Chesapeake’s Newest Player City – Gargouille Shallows!

March 04, 2012 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


   Along the bloodied forests of north Yew, the shard’s newest player run city has emerged. The area surrounding the Yew Moongate in Felucca, long storied and patrolled by the ranks of the Gank Squad has offically opened it’s doors as Gargouille Shallows. I recently met with it’s leader Chie and some of it’s many citizens for a tour of thier newly acclaimed homeland.

   We begin our visit with the newly constructed city banner, a statuesque tribute to the cities gargoyle roots. Brilliantly lit vortexes light the area at night leading to this large fountain like banner marking the territory.


  The cities main establishment lies very nearby as the “GS” Town hall resides right next door. Open to the public and with Gargoyle architectural influence abound, it towers above the area as a beacon in the night in conjunction with the towns banner.


    Gathering the citizenry for pictures at the banner, we began to chat about the towns history, the Gank Squad’s journies here at the Yew Gate, and the reaction to the area becoming a player run city. The players involved are all gate veterans with years of duty served guarding the area of murderous players. The squad is famous or maybe even infamous for thier defense of this area with reds holding no quarter in the surrounding area. With action almost every night, you can find a squaddie holding it down most times of the day.

   The city plays home to many diverse guilds and alliances. The founders of the city were the guilds of Gank Squad ($GS$)and Quixotic Zealots (QZ), the formation of a city guild itself named after the city has also been created (GS). The close proximity to the realms usually most active pvp area, has the city aligned with the Council of Mages at current, battling the likes of the recent TB zerg as well as the nearby Shadowlords based in the Yew Crypts. I even got a custom death robe by the evil one herself Lady Mesanna during the final stages of construction!

  Published and open for public view is the towns history, found in the glacial tomb along the banners steps. it reads as such:

 “Being from the royal city of Tel Mur and living a refugees life was not good. Many of us were packed into the camps with really no place to call home. We knew it was time to leave and search for a place to call home. The trail would be hard but in the end a place to call home was worth the struggles. We started out as a group of lost gargoyles, befriending a few humans and elves along the way. Passing through many regions we found a long abandoned town Duir of Yew. Starting to make a home there we found out why it was abandoned so long ago. There are many groups of evil factions which take pleasure in raiding and killing all who stand in thier way. it is our home now and we will not leave it for any reason. We have traveled long and endured many obstacles to find a place we called home. Now it is time to stand and fight for our new home.

   And so ended our visit to Chesapeake’s newest player town. I left with a newfound understanding of the of the area and a great outlook on what could be one of the busiest player towns in the realm. I inquired to those in attendance what message did they hope my visit would share with the realm as they commenced this new journey, in true yew gate fashion, they responded with a hearty ” No Reds Allowed!”  Godspeed to Gargouille Shallows and welcome to the realm of player run towns!



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