage with information on that particular virtue.

There are three levels to each virtue, Seeker, Follower and Knight. At the time of writing not all the virtues are active. At present you may only study the virtues in: Sacrifice, Compassion, Valor, Honor and Justice

To use the virtues open the Main Menu/Actions selections from your main menu bar, scroll to the Virtue section and you may then drag a virtue icon from this panel to either a macro or direct to your hotbar.  Clicking on a virtue in a hotbar will give you a target cursor to use.

Last modified: October 18, 2011

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  1. my virtues and indicates are gary not yellow what dis theis mean and how do i get them to yellow


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