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A lamp with lampshade made from dyed wool and a heating stand.   (From Kit & Ska’s mine of Demonic Intent)
A tall standing candelabra, made from two tall candles and a regular candelabra.   (From the Cozy Cabin)
A nice garden lamp.  (From Elsa’s Tower)
B_doorlight.jpg (2827 bytes) A lantern inside this flower makes a pleasant arrangement for places where you want some light as well as a bit of color.  (From ZARK)
B_flowerlamp.jpg (1772 bytes)     B_flowerlamp2.jpg (2303 bytes) Add a bit of nightshade on top of a hanging lantern.  (From ZARK).  Tip: You can hang a christmas bell under the lamp as well (As Lady Rune demonstrates here)
candlestand1.jpg (3963 bytes) Lanterns and heating stands combined into a new lighting fixture.   This one looks good hanging on a wall as well. (Skara Brae Wares)

B_light1.jpg (4908 bytes)

Lighting fixture done with two round shields and a lantern (Syndicate Arms)

B_hanglant2.jpg (5210 bytes)       B_hanglant1.jpg (2882 bytes) Two types of hanging lanterns (Pendragehn)
B_stringlights.jpg (23250 bytes) A bit of an anachronism but funny nevertheless: string lights!

Last modified: March 26, 2011

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