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Vesper Market Night

May 01, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News



Vesper escorted April into the wings with a Market Gathering on Wednesday evening.



Many fine wares were available at extremely good prices..

The market place bustled as things like Bags of Sending, Repair Deeds, and 120 Scrolls were sold.

A most enjoyable way to spend the last day of April!

Thanks go out to Governor General and K^S  for hosting the event.




(Player Event) Cinco de Mayo Block Party & Hunt

April 23, 2014 By: Lady Pandora de Romanus of Catskills Category: Catskills News, Children Of Darkness



All players, all styles, are welcomed to join the Block Party! Come dressed in your best more colorful outfit and sample the goodies that the Romanus Family will be cooking up — recipes from Earth, like Tacos and Nachos and Salsa! After which those with formidable characters on Catskills will enjoy a hunt down in Bedlam. Of course you need to ensure you have this quest done as well: —> <— But for anyone that just wants to join in the fun, stop on by for a good time.

For those of you on Facebook:

See you guys there!

Trinsic Market Enjoys Spring Weather

April 20, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News

 The Trinsic Market enjoyed a lovely spring evening on Saturday for

its monthly gathering.  The market is located close to the docks and

shopping is accompanied by the sounds of surf and seagulls as visitors browse.

Many fine wares were displayed for sale, and the food vendors were set up and

hawking their creations..    The quiche vendor in particular was a favorite

of this reporter!





The market is held monthly and anyone wishing to set up a booth or just

peddle some wares,  are encouraged to contact Trinsic Governor Thom.



Meeting of the Minds

April 18, 2014 By: Capt. Kalmar Erikkson, RBGu Category: Catskills News, Royal Britannia Guard (Cats)

Posted on behalf of Det. Robert Stadler:

ordershield_smLast night the RBG regiments came together at the capital to figure out our next move in regards to the missing merchant ship, the USS Odyssey.  Lord Arthur Morais is a noble of the capital city thus the Crown is very interested in his safe return to the King’s court… when and if he’s found … as well as the safety of the citizens that are at the Lord’s employ that hail from various cities throughout the Kingdom.  Understanding that our efforts have been focused on finding our missing monarch, we cannot ignore the safety of our citizens.  Our King would not want that.  So we must press on to search for the Odyssey and its crew.

uss-odysseyThe USS Odyssey is a large, class A Britannian Ship that carries a crew of 14, plus its Captain, Lord Arthur Morais.  It flies the Britannia Standard for all registered, thus protected, merchant ships that operate in the Kingdom’s seas. The crew list is as follows:

» Capt. Lord Arthur Morais, Baron of Britain
» First Lt. Ralph Downer of Trinsic
» Chief Engineer Hugh Jendryng of Skara Brae
» Chief Stewart Lady Gilda Bennett of Trinsic 
» Second Mate Andrew Taylor of Britain
» Third Mate Thomas Morley of Minoc
» Able Seaman Peter Jackmann of Trinsic
» Able Seaman Arthur Howard of Skara Brae
» Sealady Susan Goode of Jhelom
» Deckman Alan Roberts of Jhelom
» Decklady Martha Cole of Britain
» Second Engineer Lewis Goode of Jhelom
» Third Engineer Morys Rede of Umbra
» Steward Oliver Obelyn of Umbra
» Chief Cook Joanna Malyns of Trinsic

corgul-pirate-bannerWe have a good lead from a small artisanal fisher boat that saw a large ship with a bunch of what looked like prisoners shackled leaving the scene of a scuttle.  They managed to change course and stay undetected and hurried home to Trinsic.  From their descriptions, the large pirate ship flew a flag that is awfully similar to the soulbound pirates that make up the crew of Corgul’s forces.  Corgul’s army is vast and strong, a very recognizable standard for most sea dwellers; one they try to avoid at all costs.  But a ship the size of the Odyssey would have issue to escape from the grasp of one of Corgul’s monster-sized pirate ships.

