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[News] Loyalty.

May 22, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News, Quest & Event News


I was in Jhelom to arrest more rioters when the captain of the guard came to me to thank me for my work for the town.

He told me if i declared loyalty to Jhelom i would be made citizen of the town.

It seems to me the right thing to do.

He told me if i would help raise funds for the towns treasury i could even rise up in rank in the town.

Going from knight to Baron or even Duke.

I can understand that the towns need gold to rebuild.

I’m just a humble warrior so the rank of Knight of Jhelom would be more then high enough for me.

I will leave it to everyone else how much gold they would like to spend in the towns they are loyal to and trying to protect.

After i thanked the Captain of the guard to make me knight i wanted to travel to Ver Lor Reg to see if Vrall and the citizens moved out of the city.

But when i arrived at the towns steps i was shocked!

What happened!

I could not find a way to get in the town,some black oil blocking the passage to the town.

It was clear that evacuating the citizens came right on time.

But what is going on in there?

Maybe i could get to the town trough the exodus dungeon.

The blocked passage south of the town was removed and i could make it to the dungeon.

Inside things still looked the same.

I did not find anyway back to Ver Lor Reg from inside the dungeon.

One of the exodus minions attacked me.

He quickly fell by my blade.

When searching its corpse i found a strange looking seed.

A seed i never seen before.

I will take it to my friends Scorpio, he have some green thumbs.

There is nothing new or strange to see here except all these nexuses.

Are they the cause of what happened with Ver Lor Reg?

We have to keep a eye on the things that develop here.

When i returned home one of my scouts informed me that The Shirron took refuge in the The Mistas Rigsit inn in Ilshenar

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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[News] The Exodus.

May 21, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News, Quest & Event News

The Exodus.

We received a letter from Queen Zhah:

Dear people,

 I write you this small letter because I need your help.

As you know is Ver Lor Reg under heavy attack. I want to call you all up, to help the gargoyles which live in this place.

We need to make sure that the city is safe enough for our brothers and sisters.

If you want to join my troops, please meet me by the Ter Mur gate.

Kind Regards

 Queen Zhah.

We could not ignore this call for help and we headed to the Ter Mur moongate.

When the Queen arrived we where curious what she had to say.

– “Good evening,

Its nice to see that, so many people want to help our brothers and sisters in Ver Lor Reg!

We can’t accept these horrible things which are going on there!

Tonight we going to clean up Ver Lor Reg from these unholy creatures, to make sure the city is safe again.

You are the hope for our friends in this city!

Let’s show them that the situation is not desperate!

Let’s go in and win!”

The Queen casted a gate and took us to the entrance of the gargoyle city.

When we arrived several of the exodus minions swarmed and attacked us.

They are not that strong but in numbers we had to stay alert.

They came from every side.

We all fought as hard we could ,moving through the streets,killing every minion we came across.

I started to get a bad feeling about this.

No matter how many of them we killed they kept coming.

Everyone did what they could and even Queen Zhah did her part of the fighting.

Weapons,arrows and spells flew around and greater dragon shred them in pieces…but still they kept coming.

I saw desperation in the eyes of the Queen.

“There are to many!” she yelled.

What should we do?

How long could we last against this never ending assault!

“Let’s get to Vrall!” Queen Zhah commanded.

We had to fight our way trough hundreds of exodus minions  to the upper west part of the town where Vrall was.

We made sure everything was safe , so the Queen could talk to Vrall.

– “Hail Vrall”

-“Hail Queen Zhah”

-“Its awful what happens here in your city”

-“Indeed it is my Queen”

-“We are here to make sure that this city is safe again,but there are to many of them!

For each Exodus we kill, there are two new of them!”

-“I know my Queen we fight since weeks against them!”

-“I am sorry to say this, but i have to tell you that i can’t make sure, that this city is safe!”

-“My fears became true¨ *looks sad* “Please help us my Queen!”

-“Of course I will help you!

Herewith i am granting all citizen of Ver Lor Reg asylum in my kingdom!”

-“Thank you beneficent Queen! God Save the Queen!”

-“Its a pleasure for me and my folk to count you part of us!”

-“Thank you my Queen, I will arrange the exodus!”

-“Back to my warriors, I have to say thank you!

In the name of Ver Lor Reg!

Thank you for the help!

Even if we could not win!

At least we made it possible to offer the citizens a safe place to live!

For today we did enough!

We all need to get some rest!

I wish you all a good night.

Bye for now!”

The Queen casted a gate out of the city so we could all go home.

Before i left i looked one last look at the city, and i wondered what will happen to the town when it get abandoned…..

