[News] The Rebel Leader.

April 23, 2012 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News, Quest & Event News

The Rebel Leader.

Elesil Daelwon wanted to find the guilty party which attacked Britain with the explosive kegs.

She ask for a meeting with us at the counselors hall in Britain.

After she welcomed us all she started her plans for the evening.

“As you have seen with own eyes,do we have considerable problems in this country.

Not only we have strange creatures from another sphere that attacking us…


Also we…

We the inhabitants of Sosarias,destroy everything what is good and right…

The land floats without guidance…

No one nowhere safe…

Now i appeal to you, my courageous ones!

We all must try to maintain right and order!

We have to stop the looting and the destruction,above all in the capital Britain!

Today we will bring the guilty party which has committed the shameful bomb attempts on Britain to the account!

The party which did this is from a town which once was inhabited by peaceful citizens…

In my eyes one of the most peaceful towns of Sosaria…

But now the town became a rebel stronghold…

I speak of Moonglow!

Now we will go,and knock down the riot with iron fist!

No Mercy!

An eye for an eye…

and a tooth for a tooth…”

It was time to move to Moonglow.

Elesil asked us to stay together as a group.

When we arrived at the gates of Moonglow rioters and rebels attacked is from many different sides.

Slowly we moved trough the streets of Moonglow, killing everyone who supporting the rebellion.

Here and there we confiscated several explosion kegs.

At the Moonglow docks we ran into some very heavy resistance of the rebels.

After defeating the rebels at the docks Elesil told us to move our group towards the Beer Garden.

Again we encounter heavy resist from the rebels.

One of them was giving out the orders.

It was clear that he was the leader of the rebellion.

When the leader fell the remaining rebels and rioters fled.

Sheering could been heard all around Moonglow.

Elesil was very pleased with what we have done.

“We quenched the riot!

Sosaria have to be obliged again!

There are still riots all around Sosaria…

The citizens are dissatisfied…

But we have to maintain right and order!

Please…Please…Don’t let Sosaria descend into chaos!”

With some last words Elesil thanked us, and she will call on our help again when she needs it.

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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