Skaran Faire

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The Skaran Faire  was held Tuesday evening in beautiful Skara Brae.

Hosting the event was The Spiritwood Rangers  and Lady Ouija,  Governor of Skara Brae.

It was a cool evening in the lovely town…  the loamy smell of freshly turned earth and budding trees filled the air as guests mingled and  partook of the fine foods and drinks available.

The warm glow of the lamps lent a festive air to the gathering.




As the participants of the Seed contest submitted their entries for verification..  the archers gathered on the east side

of the Community Center where buttes had been set up.  Many of the lands most esteemed bowman were present… and much cheering was heard from the gathering of spectators as they watched the archers begin the contest.



The match got heated  during the first few rounds when  Lil Ernie,  Legolas, and Tobias Cardont all shot identical

scores and had to shoot a tiebreaker.

After some truly glorious shooting Legolas [UP] immerged as the victor… with Scarst [G^T] taking the runner up prize.

Truly some marvelous bowmanship on both parts!


After the awarding of the archery prizes by Gillian Wilkins [R+S],   the winner of the Seed Contest was announced…

Adrian Monk [LSM] took the prize with a score of 414!


And then…  after much eating and drinking…  the winner of the Potluck cookoff was announced..

Tserim Arryth absolutely wowed the judges with a fabulous doughnut recipe!

Tserim then scored a double by taking the Story Telling award as well.. Great Job!



After the competitions,  people mingled, drank,  and gossiped…

A notable visitor to the affair was the strange little imp that is said to be somehow involved in the Crowns search

for  the Artifacts and possibly the abduction of The King.




He recited a little poem for the gathered folk…. that went as follows:


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Relvinian Hath said,
To an early grave your king flew

But don’t be sad!
For he, you may recover
Bring the Artifacts of the Pentad
And a grim fate he may not suffer

Sadly, my work is incomplete
A story yet to be finished.
Uncertain is the fate you will meet.
When CHAOS will not diminish.


Much speculation was heard the rest of the evening as people discussed his cryptic words.

All in all it was a wonderful gathering and the next event hosted in this woodland town is eagerly anticipated!

Thank you Governor Ouija, and The Spiritwood Rangers for a wonderful evening!






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