King Announces New Policy At Council Meeting

August 18, 2014 By: Katrina Hawkins Category: Catskills News

At the council meeting last night, the King introduced a new proposal to deal with governor’s that fail to appear for meetings. The three governors in attendance agreed that it was not unreasonable to expect attendance for at least one out of every three meetings. As a result, the King ruled that effective immediately any governor that fails to show up for three consecutive meetings will be removed from office. Replacements will be picked by the King either through audiences, or assigned to the other candidate in cities that were contested.  

Just before the meeting adjourned, Governor Thom of Trinsic discussed citizenship with the assembled council. He stated that people were confused as to the benefits of citizenship in a city. He claims most people mistakenly think that as a citizen of one city you are only subject to being dealt with by officials in your city. “We are all citizens of the same Kingdom,” said Thom. When questioned by Wild as to how he would handle a citizen of Trinsic being arrested in Britain, the governor responded that he would expect Britain to handle it as the laws should be respected by all. The King agreed with the statement and responded that “the idea behind establishing elected officials was not to create autonomous city-states.”

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