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Better Homes & Castles : Designing and Decorating

Curtains made from bolts of cloth and black staves.  (From Sphyr’s Pod)
A scary bear mask. Something for your haunted house, perhaps?  (Submitted by Guildenstern)
C_ovengrill.jpg (30890 bytes) The large forge doesn’t work very well in fireplaces, but in this kitchen it is effectively used to create an oven/grill, large enough to serve a household.  (From the Clan of Crimson Ivory guildhall)
D_Well3.jpg (3677 bytes) A wishing well. (From the Clan of Crimson Ivory guildhall)

Waylander has written instructions on how to build one.

D_GMstatue.jpg (3732 bytes) In case you require some more in-game support: your own personal GM.  (From the Dawn museum of Dreams)

Vengence has been kind enough to share the secret of building a GM.

D_toilet.jpg (4791 bytes) A good use for the small space next to the tower stairs: a privy!  (From the Clan of Crimson Ivory guildhall)
bank.jpg (5033 bytes) “When i upgraded to a small tower I found that the space next to and under the stairs can’t really be used. So when I rearranged my bottom floor, I moved the cash pile i had under the stairs on the middle floor. I don’t know how I thought about it but i eventually made this depositry”.   Designed by Kane
monster1.jpg (2719 bytes) A funny little critter.  (From the UO Cafeteria Winter Deco contest)
grimreaper.gif (16290 bytes) It’s the Grim Reaper!  (From the Skull Keep of Tekkannon, UO Cafeteria Winter Deco contest)
cage1.gif (23091 bytes) A cage made from quarterstaves, leather gorgets and bonnets.  (From the Skull Keep of Tekkannon, UO Cafeteria Winter Deco contest)
fireplace.jpg (13483 bytes) A very unusual fireplace!  This type of decoration is still evolving, and getting better all the time.  This good-looking one is by Boromir (from the Stratics forum)
vndor1.jpg (11524 bytes) vndor2.jpg (6161 bytes) This is how a shop should look!  These vendors clearly show what they are selling, and the layout and furnishings makes this shop very lifelike.   (From Starry Nights)
puppets1.jpg (8436 bytes)

puppets2.jpg (7892 bytes)

More puppets from the UO Cafeteria
guillo.jpg (23475 bytes) A guillotine!  The original inventor seems to be Columbus of Balhae; the blueprints came from a very dusty corner of Feenicks’ hard disk.  This particular one I did myself…

Large wooden bowl, Wooden bench, 27 Torches, Head / Orc mask,
2 Wooden boxes, a Saw, a Jointing plane, 2 Moulding planes,
1 board

The left upright and basket:

Place a box, put 1 torch and the wooden bowl in the box
Smash the box, light the torch, lock the torch and bowl down

Stack 2 torches on top of the first, light them and lock
them down

Place a box on top of the stack, place the head/orc mask
and a torch inside
Smash the box, light the torch, lock the torch & head

Stack 11 torches on top of the pile, light them and & lock
Place moulding plane & jointing plane, lock them down

Right upright
Stack 8 torches, light them & lock them down
Place the saw on top of the stack
Place 4 torches, light them and lock them down
Place moulding plane and a board, lock them down

Place the bench in front & lock down.

Lighting and locking a stack of torches is easiest if you
work from bottom to top.

fireplace1.jpg (9343 bytes) A fireplace and mantle.   Also note the two lounge chairs (Better homes and Magery)
depot_telescope.jpg (35475 bytes) The telescope is created with

  • 1 Comm crystal base
  • 2 Lanterns
  • 2 Utensils
  • 1 Mortar
  • 1 Land Survey tool

an option is to use a regular spyglass

(from the Depot)

fish_l1.jpg (17770 bytes) The biggest fish tank yet…  (from the UO Cafeteria)
D_puppets.jpg (15276 bytes) Statues holding lanterns! (the Fellowship)
D_pedestal1.jpg (3848 bytes) A pedestal (the Fallen temple of the Damned)

D_tank1.jpg (10603 bytes)

Fish tanks!  The sandy bottom can be made by raising cloth dyed yellow, in the same stack as the fish.  (Syndicate Arms)

D_Tub1.jpg (2711 bytes)

A tub o’ gold (Will’s Villa)

C_well1.jpg (8877 bytes)

A wishing well!  (Morlock’s Lab)

D_hitching1.jpg (10755 bytes)

A hitching post for horses (Bayview Tavern)
D_barrels1.jpg (13005 bytes) Placing a few water barrels outside will liven up the look of your house.  (Raz’s humble abode)

D_tank2.jpg (13176 bytes)

Another fish tank (the Jungle Tiger Inn)
D_santa1.jpg (4488 bytes) Santa! A tip: you can place a bartender “under” Santa by standing on him and then use the Bartender deed. Set the bartender title to “blank” and make him say some seasons greetings!  (Oceane’s tower)
F_pond1.jpg (10086 bytes) This pond with flowers takes up just a small corner of your porch, but adds a lot of charm.  (Oceane’s Villa)
A_grapes.jpg (3068 bytes) A tub with grapes for winemaking at home.   (the Qi of life)
D_tiles.jpg (18267 bytes) A tiled floor  (BAM Tower of darkness)
D_well2.jpg (11383 bytes) Another water well.  (Lucinity)
Gaikotu1.jpg (8735 bytes) A scarecrow to keep the birds off your porch!   (by Miss Chie, from Wolffang’s page)
D_clothes.jpg (10195 bytes) Every now and then you have to do the laundry!  Here are some clothes on a line drying off.  (By Mr. Kagerou, from Wolffang’s page)

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