Disciple of Vaeg New Outpost

August 21, 2014 By: Kariny Category: Lake Superior News

Thanks to Lady Devil Hanzo for the tip on her discovery this morning.


Located just a short run north of the Britain Moongate you will come across a

gruesome site. 

I am saddened to report one of our own Royal Guards has been captured and

sacrificed by the Disciples of Vaeg. Apparently it was a sacrifice to a crystal

they are chanting spells around.

Royal Guards please use extreme caution and be aware of your surroundings. 

Our fallen comrade will be avenged!

Disciples of Vaeg Camp

Disciples of Vaeg Camp.
I am saddened to report one of our own Royal Guard has been murdered. An apparent sacrifice to a crystal.

Disciples of Vaeg Camp

Our fallen comrade will be avenged!


Lady Devil Hanzo, Lord Armageddon, and I conducted a patrol that led us to

a Moonglow mage shop.

Disciples of Vaeg are no longer content to just ignore the Royal Guard patrols.

They now are fixated on recruiting disciples and insulting the intelligence of the

Royal Guard.

Moonglow Mage Shop

Disciples of Vaeg are now intent on recruiting new disciples

From there we followed clues in the journals to the Mage Tower.

We are uncertain if a Disciple at the Mage Tower was reported previously.

The bloody pentagram and Disciple of Vaeg on the second floor may be a

recent development.

What plan does Vaeg have for the Mage Tower? The Royal Guard must hunt down

Vaeg before his plans come to fruition.

Mage Tower

Be on alert! Add the Mage Tower to your patrol list Royal Guards.
There is a Disciple of Vaeg now in residence at the Mage Tower.


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