The fishermen went straight to the city of Britain to report what they saw, as Britain houses the headquarters for merchant trade. Lt. John Anderson took their names and statements.  The men were sent home to their home land in Trinsic and told to dry dock until further notice. Their crew list is as follows:

» Master Giles Isley, Boat Operator
» Fisher Esmour Mauntell, Net Operator
» Fisher Thomas Isley, Net Operator
» Fisher Philip Bradshawe, Keeper & Handler

It was agreed between the brothers and sisters in arms in attendance that a full crew list would be provided to all regiments, and that a search for the location of the mysterious island that Corgul calls home should start with the locals of each city.  Corgul has a reputation and I am sure many of the locals, especially those that make a living off the sea, would be able to give us clues to their whereabouts.   Meanwhile, the reward for 25,000 crowns to anyone that has information is sure to help folks be inclined to be… well… more helpful.  Meanwhile Lt. John Anderson of the RBG of Britain will ensure the families are kept informed of our progress to find their loved ones.

*sighs*  So much to do, so little time.  With this and the Xanthus issue, and now our missing King… we at the RBG have our hands full.


A Letter to the Regiments…

April 16, 2014 By: Capt. Kalmar Erikkson, RBGu Category: Catskills News, Royal Britannia Guard (Cats)


Cautionary Advisement Notice

April 13, 2014 By: Capt. Kalmar Erikkson, RBGu Category: Catskills News, Royal Britannia Guard (Cats)

Assassin Tried in Olympus

April 12, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News


The trial of Xanthus Razele commenced Friday evening at Castle Olympus.

He is accused of many charges including murder,  kidnapping, and slavery.

People had gathered in small groups outside the Castle shortly before the trial..  the tone for the evening seemed solemn and people were seen talking in hushed voices.

As the bell tolled the hour everyone filed into the courtroom and were seated..

It was noted that Governor Thom, Emperor [PGoH] and Lady Piper, Empress [PGoH] had attended and were watching over the proceedings.


   As per Trinsic and Olympus law..  the accused was judged by a tribunal consisting of  

Emeritus Kodoz [PGoH],   Keeper Corrina [R+S],  and Sir Cedric [PGoH].

Much testimony was heard from Xanthus in which he claimed that,  while guilty of his crimes,  he committed them under extreme compulsion.

Testimony was heard from the accused that laid out a complicated and sometimes sordid plot by a person called Mirko, said to be from Skara Brae.

After some cross examination and testimony by the Tribunal and other esteemed citizens,   the Honored Judges retired from the chamber to discuss the case amongst themselves.

After the Tribunal returned to the courtroom, The accused had his chained loosened and was allowed to stand to hear the decision.



The judgement of the Tribunal was that should the tale laid out by Xanthus be sooth,  he would indeed,  be at least not wholly responsible  for the crimes committed.

  They ruled that at least for the time being, Xanthus was to be returned to his cell while a search for Mirko could be launched.

If, after a fortnight no progress has been made in the search, the Tribunal will reconvene to address the case.

Xanthus had no comment as he was led back to his cell.



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Skaran Faire

April 08, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News

The Skaran Faire  was held Tuesday evening in beautiful Skara Brae.

Hosting the event was The Spiritwood Rangers  and Lady Ouija,  Governor of Skara Brae.

It was a cool evening in the lovely town…  the loamy smell of freshly turned earth and budding trees filled the air as guests mingled and  partook of the fine foods and drinks available.

The warm glow of the lamps lent a festive air to the gathering.




As the participants of the Seed contest submitted their entries for verification..  the archers gathered on the east side

of the Community Center where buttes had been set up.  Many of the lands most esteemed bowman were present… and much cheering was heard from the gathering of spectators as they watched the archers begin the contest.



The match got heated  during the first few rounds when  Lil Ernie,  Legolas, and Tobias Cardont all shot identical

scores and had to shoot a tiebreaker.

After some truly glorious shooting Legolas [UP] immerged as the victor… with Scarst [G^T] taking the runner up prize.

Truly some marvelous bowmanship on both parts!


After the awarding of the archery prizes by Gillian Wilkins [R+S],   the winner of the Seed Contest was announced…

Adrian Monk [LSM] took the prize with a score of 414!


