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These are some of my favorite decoration ideas, taken from the houses on this site or from elsewhere.  They are organized by categories; links to Famous Houses are provided. 


A Hyacinth. Jewels has sent the instructions for these beautiful flowers:
– a bowl of lettuce
– on top of that, 2 nightshades
– then an onion
– white eggs
– blue eggs
– and finally 3 grapes on top of one another.
  (From the Cozy Cabin)
A_tree.jpg (31173 bytes) If you really want a tree in you house, well, you can have one :)  (From the UO Cafeteria)
A_plant.jpg (3216 bytes) A potted plant (from Harmony Halls)
table.jpg (18506 bytes) An arrangement of flowers livens up this long dinner table.  (from the Fishermen’s Roost)
Xtree.gif (22341 bytes)    xtree2.jpg (2743 bytes) Well, Christmas is over but here are two holiday trees nevertheless.  (Both from the UO Cafeteria Winter Deco contest)
plantp1.jpg (1784 bytes) A flower made from pumpkinks and nightshade(Umineko-ya)
A_flower8.jpg (2947 bytes) Another DIY flower (the Jungle Tiger Inn)
A_garland2.jpg (35528 bytes) These flowers are a good way to soften the somewhat grim tower roof (see the Jungle Tiger Inn to appreciate the full effect)

A_flower1.jpg (2893 bytes)

10 points of you can tell me what flowers are these!  They look nice though… (Bayview Tavern)

A_hedge1.jpg (7977 bytes)

Nightshade, lanterns and quarter staves make up this hedge.  (House of Whacks)
A_flower2.jpg (1818 bytes) Add a whispering rose to a potted plant for this effect (the Drunken Bard saloon)
A_dried1.jpg (10832 bytes) Strings of dried flowers and herbs.  (the Secret Shop)
A_balcony1.jpg (16895 bytes) A garland of roses on the balcony railing.   (Springbank)
A_flower3.jpg (5665 bytes) Roses!  Stack nightshade and dyed balls of yarn, and use a pitcher, keg or bowl as a vase.  (Springbank)
A_bonzai1.jpg (2342 bytes) A Bonzai tree, made from dyed cotton and mandrake  (Oceane’s tower)
A_flower4.jpg (2401 bytes) Interesting collage of flowers  (Oceane’s Villa)
A_flowers5.jpg (1923 bytes) The simplest flower yet: a pitcher and two nightshade.  (Vic’s country house)
A_flower6a.jpg (2503 bytes)   A_flower6b.jpg (2217 bytes) Small flowers amde from a bottle and dyed cotton.  (Temple of the Thirty)
A_flower7.jpg (2519 bytes) Another simple but interesting flower.   (Lucinity)
A_fruit1.jpg (1979 bytes) A very good homemade fruit bowl)   (Magic inc, from Wolffang’s page.
A_fruit2.jpg (2190 bytes) And another fruit bowl for those who hate camping the Yew hut like me.  (from Wolffang’s page)
Blueberry.jpg (10409 bytes) A blueberry bush made from a potted plant and some black pearl.  (from Wolffang’s page)

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