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The Nexus.

I was walking around Britain when i noticed this strange note on a wall.

When i arrived at the saloon i noticed several people going down to the cellar.

I was curious what was going down there.

When i was down the cellar i saw a strange figure in one of the rooms.

I had to see what he was up too…


– ‘Alloa ‘Alloa ,what ‘ave we ‘ere? Wha’ ken ol’ Slim do fer ya?

– You are Slim?

– Tha’ be ma name, it be. Ya ain’ no bleedin’ guard,are ya?

– I am No Guard!

Good,  Good,… Ya buyin’ or sellin’ then? ‘fraid I ain’looking’ fer much, but got. plen’y

I am Buying.

Now ya talkin’, but talkin’s easy…an’ free. Tell ya wot tho’…listen close, aye?


Ya han’ over some gol’ an’ Ah’ll poin’ ya ta what everyone’s on abou’. Deal?

– It is a Deal.

– Well,lad, it’ll lead ya ta where ya wan’ ta go …but ya got ta pay. *rubs hands together*

*Gives Slim a pouch with 5000 gold coins*

– Grammercy, grammercy…Maps in tha box by tha wall.Ya follow it…

I took one of the maps from the box behind Slim.

It was a map of Ver Lor Reg.

I noticed a red X on the North West corner of the map.

I traveled as fast i could to the town.

The map pointed me to a smith shop.

When i went upstairs i noticed a rope leading into a big hole.

When i climbed down the rope i found myself in Exodus dungeon.

I know i have to be careful in here.

All kind of dangerous creatures dwell this place.

But there where strange devices around i never seen before.

They seemed to be broken.

When i stepped closer one of the exodus minions attacked me.

After i killed it i found a strange mechanical component on his corpse.

I had no idea what it was so i decided to take this with me and let my friend Bochel had a look at it.

He is used to tinker with all kinda things.

In a corner i saw toolkit and a journal from someone named Callie

I started to read the journal and it seems that Callie must have been here for days.


Its been what seems like weeks since I have seen daylight.

I can no longer stand the isolation of this dark place, but my work here is paramount.

If what the fence says is true, there are untold riches to be uncovered from the machines with this mechanical citadel.

 My time has not been without peril, as I dodge attack daily from all manner of mechanical beast.

 I think though, I may have made a breakthrough!

 These bizarre tripods seem to be in a state of disrepair.

 I was able to fashion some tools from the corpse of one of the metallic behemoths.

Luck would have it these instruments allowed me to interact with these strange tripods!

Upon further examination it seems the intricacy of the circuitry varies but the outcome is always the same – when the correct circuit is connected the machine whirs to life and a small card is ejected.

For days I pondered the use of such an item until I discovered a likely recipient for such a thing.

I began feeding cards into the receiver, but to no avail, until without warning, I fed a card into the machine as I’d done previously and it came to life!

What I am to do with the result of such a task is yet unclear, but it would seem…

*the rest of the journal has rotted away*

After reading the journal i went to my friend Bochel to see if he could make me one of these tools.

After some tinkering with the mechanical components he made me a exotic toolkit.

I thanked him and i headed back to the Exodus dungeon.

I used the toolkit on one of the tripods and a circuit board opened.

I seen similar devices in the underworld and i know they can give a shocking experience if you not careful with these boards.

After several attempts it looks like i fixed the Nexus device.

A strange card came out of it.

I tried several more and collected more of these cards.

Near Callie’s journal i saw a another strange device where these card seem to be fit in.

Not much was happening at first but after entering about fifty cards a deed came out.

I was curious what this deed was for.

When i used the deed on the roof a Nexus magically appeared.

Its not something i have seen before and unlike the one in Exodus dungeon this one is in perfect working condition.

But what is it for?

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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