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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[News] Sifting through sand.

May 01, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News, Quest & Event News

Sifting through sand.

We where traveling through the center of Ilshenar when we noticed a strange person at the entrance of the gargoyle city Ver Lor Reg.

It was Skip the provisioner.

“Greetings Traveler! Is it fine provisions you seek?

Then look no further!

For the modest fee of 1000 gold i will provide you with a usable sifting tray!

This sifting tray will no doubt allow you to uncover untold riches in the shifting sands of this desert!

Before you get too excited you should know these sands can be treacherous and sifting should be done with care!

Of most valuable interest are the antiquity fragments settled here from the recent catastrophe that befell the Juka and Meer.

You’d be wise to search only in this area, as it is where most of the debris is concentrated.

Happy Hunting!”

I gave Skip a 1000 gold to get me one of these sifting trays.

My friend Miracles and me started to shake some of the sand with the sifter.

But with disturbing the same some strange creature crawl from under it.

A Desert Scorpion

A Desert Rotworm

A Desert Bloodworm

These creature where not to hard to take care of but the paragon version are always a  bit faster and tougher foe to deal with then there normal cousins.

It took a while when we finally found one of these fragments in the sand.

Pazuzu joined us to look trough the sand.

Many of the sand creature where not happy with us sifting trough the sand.

But we found more of these antiquity pieces.

Some parts seem to fit together with other parts.

As a extra bonus for fighting the paragons i found a new chest.

After some time of finding enough pieces Miracles was be able to construct a complete piece.

And only a little later i was able to do the same.

Pazuzu then discovered a Juka tapestry.

These things looks very familiar.

It reminded me of the heirlooms the grave robbers stole!

Meer Heirlooms

Juka Heirlooms

I wonder if we should return these too to gain more loyalty to the Juka and Meer….

Or Maybe we could keep some of these for our self!?

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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[News] The Rebel Leader.

April 23, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News, Quest & Event News

The Rebel Leader.

Elesil Daelwon wanted to find the guilty party which attacked Britain with the explosive kegs.

She ask for a meeting with us at the counselors hall in Britain.

After she welcomed us all she started her plans for the evening.

“As you have seen with own eyes,do we have considerable problems in this country.

Not only we have strange creatures from another sphere that attacking us…


Also we…

We the inhabitants of Sosarias,destroy everything what is good and right…

The land floats without guidance…

No one nowhere safe…

Now i appeal to you, my courageous ones!

We all must try to maintain right and order!

We have to stop the looting and the destruction,above all in the capital Britain!

Today we will bring the guilty party which has committed the shameful bomb attempts on Britain to the account!

The party which did this is from a town which once was inhabited by peaceful citizens…

In my eyes one of the most peaceful towns of Sosaria…

But now the town became a rebel stronghold…

I speak of Moonglow!

Now we will go,and knock down the riot with iron fist!

No Mercy!

An eye for an eye…

and a tooth for a tooth…”

It was time to move to Moonglow.

Elesil asked us to stay together as a group.

When we arrived at the gates of Moonglow rioters and rebels attacked is from many different sides.

Slowly we moved trough the streets of Moonglow, killing everyone who supporting the rebellion.

Here and there we confiscated several explosion kegs.

At the Moonglow docks we ran into some very heavy resistance of the rebels.

After defeating the rebels at the docks Elesil told us to move our group towards the Beer Garden.

Again we encounter heavy resist from the rebels.

One of them was giving out the orders.

It was clear that he was the leader of the rebellion.

When the leader fell the remaining rebels and rioters fled.

Sheering could been heard all around Moonglow.

Elesil was very pleased with what we have done.

“We quenched the riot!

Sosaria have to be obliged again!

There are still riots all around Sosaria…

The citizens are dissatisfied…

But we have to maintain right and order!

Please…Please…Don’t let Sosaria descend into chaos!”

With some last words Elesil thanked us, and she will call on our help again when she needs it.

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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[News] The Nexus.

April 12, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News, Quest & Event News

The Nexus.

I was walking around Britain when i noticed this strange note on a wall.

When i arrived at the saloon i noticed several people going down to the cellar.

I was curious what was going down there.

When i was down the cellar i saw a strange figure in one of the rooms.

I had to see what he was up too…


– ‘Alloa ‘Alloa ,what ‘ave we ‘ere? Wha’ ken ol’ Slim do fer ya?

– You are Slim?

– Tha’ be ma name, it be. Ya ain’ no bleedin’ guard,are ya?

– I am No Guard!

Good,  Good,… Ya buyin’ or sellin’ then? ‘fraid I ain’looking’ fer much, but got. plen’y

I am Buying.

