[News] Loyalty.

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I was in Jhelom to arrest more rioters when the captain of the guard came to me to thank me for my work for the town.

He told me if i declared loyalty to Jhelom i would be made citizen of the town.

It seems to me the right thing to do.

He told me if i would help raise funds for the towns treasury i could even rise up in rank in the town.

Going from knight to Baron or even Duke.

I can understand that the towns need gold to rebuild.

I’m just a humble warrior so the rank of Knight of Jhelom would be more then high enough for me.

I will leave it to everyone else how much gold they would like to spend in the towns they are loyal to and trying to protect.

After i thanked the Captain of the guard to make me knight i wanted to travel to Ver Lor Reg to see if Vrall and the citizens moved out of the city.

But when i arrived at the towns steps i was shocked!

What happened!

I could not find a way to get in the town,some black oil blocking the passage to the town.

It was clear that evacuating the citizens came right on time.

But what is going on in there?

Maybe i could get to the town trough the exodus dungeon.

The blocked passage south of the town was removed and i could make it to the dungeon.

Inside things still looked the same.

I did not find anyway back to Ver Lor Reg from inside the dungeon.

One of the exodus minions attacked me.

He quickly fell by my blade.

When searching its corpse i found a strange looking seed.

A seed i never seen before.

I will take it to my friends Scorpio, he have some green thumbs.

There is nothing new or strange to see here except all these nexuses.

Are they the cause of what happened with Ver Lor Reg?

We have to keep a eye on the things that develop here.

When i returned home one of my scouts informed me that The Shirron took refuge in the The Mistas Rigsit inn in Ilshenar

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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