Royal Guard Promotions and Training

August 19, 2014 By: Kariny Category: Lake Superior News

The Royal Guard assembled in the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn to receive

promotions and training tonight.

Presented with promotions are as follows-

Private Lady Rayna

Corporal Lady Dreamy

Lance Corporal Lady Water Sprite

Corporal Kariny Stormsong

New uniforms were distributed to the Royal Guard.

The Healer Corps are to wear white cloaks on the battle field and for dress uniform.

The Sargent Major stated that Vaeg has been sighted in towns all over. More

Disciples of Vaeg have been reported in various towns as well.

The Disciples of Vaeg need to be located and Vaeg hunted down. Royal Guards are

asked to perform patrols inside cities and across the countryside. All reports are

to be dropped in the Royal Guard Headquarters mailbox. The suit of armor outside

Castle British will take you to the HQ.

Sargent Major then led the Royal Guard on a mini Void Pool raining exercise

outside headquarters.


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