Now ya talkin’, but talkin’s easy…an’ free. Tell ya wot tho’…listen close, aye?


Ya han’ over some gol’ an’ Ah’ll poin’ ya ta what everyone’s on abou’. Deal?

– It is a Deal.

– Well,lad, it’ll lead ya ta where ya wan’ ta go …but ya got ta pay. *rubs hands together*

*Gives Slim a pouch with 5000 gold coins*

– Grammercy, grammercy…Maps in tha box by tha wall.Ya follow it…

I took one of the maps from the box behind Slim.

It was a map of Ver Lor Reg.

I noticed a red X on the North West corner of the map.

I traveled as fast i could to the town.

The map pointed me to a smith shop.

When i went upstairs i noticed a rope leading into a big hole.

When i climbed down the rope i found myself in Exodus dungeon.

I know i have to be careful in here.

All kind of dangerous creatures dwell this place.

But there where strange devices around i never seen before.

They seemed to be broken.

When i stepped closer one of the exodus minions attacked me.

After i killed it i found a strange mechanical component on his corpse.

I had no idea what it was so i decided to take this with me and let my friend Bochel had a look at it.

He is used to tinker with all kinda things.

In a corner i saw toolkit and a journal from someone named Callie

I started to read the journal and it seems that Callie must have been here for days.


Its been what seems like weeks since I have seen daylight.

I can no longer stand the isolation of this dark place, but my work here is paramount.

If what the fence says is true, there are untold riches to be uncovered from the machines with this mechanical citadel.

 My time has not been without peril, as I dodge attack daily from all manner of mechanical beast.

 I think though, I may have made a breakthrough!

 These bizarre tripods seem to be in a state of disrepair.

 I was able to fashion some tools from the corpse of one of the metallic behemoths.

Luck would have it these instruments allowed me to interact with these strange tripods!

Upon further examination it seems the intricacy of the circuitry varies but the outcome is always the same – when the correct circuit is connected the machine whirs to life and a small card is ejected.

For days I pondered the use of such an item until I discovered a likely recipient for such a thing.

I began feeding cards into the receiver, but to no avail, until without warning, I fed a card into the machine as I’d done previously and it came to life!

What I am to do with the result of such a task is yet unclear, but it would seem…

*the rest of the journal has rotted away*

After reading the journal i went to my friend Bochel to see if he could make me one of these tools.

After some tinkering with the mechanical components he made me a exotic toolkit.

I thanked him and i headed back to the Exodus dungeon.

I used the toolkit on one of the tripods and a circuit board opened.

I seen similar devices in the underworld and i know they can give a shocking experience if you not careful with these boards.

After several attempts it looks like i fixed the Nexus device.

A strange card came out of it.

I tried several more and collected more of these cards.

Near Callie’s journal i saw a another strange device where these card seem to be fit in.

Not much was happening at first but after entering about fifty cards a deed came out.

I was curious what this deed was for.

When i used the deed on the roof a Nexus magically appeared.

Its not something i have seen before and unlike the one in Exodus dungeon this one is in perfect working condition.

But what is it for?

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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[News] Britain Burns!

April 08, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News, Quest & Event News

Britain Burns! 

How is it possible we could not see this coming?

We have been fighting all night in the city against many city rioters.

West-Britain is overrun by them.

The city guards have there hands full on fighting the rioters.

There are just too many!

We tried to defend the town together with the guards.

We are loosing the town…….

I can’t believe they blew it up!

It all started yesterday evening when Elesil wanted to investigate the incidents in Britain.

Britain had raiders just like the other towns but nothing we could not control with arresting them.

But a few days ago some mysterious kegs appeared around West-Britain.

It seems that the kegs where made in Ver Lor Reg, the gargoyle city in the center of Ilshenar.

Elesil was right to go there first to know more about this kegs.

We had no time to loose so she quickly opened a gate to the entrance of the city.

In the city we found a gargoyle named Vral.

Elesil questioned him in a old language about the kegs.

Elesils face turned a bit pale when he told her what happened.

She translated what Vral told her.

It seems the kegs where made to blow up the rocks that where blocking the passages in central Ilshenar.

But the kegs been stolen by humans and they had only evil intention to use them.

But even worse…. they where planning to use the kegs today!

We had no time to loose to head back as fast as we could back to the capital.

But when we arrived hundreds of city rioters where all over the town.

We only had one choice…. fight!

They where everywhere!

Near the bank, in and around the castle,the docks, just everywhere!

We fought as well we could but some parts of town where already burning.

