[News] Strange New Activity in Exodus

April 13, 2012 By: Tertius Wands Category: Chesapeake News

With the recent troubles that have been plaguing many of the Cities of Britania it was only a matter of time before the guards lost control and whole areas being lost and looted.  This happened recently in the Capital of Britain when rioters took over looted, heavily damaged and blocked off the castle in the North of Britain that used to belong to Lord Blackthorn.  The Castle being closed off is probably for the best right now as its going to take some time before the guards get control of the cities once again.  The looting on the other hand is quiet a different matter.  All the objects that Lord Blackthron had collection were scattered to the wind possibly lost forever due to the lack of action by the guards.

In an effort to try and find where these items may have gotten too I sent out feelers’ throughout the streets ofBritain.  I got my first lead from a former thief that I knew inEast Britainwho told me to see what was going on in the Salty Dog that might help me get to the bottom of it.  After a fine meal and a nice bit of drinking I still could not figure out what was going on in the clean and well run tavern.  So as I had another ale I started thinking what could my friend have meant by the “get to the bottom of it”.  As I sat and pondered I realized that one of the few unique features of the Salty Dog was that unlike most of the buildings inBritainit had a basement.  I snuck down into the basement storeroom and behind a door I found a fence that offered me a map to the location where things from the castle had been taken.

I quickly studied the map as it looked like it would fall apart at any minute and noticed that it looked like theNorth Westarea of the Gargoyle City of Ver Lor Reg.  I quickly found a crystal portal to rapidly get to the city and found in the second floor of a weapon smiths shop a rope that descended down into Exodus.


Down there was some damage and a mostly rotted journal amid a pile of bones.  It spoke of punch cards and being able to repair something called nexus’s using tool fashioned from the gears of the horrific machine minions that inhabit that dark and evil place.  There were many adventures running around to the tripod mechanical nexus’s repairing them and then depositing punch cards in the system.  I took a look at trying to repair the circuit and after a series of nasty shocks I must have repaired it as it came whirring to life and with a “bee bop beep” spit a punch card out at me.  While I admit to the fun of solving any puzzle there are many dark and disturbing trends to fixing the vile machinery that exists in Exodus.  Who knows what we are unleashing on ourselves by repairing it.  As for now fair readers it seems we have yet another question to the one about finding out where the castles treasures went and that is what is going on in Exodus.

 An image of an broken Nexus

Repairing the circuits of a Nexus

Watching the Nexus spring back into repair


 A fully repaired Nexus

Photos courtesy of Emma Silvermane

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