Publish 76.0 Comes to All Shards – 05/22

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Publish 76.0 Comes to All Shards – 05/22

Tim Chappell

21 May 2012 16:55:03 EST


We will push Publish 76.0 to all shards during the next early morning maintenance cycle on May 22. In preparation for the publish, the map files in Ver Lor Reg will be out of sync until then.

For your reading pleasure, here are the completed notes:

Publish 76.0.0


Global Arc – The Awakening
  • The Awakening – Act VI Quest added
    • This quest will be active during Act VI of “The Awakening” beginning July of 2012 and will end August 12th, 2012. The NPC will tell you how much time is remaining each time you turn an item in on your specific shard.
    • During this Quest players will assist in concocting alchemical preparations. The alchemy skill is not required, but does provide a slight benefit.
    • The Alchemical Preparations are concocted by completing a puzzle that requires various combinations of specific ingredients.
    • The ingredients will always be the same, but the quantity required will change with each iteration of the puzzle.
    • Players will be able to complete the puzzle as many times as they wish, and are encouraged to try and procure as many preparations as possible.
    • The more preparations that are turned in, the higher the ranking when rewards are distributed.
    • There are four rewards available in both human gargoyle versions where applicable. The type of reward you receive is based on the race of the player who turns in the preparations.
      • Tier 1 – Sash recognizing your achievement
      • Tier 2 – Asclepius
        • When equipped during a complete healing cycle, the staff will provide a 20% bonus to damage healed using bandages.
      • Tier 3 – Hygieia’s Amulet
        • When equipped Hygieia’s Amulet gives a 15% bonus to Alchemy.
      • Tier 4 – Bracers of Alchemical Devastation
        • Occupy the Sleeve Armor slot
        • Hit Fireball 40% damage based on Wrestling or Anatomy & Evaluating Intelligence
        • Mana Regeneration 5
        • Faster Cast Recovery 3
        • Physical Resist 15%
        • Fire Resist 10%
        • Cold Resist 10%
        • Poison Resist 10%
        • Energy Resist 10%
    • It is possible to get all four rewards if you are among the top contributors during the event and any combination thereof (Tier 3, 2, and 1, or Tier 2 and 1, or Tier 1 only).
    • It is also possible to not receive anything if your contributions are not on par with the distribution of other contributors.
  • More details will be available from an NPC and through fiction posted on the Herald when this portion of “The Awakening” goes live.
Gardening System
  • Vanilla has been added to the Gardening System.
  • Vanilla seeds can be found on Exodus mobs inside Exodus Dungeon.
  • Vanilla plants will produce vanilla and additional vanilla seeds.
  • Vanilla plants cannot be cross pollinated with other plants.
  • It is possible to get mutant colored vanilla plants using conventional gardening techniques.
Covetous Dungeon Revamp
  • Level One – Still a great place to farm feathers but added a few surprises.
  • Level Two – Contains the Void Pool
    • Covetous Level 2 represents a new style of PvM for Ultima Online. Instead of farming monsters for treasure, the players’ task is to defend the Void Pool from Cora’s minions. Cora will invade the dungeon with endless waves of monsters. Each wave is tougher than the last. The monsters do not drop loot, and instead players score points for making kills or assisting in making kills.
  • Level Three – Cora and her Minions
    • When she was denied advanced knowledge of mana by the Codex of Infinite Wisdom, the sorceress Cora became enraged. In her pique, she poured all of her enormous energy into a magical spell and focused it onto the Codex. Despite the sheer power of the Codex, she wrested a few pages from its binding.
    • The magical blast also bored a hole through the Void between Places, anchored by a section of stone from the Codex’s podium. Cora and the pages from the Codex were pushed through the hole in space.
    • The far end of the hole erupted into the middle of Dungeon Covetous. Injured, and with her own ability to channel mana damaged, Cora retreated deeper into the dungeon. Over time, she recovered, and now sends minions enhanced by magic to attempt to capture more pages of knowledge from within the Void Pool.
    • Use of travel spells near the Void Pool in Covetous is impossible because of the twist in space, so Cora must gate her minions into the dungeon from a distance.
  • Void Pool Points
    • Once you have gained enough void pool points visit Vela the Sorceress in Cove.
New Artifacts found in Covetous
  • Prismatic Lenses
    • Hit Point Regeneration: 2
    • Stamina Regeneration: 3
    • Damage Increase: 25%
    • Poison Resist: 17%
    • Physical Resist: 18 %
    • Cold Resist: 7 %
    • Energy Resist: 6 %
    • Fire resist 4 %
    • HLD 30%
  • Hephaestus
    • Self repair 5
    • Reflect Physical 15%
    • Defense Chance Increase 15%
    • Lower Mana Cost 8%
    • Physical Resist 15%
    • Fire Resist 1%
    • Faster Casting 2
    • Spell Channeling
    • Parry 10
  • Bracelet of Protection
    • Hit Point Increase 5
    • Hit Point Regeneration 10
    • Defense Chance Increase 5%
    • Random Damage Eater 15%
  • Blight of the Tundra
    • Stamina Regeneration 10
    • Damage Increase 50%
    • Cold Damage 100%
    • Cold Resist 15%
    • Swing Speed Increase 45%
    • HCI 15%
    • Str Increase 5
    • Random Slayer
  • Bright blade
    • Hit Stamina Leech 100%
    • Stamina regeneration 3
    • Damage Increase 50%
    • Swing Speed Increase 40
    • Faster casting 1
    • Fire Damage 100%
    • HCI 10%
    • Splintering 20%
Decay Point Change
  • Factions, Virtue, and City Loyality points will not decay if you log in daily anytime after maintenance.
  • Except to the rule is faction points will decay if they are over a hundred regardless if you log in or not.
Pirates and Merchants in Tokuno
  • We have added Pirates and Merchant ships to Tokuno waters.

Bug Fixes

  • Certain peculiar seeds will no longer be unidentified when removing them from a seed box.
  • The Alchemist in Ter Mur should now sell glass blowing tools.
  • The crystal portal will take the speaker to the Ilshenar Gypsy Bank when the words “Ilshenar Mint” are spoken.
  • Hail Storm can no longer be cast thru walls.
  • Hail Storm will now have diminishing returns like the other area effect spells in the game.
  • All Bard Mastery Party abilities are now subject to a beneficial action check.
  • The Crystal Lotus question has been fixed.
  • Display cases can now be dyed with the furniture dye tub when in deed form.
  • Plant pigments that are the same hue will automatically stack in your backpack.
  • The 10th Anniversary Sculpture can now be turned with the deco tool without any issues.
  • Faction points that were not scaled correctly have been addressed.
  • Fixed the issue with Health Bars disappearing.
  • Players will no longer be able to summon harbingers on Test Center.
  • Void Pool will provide additional information such as how much longer till the spawn starts and what wave you are on.
  • Castle Ladders should be functioning correctly.
  • The visible chest behind the damaged Tokuno ship has been fixed.
  • The Shirron has been moved to The Mistas Rigsit in Ilshenar.
  • Reduced the soul charge cool down time to 15 seconds.

Classic Client 7.0.25


Classic Client Patcher Update
  • Cliloc Changes
  • Due to patch system changes, this specific patch will require an extend time frame to download. Please note this is will make patching for lower connection speeds easier in the future.

Enhanced Client 4.0.25

  • Cliloc Changes

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