We did what we could to save the town,  then suddenly we heard a heavy explosion.

It came from the north.

We kept fighting towards Lord Blackthorns Castle.

When we arrived we saw what damage the kegs could do.

They blew up the bridge to the castle.

These kegs have a devastating power and there still many around the town.

If they use them they can blow up Britain.

Are we facing another Magincia?

Elesil asked us to keep defending the town while she investigate more whats going on.

As soon she knows more she will call on our help.

In the meantime we defend Britain and warn everyone to avoid West-Britain and all the bridges to East-Britain.

I hope help arrives soon, its going to be a long and bloody night here in town!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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[News] Catastrophe.

March 04, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News, Quest & Event News


Several weeks i ago i heard there been a collapse on the tunnels that leads to Central of Ilshenar.

Today i was told that the passage was cleared to the north of the shrine of Honor.

I was curious on what happened there so i headed to the Gargoyle City.

At first everything was looking normal until i reached the desert.

My eyes caught a blood trail on the ground.

The trail leaded me inside the Gargoyle City and in the medical facility of the town.

I saw a very badly injured Jukan on one of the beds.

A little further in the hospital i saw another Juka standing guard.

I had to ask him what happened and greeted him first:

– Greetings!

– I am Shirron Argahrok, and i greet you with respect and honor, adventurer. I wonder can you help?

– How can i help?

My faithful Waymaster, Harlann, has been severely injured during the catastrophe that befell us.

– Don’t you have people to help yo with the injured ?

With my people scattered, I have nobody to face the dangers necessary for the cure.

– What cure do you need?

– The cure can only be made with certain ingredients… one is found in blood dungeon.

-What do i need from blood dungeon?

There is a creature in its depths known as a purifying blood elemental… its blood is key.

– What do you need from this creature?

– If you can help by bringing a sample of the purified blood from them, I’ll reward you.

– What reward are you talking about?

– I can show you the ways of climbing and give you equipment to scale the mountain.

– What lies behind the mountain?

– I do not know what lies there after the catastrophe… but there must be something left.

– What cause the catastrophe?

– I am unsure its cause , but many of our people died. Our nightmares became reality.

I agreed to help him even if i know that the Juka are not the most friendly race i have encountered in the past.

Blood dungeon is dangerous so i asked my friend Jessica to go down and get the blood sample.

It did not take long for her to find  the purified blood elemental.

After slain the creature with her mighty companion she took the sample.

She return to the hospital and gave me the item.

I gave the sample to Shirron.

– This will aid greatly. As promised seek the famous mountain climber. Tell him the Shirron sent you.

I knew about this mountain climber, I had seen him before at the gypsy camp at the other entrance of the Center of Ilshenar.

I had to go back and take the moongate to shrine of Compassion.

Inside the gypsy camp i saw Carl.

I approached Carl and told him the Shirron sent me.

– Let me know when you are ready to learn. I am sure the Loremasters await an answer.

– What Loremasters?

– I am sure whatever you find over there would be of interest to the Juka and Meer.

– Where is the Juka Loremaster?

The Jukan Loremaster can be found near Mistas.

And where is the Meer Loremaster?

– The Meer Loremaster can be found near Lakeshire.

I heard enough, so i asked Carl if he could show me how to climb the mountain.

With his guidance i reached the other side of the mountain.

I was shocked to see that the Meer catacombs where destroyed and the fortress ones stood there was completely in ruins!

I noticed some strange people hanging around the ruined areas.

Grave robbers!

They where digging and stealing the items that where clearly not from them.

One of them saw me and engaged me with his pickaxe.

I had no choice to defend myself!

I pushed him away with my shield but he kept coming back at me in a very aggressive way.

Its not something i like to do but i had to kill him.

I searched to some of his bags and found some strange items.

They clearly had marks on them of the Jukan and the Meer Race.

I took the items and headed as fast as i could to Lakeshire , the town north west of the shrine of Sacrifice.

The Meer people where friendly and gave me direction to the Loremaster.


– Greetings traveler, these are most uncertain times for the Meer.

– What uncertain times?

– In an instant our people all had the same nightmare … a great war with the Juka.

– What happened at the great war?

Our forest was burned to the ground, many of our brothers and sisters died.

– What forest?

– I had a vision of a forest on the other side of the mountain. Many of our heirlooms were lost.

– I saw grave robbers taking your heirlooms!

– I fear they may be lost forever. Should you find any and return them i shall reward thee.

– I don’t need any rewards. What shall i do when i find more of your heirlooms?

– Place them in the storage chest. Prove your loyalty and you can claim a token of your devotion.

