EM Falcon’s Meet and Greet on August 31st

August 29, 2014 By: Kariny Category: Lake Superior News

Come one, come all to a sit down visit with EM Falcon.

Meeting will start approximately at 7:30 PM CST on August 31st.

Bring your questions and ideas regarding EM events, contests, and storylines.

EM Hall is located next to the bridge leading to Castle Blackthorn.

EM Hall

Battle Chicken Lizard Fights! August 29 7:30 CST

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Are your battle chicken lizards ready?  The new arena is.  Meet up at the EM hall in Britian @7:30pm CST.  This is a Felucca event. Don’t bring anything you can’t live without.  I have a hitching post there so feel free to put your chickens in the stables and get them there or bring them with you.  I will be gating us to a closed location.

Fights will be paired up and we will also do a survival/betting round.

Come and join us!!

Dart results for August 24- Congratulations Lady Leeda

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Lady Leeda scored the winning score of 46 in Mongbat Darts.

After Mongbat darts we had a session of Aphid darts.


Congratulations to Taeara Mi’aken with the winning throw of a


Of course others took their turns as well.




EM Falcon’s cleaning day

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Our EM Falcon decided to play cowboy and round up all of Larry’s

friends, acquaintances, and RBG Blind Justice Squad with player





EM Falcon first tried a Crimson Dragon with no luck. The Platinum Dragon didn’t

even phase the RBG Paladin.


In the end EM Falcon de-moated the RBG paladin for now.


Later on in Yew players were called upon to round up Larry’s party



While waiting for EM Falcon to work on an issue players devised their own corral.

They found the Yew Governor’s office worked as an excellent holding pen.





RBG and Larry’s animals will be hopefully be more under control. There are still

more out there to clean up. A great effort was made today by many players and EM

Falcon to capture as many as possible.


Darts at the reward hall darts/archery arena. 7:30pm CST August 24, 2014

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Darts tonight at the reward hall darts/archery arena.  7:30pm CST

Bring a friend or send a friend if you can’t make it.

Contestants are asked to supply their own daggers and drink.

You can use the teleport tile at either Mesanna’s Welcome

Wagon house behind the Skara Community Center

mesanna's house

There is also a rune to the Rewards Hall located outside the Britain

Councilors Hall next to Castle Blackthorn

EM Councilor Hall

Vaeg pays a visit to Britain (Screenshots)

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wbb10 wbb9 wbb12 vaeg2 vaeg5

Disciple of Vaeg New Outpost

August 21, 2014 By: Kariny Category: Lake Superior News

Thanks to Lady Devil Hanzo for the tip on her discovery this morning.


Located just a short run north of the Britain Moongate you will come across a

gruesome site. 

I am saddened to report one of our own Royal Guards has been captured and

sacrificed by the Disciples of Vaeg. Apparently it was a sacrifice to a crystal

they are chanting spells around.

Royal Guards please use extreme caution and be aware of your surroundings. 

Our fallen comrade will be avenged!

Disciples of Vaeg Camp

Disciples of Vaeg Camp.
I am saddened to report one of our own Royal Guard has been murdered. An apparent sacrifice to a crystal.

Disciples of Vaeg Camp

Our fallen comrade will be avenged!


Lady Devil Hanzo, Lord Armageddon, and I conducted a patrol that led us to

a Moonglow mage shop.

Disciples of Vaeg are no longer content to just ignore the Royal Guard patrols.

They now are fixated on recruiting disciples and insulting the intelligence of the

Royal Guard.

Moonglow Mage Shop

Disciples of Vaeg are now intent on recruiting new disciples

From there we followed clues in the journals to the Mage Tower.

We are uncertain if a Disciple at the Mage Tower was reported previously.

The bloody pentagram and Disciple of Vaeg on the second floor may be a

recent development.

What plan does Vaeg have for the Mage Tower? The Royal Guard must hunt down

Vaeg before his plans come to fruition.

