[News] Britain Burns!

April 08, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News, Quest & Event News

Britain Burns! 

How is it possible we could not see this coming?

We have been fighting all night in the city against many city rioters.

West-Britain is overrun by them.

The city guards have there hands full on fighting the rioters.

There are just too many!

We tried to defend the town together with the guards.

We are loosing the town…….

I can’t believe they blew it up!

It all started yesterday evening when Elesil wanted to investigate the incidents in Britain.

Britain had raiders just like the other towns but nothing we could not control with arresting them.

But a few days ago some mysterious kegs appeared around West-Britain.

It seems that the kegs where made in Ver Lor Reg, the gargoyle city in the center of Ilshenar.

Elesil was right to go there first to know more about this kegs.

We had no time to loose so she quickly opened a gate to the entrance of the city.

In the city we found a gargoyle named Vral.

Elesil questioned him in a old language about the kegs.

Elesils face turned a bit pale when he told her what happened.

She translated what Vral told her.

It seems the kegs where made to blow up the rocks that where blocking the passages in central Ilshenar.

But the kegs been stolen by humans and they had only evil intention to use them.

But even worse…. they where planning to use the kegs today!

We had no time to loose to head back as fast as we could back to the capital.

But when we arrived hundreds of city rioters where all over the town.

We only had one choice…. fight!

They where everywhere!

Near the bank, in and around the castle,the docks, just everywhere!

We fought as well we could but some parts of town where already burning.

We did what we could to save the town,  then suddenly we heard a heavy explosion.

It came from the north.

We kept fighting towards Lord Blackthorns Castle.

When we arrived we saw what damage the kegs could do.

They blew up the bridge to the castle.

These kegs have a devastating power and there still many around the town.

If they use them they can blow up Britain.

Are we facing another Magincia?

Elesil asked us to keep defending the town while she investigate more whats going on.

As soon she knows more she will call on our help.

In the meantime we defend Britain and warn everyone to avoid West-Britain and all the bridges to East-Britain.

I hope help arrives soon, its going to be a long and bloody night here in town!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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