King’s Audience

August 15, 2014 By: Katrina Hawkins Category: Catskills News

The recent audiences with the King seemed to primarily focus on the circumstances of a young woman found in the Spiritwood forest by one of the Purple Guardians of Honor. Senator Katherine Belle Elle of the Guardians gave a detailed statement describing how she found and tried to help the woman only for two members of the nobility in Britain to arrive at that exact spot through magical means and attempt to take the woman. The Senator claimed to have stepped aside eventually for fear of doing more harm to the distressed woman then whatever the nobles had planned. The named nobles, Merida and Armand of Britain, provided statements to the King but were unfortunately not available during the audience.

When asked to speak on the matter, Corinna of the Rangers of Spiritwood brought a concern to the King about Royal Britannian Guards acting outside their jurisdiction without informing other units. She also expressed concern over the fact that Umbra and Britain share the same leadership, claiming that there was little distinction between the two cities.

The King has stated that he will arrange a time to speak to the young woman in question in order to clear up the conflicting reports on this matter. Also brought before the King was a request for a blood and healing supply drive to benefit the Guards, a possible connection between a prisoner of the Rangers and the thieves that Investigator Thorpe is investigating, and plans for the new Guard structure to include a unit made strictly of healers.

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