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This stone table has been out in the elements for a bit, and is covered with moss.  (Submitted by Kelly)
C_Bedcanopy.jpg (10102 bytes) A canopied bed.  (From the Space Between)
C_couch3.jpg (21566 bytes) A full-size couch.  Made from benches and (folded) cloth.  By putting benches inside the couch, you will be able to actually sit on them.  (From the Kat House)
C_couch4.jpg (7897 bytes) A chaise-longue.  Made from benches and (folded) cloth.  I’m not sure if that guy knows how to sit on one of these!.  (From the Kat House)
seats1.jpg (9638 bytes) Another comfy-looking couch.   The colors, together with the plant, torch and painting, liven up the grim look of this tower.  (From Witchblade & St Ex Tower)
D_Piano.jpg (3074 bytes)    piano2.jpg (5768 bytes) A piano!  Hard to believe, but there it is. (from Wolffang’s page).   Read the instructions on how to build one.

C_shelves1.jpg (9004 bytes)

Chests with shelves.  A good idea is to put items on the shelves to indicate the contents of the chests.  (Mondain’s Tomb)

C_table1.jpg (3837 bytes)    C_table2.jpg (2235 bytes)

Small tables made from a music stand and a barrel lid / globe and a round shield.  A nice variation if you need something more elegant than the regular tables (Will’s Villa)

C_scrolls1.jpg (10568 bytes)

A cupboard with scrolls.  (Morlock’s Lab)
C_workbench.jpg (12733 bytes) A workbench with shelves for storage, complete with lighting.  (the Stepping Stone)
C_bed1.jpg (14856 bytes) If the regular bed is not big or soft enough for you!  (Oceane’s tower)
C_bed2.jpg (11629 bytes) Another bed.  (Oceane’s Villa)
C_couch1.jpg (8106 bytes) These look a lot better to sit on than the regular hard chairs!  (Oceane’s Villa)
C_shelves2.jpg (13899 bytes) If you have limited space, these shelves are a good idea.  (Eric’s Workshop)
C_table.jpg (28500 bytes) A checkered table.  (BAM Tower of darkness)
C_shelves3.jpg (6908 bytes) A cupboard with scrolls.  (Maxim’s workplace)

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