And then…  after much eating and drinking…  the winner of the Potluck cookoff was announced..

Tserim Arryth absolutely wowed the judges with a fabulous doughnut recipe!

Tserim then scored a double by taking the Story Telling award as well.. Great Job!



After the competitions,  people mingled, drank,  and gossiped…

A notable visitor to the affair was the strange little imp that is said to be somehow involved in the Crowns search

for  the Artifacts and possibly the abduction of The King.




He recited a little poem for the gathered folk…. that went as follows:


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Relvinian Hath said,
To an early grave your king flew

But don’t be sad!
For he, you may recover
Bring the Artifacts of the Pentad
And a grim fate he may not suffer

Sadly, my work is incomplete
A story yet to be finished.
Uncertain is the fate you will meet.
When CHAOS will not diminish.


Much speculation was heard the rest of the evening as people discussed his cryptic words.

All in all it was a wonderful gathering and the next event hosted in this woodland town is eagerly anticipated!

Thank you Governor Ouija, and The Spiritwood Rangers for a wonderful evening!






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Operation Safe Waters a Success!

March 31, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News

The Royal Britannian Guard hosted a voyage into the southern seas last night as part of Operation Safe Seas.

Captain Kalmar Erikkson (RBGu)  provided the use of a fine ship, bristling with cannon and other pirate hunting supplies.

Along with Piloteer Detective Robert Stadler (RBGu), they met members of the Guard at South Jhelom docks on Sunday evening.

The seas were a little choppy that night but a fair wind was blowing and visibility was clear.

The voyage started off kind of rough as Lady Belle set her cannon off prematurely,  destroying a section of the docks.


After Lady Belle received a stern tongue lashing from Det. Stadler, the voyage commenced.

With the excellent guidance of Piloteer Stadler the mighty ship fairly flew through the waves, every timber vibrating in eagerness to find and engage

the pirates scourging the southern seas.


The stalwart group did not have to search long.. immediately upon entering the shipping lanes,  a pirate was spotted.


The evil fiends fought desperately, knowing no quarter would be given by the Guard. They were no match

for the determination of those sworn to protect the land however..  all soon were slain.

The ill gotten loot they had collected was confiscated by the Guard and the ships burned to the waterline.

The brave peacekeepers sailed on to repeat this scene several times that evening, then voyaged to the Floating Isle to turn in

the heads of the pirates and receive their bounties.


Citizens of Britannia can sleep better tonight knowing the seas are a bit safer now!





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Missing Woman Found..King Lost!

March 31, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News


   Ex-Commander of the Guard Olivia Kanlocke went missing some time ago,  shortly after being seen battling a demon, possibly summoned by the Undead Sorcerer,  Relvinian.

She is being sought for questioning by The Crown in regards to the investigation into The Pentad of Power and the five Artifacts connected to it.

At the request of The Crown, Detective Thorpe unleashed his investigators in a search across the land to smell out the whereabouts of Olivia Kanlocke.

After a search that stretched across all of the land, Olivia was located hiding out in Yew near the Empath Abby..    however she refused to return until she could speak to Sir Andrew.  Upon being notified of this, Sir Andrew sent his Investigators back to Olivia with a guarantee of safe passage.

After much persuasion   Olivia agreed to help in the search for the fifth artifact..  she led the group of Investigators to the Vault area for a brief visit then to Minoc where a group of Enslaved Demons were laying siege to the town in an attempt to capture the fifth artifact.

A furious battle ensued as Olivia and the Investigators fought to repel the attackers and protect the town.


   As the battle drew to an end,  it was noticed that Olivia had once again disappeared. Desperately the group searched the area looking for her….  but her body was not found.  Suddenly a Scout appeared with a message from Sir Andrew to return immediately to Castle Blackthorn.

 Upon their return the group of Investigators were informed that during the fight in Minoc,  King Blackthorn had been abducted by Relvinian from the very confines of the Royal abode!

It seems obvious now that the assault on Minoc was merely a feint while Relvinian pursued his true objective…   penetrating the Castle proper and making off with the King.


In light of these recent events, visitors to Castle Blackthorn should expect increased security measures.



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