[EM NEWS] Biologist Called in to deal with Critters!

April 14, 2012 By: Bryelle Vaughn Category: Baja News

“Well that looks a little odd.” Tilting her head to the side, Cecilie stared at the mix of sand, scales and tail less than 20 feet away. Of course coming from the Bright Blue haired woman, odd was saying a lot. In truth what she was staring at was a Sea Serpent. Only, it wasn’t in the sea, it was slithering across the Magincia Sand. “No wonder they needed a specialist.”

The appointment had been set for Britain. The serpents weren’t in Britain, but literature was. Britannians were very big on learning and talking about something without ever having to actually *do* something  about it. This made it perfect for those who were willing to do something, to come there to discuss it.

With her dark hair and curious eyes, Bonnie greeted Cecilie. Extending her hand with a simultaneous head bob, the two exchanged introductions.

“Times have been hard you know.”  Cecilie listened, pulling out her quill and parchment as the biologist continued. “What is the one place food is readily available?” She paused then glancing at Cecilie. “The Sea!”

Scribbling furiously Cecilie tried to catch the words as they came out with a mix of haste and enthusiasm. If, one could be enthusiastic about a dire situation.

“We keep fishing and fishing and fishing.” She didn’t butt in, but the fact that Magincian’s had been regularly trolling the surrounding waters dredging up creatures for months now was at the forefront of her mind.

“Now with the Kraken being hunted.”

“The Kraken eat Serpents. So we have an abundance of them. And the balance is out of whack. They have no fish to eat, and no one to eat *them* so there’s only one other place for the over population of Serpents to find food. Land.

That information was still sinking in the studious woman announced that she was headed back to Magincia to study further.


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