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Chess, anyone?. (Submitted by Lady Mia)
Granite, cloth, nightshade and other items make a pretty little rock pool.  (Submitted by Kelly)
A good-looking fountain. (Submitted by Ali Gonzales)
E_waterfall.jpg (31213 bytes) An impressive waterfall.  This one requires object stacks higher than 17 items, a trick that has many other uses, besides the one shown here.  Kiral has experimented with this and written up some notes of his findings.
E_waterbalc.jpg (32147 bytes) A novel use for the new polar bear trophy.  (from the UO Cafeteria)
E_entrance.jpg (34152 bytes) The entrance to this villa is overgrown with plants.  Also note the pretty lanterns and bells hanging from the balcony.  (From Lucinity)
D_archery.jpg (6792 bytes) This simple yet thoughtful addition to a 2-story villa helps to set it apart from its neighbours.  Tip: That particular corner of the villa is considered to be “inside” the house, so you can lock items down.  (From Chris’ Villa)
E_temple.jpg (37506 bytes) A rooftop temple made from stacks of ceramic bowls, pillows and benches (from the Clan of Crimson Ivory guildhall)
E_shooting.jpg (19995 bytes) A shooting gallery (from the Coastal Getaway)
garden1.jpg (13951 bytes) A nice indoor garden and pond.  (from the Emeralde Palace)
Roof2.gif (34441 bytes) Unfolded bedrolls make an effective canopy roof.  If the color is right for you, it’ll look better than dyed cloth.  (From the UO Cafeteria Winter Deco contest)
garden_2.jpg (25010 bytes) This astonishing roof garden is proof that you do not need rares to make a cracking interior (or in this case, exterior.  From Emerald spire to the Moon)
canopy1a.jpg (19512 bytes) canopy1b.jpg (15848 bytes) A nice addition to the sandstone patio, since it can get very hot on that flat roof!  This will offer a nice shady place to enjoy an afternoon wine.  (Design by Eltair)

Here are instructions on how to make this

maquette1.jpg (14201 bytes) If you’re into models and maquettes…  (See the full image on Goldie’s Castle)
GreenPlant13.jpg (17325 bytes) A nice arch and border of flowers (from the UO cafetaria)
D_Fountain.jpg (22059 bytes) A pond with two fountains (Destinee’s Jewel)
rabbitfarm.jpg (25935 bytes) Something for easter perhaps? (from the UO cafetaria)
E_tableflowers.jpg (15976 bytes) An unusual table arrangement with flowers.   Very suitable for inns and taverns (from the UO cafetaria)
F_porch1.jpg (23491 bytes) A very good way to improve the usual, boring tower entrance (Syndicate Arms)
E_treasure1.jpg (46697 bytes) A treasure room (LFE Tower)
F_treasure2.jpg (35352 bytes) Another treasure room (the Jungle Tiger Inn)
F_roofgarden1.jpg (60222 bytes) This roof garden looks like a nice and quiet place, with soothing music provided by Fred!  (the Jungle Tiger Inn)
F_barracks1.jpg (49424 bytes) Barracks (Clan Buchanan HQ)
F_tub2.jpg (30947 bytes) A hot tub.  Note the flowers and towel (Jafar’s rune library)
F_cooking1.jpg (25198 bytes) This cooking area makes good use of the small corner upstairs in the two-story villa.  (the Secret Shop)
F_kitchen2.jpg (31548 bytes) Another kitchen.  Note the two candles and the pot-au-feu in the oven.  (Ivy’s Home)
F_pond2.jpg (56771 bytes) An excellent place to relax!  (Kreis von Freundin)
F_vineyard.jpg (40917 bytes) This incredible vineyard made from grapes and quarter staves shows what is possible with some imagination and some simple things!   (Zin’s pub, from Wolffang’s page)
F_artclass.jpg (17434 bytes) Art class: painting a still life    (from the house Kasumi-Tei by mr. Monster, see Wolffang’s page)
Those leftover granite rocks can be used for landscaping, as shown here. (Submitted by Goldrush)
F_meeting1.jpg (93958 bytes) An effective meeting place!  This will seat a good amount of people, and communication crystals make sure everyone can hear what is being said.  (LFE Tower)
F_roofpool.jpg (69274 bytes) This pool is the best use for a villa roof I have seen so far!  Oceane shows her skill and attention to detail, such as the blankets, the towels, bottles of lotion, tray of drinks, and the lights.  (Oceane’s Villa)
F_common1.jpg (67408 bytes) A good layout for a common room.  Nice use of the colors and available space.  (Castle of the Sea Serpent)

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