Kings Meeting Minutes Thursday August, 14th, 2014

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Kingsmeeting2Kings Meeting Minutes Thursday August, 14th, 2014

Location – Meeting room in Castle Blackthorn

Members present

King Blackthorn

Governor Ryno Reno of Yew

Governor Sky Captain of Skara Brae

Governor Methos of Moonglow

Governor Leeda of  Trinsic

Governor A.J. Jameson of Minoc

Governor Lord Elwood of New Magincia

Members not present

Governor Dreamy of Britain

Governor of Jhelom

Governor of Vesper


Governor Ryno Reno of Yew reported a few citizens have received nibbles from

Larry’s friends. An offer was made to Governor Methos of Moonglow of a few of

Larry’s friends for the Moonglow Zoo.

Governor Ryno expressed his dismay of Yew not offering a dock for citizens.


Governor Sky Captain of Skara Brae reported the Royal Architects have completed

the new Governors Office. You may now visit the new office located next to the

Skara Brae Community Center.

He was disappointed to report in order to build the new office the Skara Brae

Hopscotch court had to be removed.


Governor Methos of Moonglow is looking into naval races between cities at the end

of the month. He expressed his dismay over the zoo collection and lack of

residents on the island. There are several ideal vacation spots available to those

looking for a quiet home.


Governor Leeda of Trinsic reported the crystal at the Trinsic Bank was still normal.

She had investigated the changes of the Britain crystal and the Disciple of Vaeg.


Governor A.J. Jameson of Minoc reported the rebuilding of Minoc was slowly

progressing after the invasion of spiders.


Governor Lord Elwood of New Magincia reported the guard stationed at the crystal

in New Magincia had been killed in action by Vaeg’s minions last night. The crystal

is normal now but requested another guard be sent.


The Governor Dreamy of Britain sent a note of the BOE/COO Blackthorn’s Dungeon

event on Saturday August, 16th, 8PM EST. They will be fighting Captains and their

forces all night or until fighter forces dwindle.


Lastly King Blackthorn reported on the completion of the Royal Guard

Headquarters and the Royal Guard Crafters completing armor for the battle against


King Blackthorn will place guards at the crystal in Britain and for the Disciple of


Any odd or strange happenings are to be reported to the Royal Guard

Headquarters immediately. Please be on the alert for Vaeg and his minions across

the land.

King Blackthorn adjourned the meeting.

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