Mage Tower

Be on alert! Add the Mage Tower to your patrol list Royal Guards.
There is a Disciple of Vaeg now in residence at the Mage Tower.


Expect Vaeg attacks across the towns – August 22 (More to come)

August 20, 2014 By: Kariny Category: Lake Superior News

Citizens of Britannia be on alert for the evil sorcerer Vaeg and his disciples.

Intelligence believes Vaeg is planning to attack soon. Please be aware of your

surroundings as you travel.


The Royal Guard and Sargent Major are asking for your assistance in tracking down

Vaeg and his disciples.


All reports can be made in book form and dropped in the Guard Headquarters

Mailbox. Access to the Headquarters is via the suit of armor outside Castle British.



Royal Guard Promotions and Training

August 19, 2014 By: Kariny Category: Lake Superior News

The Royal Guard assembled in the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn to receive

promotions and training tonight.

Presented with promotions are as follows-

Private Lady Rayna

Corporal Lady Dreamy

Lance Corporal Lady Water Sprite

Corporal Kariny Stormsong

New uniforms were distributed to the Royal Guard.

The Healer Corps are to wear white cloaks on the battle field and for dress uniform.

The Sargent Major stated that Vaeg has been sighted in towns all over. More

Disciples of Vaeg have been reported in various towns as well.

The Disciples of Vaeg need to be located and Vaeg hunted down. Royal Guards are

asked to perform patrols inside cities and across the countryside. All reports are

to be dropped in the Royal Guard Headquarters mailbox. The suit of armor outside

Castle British will take you to the HQ.

Sargent Major then led the Royal Guard on a mini Void Pool raining exercise

outside headquarters.


Kings Meeting Minutes Thursday August, 14th, 2014

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Kingsmeeting2Kings Meeting Minutes Thursday August, 14th, 2014

Location – Meeting room in Castle Blackthorn

Members present

King Blackthorn

Governor Ryno Reno of Yew

Governor Sky Captain of Skara Brae

Governor Methos of Moonglow

Governor Leeda of  Trinsic

Governor A.J. Jameson of Minoc

Governor Lord Elwood of New Magincia

Members not present

Governor Dreamy of Britain

Governor of Jhelom

Governor of Vesper


Governor Ryno Reno of Yew reported a few citizens have received nibbles from

Larry’s friends. An offer was made to Governor Methos of Moonglow of a few of

Larry’s friends for the Moonglow Zoo.

Governor Ryno expressed his dismay of Yew not offering a dock for citizens.


Governor Sky Captain of Skara Brae reported the Royal Architects have completed

the new Governors Office. You may now visit the new office located next to the

Skara Brae Community Center.

He was disappointed to report in order to build the new office the Skara Brae

Hopscotch court had to be removed.


Governor Methos of Moonglow is looking into naval races between cities at the end

of the month. He expressed his dismay over the zoo collection and lack of

residents on the island. There are several ideal vacation spots available to those

looking for a quiet home.


Governor Leeda of Trinsic reported the crystal at the Trinsic Bank was still normal.

She had investigated the changes of the Britain crystal and the Disciple of Vaeg.


Governor A.J. Jameson of Minoc reported the rebuilding of Minoc was slowly

progressing after the invasion of spiders.


Governor Lord Elwood of New Magincia reported the guard stationed at the crystal

in New Magincia had been killed in action by Vaeg’s minions last night. The crystal

is normal now but requested another guard be sent.


The Governor Dreamy of Britain sent a note of the BOE/COO Blackthorn’s Dungeon

event on Saturday August, 16th, 8PM EST. They will be fighting Captains and their

forces all night or until fighter forces dwindle.


Lastly King Blackthorn reported on the completion of the Royal Guard

Headquarters and the Royal Guard Crafters completing armor for the battle against


King Blackthorn will place guards at the crystal in Britain and for the Disciple of


Any odd or strange happenings are to be reported to the Royal Guard

Headquarters immediately. Please be on the alert for Vaeg and his minions across

the land.

King Blackthorn adjourned the meeting.