After returning several of the Meer’s Heirlooms they gave me this wonderful Meermage statue.

The Loremaster thanked me and explained to me there different kind of items missing.

-Meer Heirloom Vase

-Meer Bones

-Charred Meer Historical Scroll

-Ruined Meer Tomes

-Meer Urn

-Ancient Meer Eternal Staff

-Meer Tapestry

-Keg Of Meer Ale

-Ancient Meer Armor

-Keg Of Meer Wine

It was time to head to Mistas.

I used the moongate to the shrine of Justice, it was close enough to head in the Juka territory.

I rode as fast i could towards Mistas.

The Juka warriors in the area did not appreciated my present.

I knew there was a inn just west on the bridge that leads in the town of Mistas.

When i was inside i greeted the Juka that was near the bar.


I am the Juka Loremaster and i greet you with respect and honor

– Can i help you Loremaster?

– These are most uncertain times for the Juka.

-Why are there uncertain times for the Juka?

-In an instant our people all had the same nightmare, a great war with the Meer.

-What happened in this great war?

– Our fortress was destroyed, where it once stood is now a crater.

– What happened with the fortress

– There was a great flash and the ground shook.In an instant all our heirlooms were destroyed.

-There are still heirlooms, i found some of them.

-I fear they may be lost forever.Should find any and return them I shall reward thee.

– – I don’t need any rewards. What shall i do when i find more of your heirlooms?

– Place them in the storage chest. Prove your loyalty and you can claim a token of your devotion.

I agreed to keep a eye on more of there lost items.

The Loremaster gave me a good description of their lost items.

-Ruined Jukan Tome

-Jukan Heirloom Vase

-Keg Of Jukan Wine

-Ancient Jukan Armor

-Jukan Urn

-Ancient Jukan Waymaster Bow

-Jukan Tapestry

-Charred Jukan Historical Scroll

-Jukan Bones

-Keg Of Jukan Mead

I know the Juka and the Meer are enemies but i can not choose a side.

For now i am going to try to help them both, i just hope i won’t regret this action in the future.

I have to go back to Central Ilshenar to stop these grave robbers stealing more items and return them to the rightful owners.

The biggest concern on my mind is what happened that cause this catastrophe!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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[News] Rioting!

February 04, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News, Quest & Event News


What looked like a normal day changed fast after i heard my sherry the mouse statue giving me some disturbing news.

I grabbed a fresh piece of bread and rushed to my room for my armor.

Its not the first time our towns been under attack by something.

Undead,Obhidians…. i wonder what its going to be this time!

The statue mentioned several towns so i decided to go to Jhelom.

Jhelom always had a special bond with me.

When i arrived at the bank in Jhelom the Town crier confirmed the attack.

Everything looked normal in the streets until i ran into the Captain of the Guards.

This was more serious then i thought.

It looks like in several towns the citizens have been started to riot against the towns.

And raiders from other towns where attacking Jhelom.

The Captain showed me a box of ropes to arrest the rioters and raiders.

I started to walk around town to see whats going on.

I came across some protesters who where not happy with things in town.

They told me they where very short on gold, food and clothing and that they getting no help from anyone.

I reached in my pockets and gave the protester some gold and the bread i had with me.

He was content with what i gave him and went quietly to his house.

Several more protester where on the streets and i gave them all i could.

These people where still easily calmed but i fear not everyone going to be calmed like this.

When i was almost near the moongate i smelled something burning.

When i stepped closer i noticed a angry man walking around with a torch.

I could only do one thing then to arrest this man.

I quickly took him to the Captain of the Guard.

A soon i gave him to the Captain of the Guard i saw another man with a torch running down the streets into a building.

I have no idea what driving these people to do this but i would not let them burn the town.

I went after the man in the building and arrested him too.

I did all a could to put out the fires and clean up the garbage they where trowing around.

In the middle of Jhelom a banner been placed by the raiders.

They where attacking me from all sides.

Its like the banner is the center of there raiding party.

The raiders put up quit a fight.

But after a while i arrested them all.

I have no idea whats causing this disturbance but its a lot of work to try to maintain order in the town.

If this is going on in every town then we need more help to keep things calm.

I will have to ask friends and family if they can go and see whats going on in the other cities.

And if they can arrest the raiders and rioters in the other towns.

Its not going to be easy to keep the fires under control.

Jessica told me she had a hard time at her pet shop in New Magincia.

She fears for her pets and she told me that if she needs to choose between people and animals, that she will kill all people that comes to hurt her beloved friends.

I have to keep a eye out how things developed.

I hope its not going to get out of hand!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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