MOA is Very Green in March

March 04, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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This past thursday I attended the oldest of player run events on Great Lakes, the MOA Auction.

It had been many weeks since I last attended this event and yet again the plot design has been redone. The interior was green for the season….St Patrick’s Day of course.  Not only is the place decked out in green and real gold they are hosting an ongoing St. Patricks Event.

The auction house was full of activity with many of the shards more familar faces such as Tiggermcat, Hannah, Princess Amara, Lord Xevei, Lady FiFi LaForge, Galen, Celes, Snippa, Ghost, Willa of Yew-Wood and the lovely Lady Silverbrook in the crowd.  Several Assisant Royal Spy Masters were in the house and many guilds were represented including GOF, -Y-, CREW, GTO, ENVY, DC*, TM*, G-V, H^I, B*L,  and FCB.

This thursday evening event as usual was full of trivia, gold give-aways and great items on the auction block including many forms of rubble, armour, weapons, high end footwear, virtue tiles, cloaks, power scrools, EM event items, a flaming bud and much much more. Gates are  provided before and during this event each week from major banks and always from the Luna bank. MOA really has started 2012 out on a grand note.

Rubble bed parts on the auction block



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