Missing Woman Found..King Lost!

March 31, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News


   Ex-Commander of the Guard Olivia Kanlocke went missing some time ago,  shortly after being seen battling a demon, possibly summoned by the Undead Sorcerer,  Relvinian.

She is being sought for questioning by The Crown in regards to the investigation into The Pentad of Power and the five Artifacts connected to it.

At the request of The Crown, Detective Thorpe unleashed his investigators in a search across the land to smell out the whereabouts of Olivia Kanlocke.

After a search that stretched across all of the land, Olivia was located hiding out in Yew near the Empath Abby..    however she refused to return until she could speak to Sir Andrew.  Upon being notified of this, Sir Andrew sent his Investigators back to Olivia with a guarantee of safe passage.

After much persuasion   Olivia agreed to help in the search for the fifth artifact..  she led the group of Investigators to the Vault area for a brief visit then to Minoc where a group of Enslaved Demons were laying siege to the town in an attempt to capture the fifth artifact.

A furious battle ensued as Olivia and the Investigators fought to repel the attackers and protect the town.


   As the battle drew to an end,  it was noticed that Olivia had once again disappeared. Desperately the group searched the area looking for her….  but her body was not found.  Suddenly a Scout appeared with a message from Sir Andrew to return immediately to Castle Blackthorn.

 Upon their return the group of Investigators were informed that during the fight in Minoc,  King Blackthorn had been abducted by Relvinian from the very confines of the Royal abode!

It seems obvious now that the assault on Minoc was merely a feint while Relvinian pursued his true objective…   penetrating the Castle proper and making off with the King.


In light of these recent events, visitors to Castle Blackthorn should expect increased security measures.



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