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Several weeks i ago i heard there been a collapse on the tunnels that leads to Central of Ilshenar.

Today i was told that the passage was cleared to the north of the shrine of Honor.

I was curious on what happened there so i headed to the Gargoyle City.

At first everything was looking normal until i reached the desert.

My eyes caught a blood trail on the ground.

The trail leaded me inside the Gargoyle City and in the medical facility of the town.

I saw a very badly injured Jukan on one of the beds.

A little further in the hospital i saw another Juka standing guard.

I had to ask him what happened and greeted him first:

– Greetings!

– I am Shirron Argahrok, and i greet you with respect and honor, adventurer. I wonder can you help?

– How can i help?

My faithful Waymaster, Harlann, has been severely injured during the catastrophe that befell us.

– Don’t you have people to help yo with the injured ?

With my people scattered, I have nobody to face the dangers necessary for the cure.

– What cure do you need?

– The cure can only be made with certain ingredients… one is found in blood dungeon.

-What do i need from blood dungeon?

There is a creature in its depths known as a purifying blood elemental… its blood is key.

– What do you need from this creature?

– If you can help by bringing a sample of the purified blood from them, I’ll reward you.

– What reward are you talking about?

– I can show you the ways of climbing and give you equipment to scale the mountain.

– What lies behind the mountain?

– I do not know what lies there after the catastrophe… but there must be something left.

– What cause the catastrophe?

– I am unsure its cause , but many of our people died. Our nightmares became reality.

I agreed to help him even if i know that the Juka are not the most friendly race i have encountered in the past.

Blood dungeon is dangerous so i asked my friend Jessica to go down and get the blood sample.

It did not take long for her to find  the purified blood elemental.

After slain the creature with her mighty companion she took the sample.

She return to the hospital and gave me the item.

I gave the sample to Shirron.

– This will aid greatly. As promised seek the famous mountain climber. Tell him the Shirron sent you.

I knew about this mountain climber, I had seen him before at the gypsy camp at the other entrance of the Center of Ilshenar.

I had to go back and take the moongate to shrine of Compassion.

Inside the gypsy camp i saw Carl.

I approached Carl and told him the Shirron sent me.

– Let me know when you are ready to learn. I am sure the Loremasters await an answer.

– What Loremasters?

– I am sure whatever you find over there would be of interest to the Juka and Meer.

– Where is the Juka Loremaster?

The Jukan Loremaster can be found near Mistas.

And where is the Meer Loremaster?

– The Meer Loremaster can be found near Lakeshire.

I heard enough, so i asked Carl if he could show me how to climb the mountain.

With his guidance i reached the other side of the mountain.

I was shocked to see that the Meer catacombs where destroyed and the fortress ones stood there was completely in ruins!

I noticed some strange people hanging around the ruined areas.

Grave robbers!

They where digging and stealing the items that where clearly not from them.

One of them saw me and engaged me with his pickaxe.

I had no choice to defend myself!

I pushed him away with my shield but he kept coming back at me in a very aggressive way.

Its not something i like to do but i had to kill him.

I searched to some of his bags and found some strange items.

They clearly had marks on them of the Jukan and the Meer Race.

I took the items and headed as fast as i could to Lakeshire , the town north west of the shrine of Sacrifice.

The Meer people where friendly and gave me direction to the Loremaster.


– Greetings traveler, these are most uncertain times for the Meer.

– What uncertain times?

– In an instant our people all had the same nightmare … a great war with the Juka.

– What happened at the great war?

Our forest was burned to the ground, many of our brothers and sisters died.

– What forest?

– I had a vision of a forest on the other side of the mountain. Many of our heirlooms were lost.

– I saw grave robbers taking your heirlooms!

– I fear they may be lost forever. Should you find any and return them i shall reward thee.

– I don’t need any rewards. What shall i do when i find more of your heirlooms?

– Place them in the storage chest. Prove your loyalty and you can claim a token of your devotion.

After returning several of the Meer’s Heirlooms they gave me this wonderful Meermage statue.

The Loremaster thanked me and explained to me there different kind of items missing.

-Meer Heirloom Vase

-Meer Bones

-Charred Meer Historical Scroll

-Ruined Meer Tomes

-Meer Urn

-Ancient Meer Eternal Staff

-Meer Tapestry

-Keg Of Meer Ale

-Ancient Meer Armor

-Keg Of Meer Wine

It was time to head to Mistas.

I used the moongate to the shrine of Justice, it was close enough to head in the Juka territory.

I rode as fast i could towards Mistas.

The Juka warriors in the area did not appreciated my present.

I knew there was a inn just west on the bridge that leads in the town of Mistas.

When i was inside i greeted the Juka that was near the bar.


I am the Juka Loremaster and i greet you with respect and honor

– Can i help you Loremaster?

– These are most uncertain times for the Juka.

-Why are there uncertain times for the Juka?

-In an instant our people all had the same nightmare, a great war with the Meer.

-What happened in this great war?

– Our fortress was destroyed, where it once stood is now a crater.

– What happened with the fortress

– There was a great flash and the ground shook.In an instant all our heirlooms were destroyed.

-There are still heirlooms, i found some of them.

-I fear they may be lost forever.Should find any and return them I shall reward thee.

– – I don’t need any rewards. What shall i do when i find more of your heirlooms?

– Place them in the storage chest. Prove your loyalty and you can claim a token of your devotion.

I agreed to keep a eye on more of there lost items.

The Loremaster gave me a good description of their lost items.

-Ruined Jukan Tome

-Jukan Heirloom Vase

-Keg Of Jukan Wine

-Ancient Jukan Armor

-Jukan Urn

-Ancient Jukan Waymaster Bow

-Jukan Tapestry

-Charred Jukan Historical Scroll

-Jukan Bones

-Keg Of Jukan Mead

I know the Juka and the Meer are enemies but i can not choose a side.

For now i am going to try to help them both, i just hope i won’t regret this action in the future.

I have to go back to Central Ilshenar to stop these grave robbers stealing more items and return them to the rightful owners.

The biggest concern on my mind is what happened that cause this catastrophe!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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